The Hundred Event

As you may have gathered by now, I spent last weekend in Dallas for The Hundred Event. I’d never been to Texas, and this is the first year of The Hundred so I had no idea what to expect. Considering most other blogging events I have attended have been great, I figured I had absolutely nothing to lose, and only knowledge to gain.

The Hundred Event Dallas 2014 / hellorigby!

It all started from an innocent tweet, where I complimented Grace on her blog. Lauren, the brains behind The Hundred, emailed me that evening and asked if it looked like something I’d like to attend. Considering I’d never been to 1. a blog conference, or 2. Texas, I figured why the heck not. YOLO, right?

Kendi Everyday Styling Session / The Hundred Event Dallas 2014 / hellorigby!

So, off to Texas I went, up at 4am local time after getting about 2 hours of sleep after panicking that I for sure missed packing something in my suitcase. I landed around noon, and proceeded to take a $75 Uber from the airport. Yikes, we’re not in Kansas Seattle anymore! The event was held at the lovely Warwick Melrose Hotel. Thank god they let me check in early and change, I was wearing a maxi dress and my favorite boyfriend sweater…. and it was 107. Did I mention I was wearing a sweater in 107 degree heat? Yeah, crazy.

Jenn + Dayna at Peacock Alley Showroom /The Hundred Event Dallas 2014 / hellorigby!

Before departing, I had found out that Dayna from Princess Burlap was also going to be in attendance. We exchanged a few emails prior and decided we would meet up when our planes got in on Friday. It was so nice to meet her in real life, and she’s basically exactly what you’d expect if you’re a reader of her blog. (Side note: if you don’t read Dayna’s blog, you really should. You’re welcome in advance.)

Dinner / The Hundred Event Dallas 2014 / hellorigby!

I won’t bore you with all of the activities, but we talked shop blog, ate some good food, and most of all, made great connections with other like-minded women. I think that’s my favorite part of blogging, and goes back to why I blog in the first place. It’s not about making money, or humble bragging. I just like sharing bits of my life, and I like to share in bits of yours too.

Stacy Reeves Session / The Hundred Event Dallas 2014 / hellorigby!Kendi Everyday Styling Session / The Hundred Event Dallas 2014 / hellorigby!

Oh and did I mention the clothes? I’m still drooling over the pieces from the Dillettante Collection from our styling session with Kendi of Kendi Everyday. Tara is seriously, seriously talented. I mean just look at this dress. Gimme.

Dilettante Collection Palm Tree Shift Dress / The Hundred Event Dallas 2014 / hellorigby!Photo credits to Awake Photography and J Noel Photography

Have you ever attended a blog conference (or some other kind)? Would you? ;)

19 thoughts on “The Hundred Event

    1. Jenn Post author

      It definitely was interesting, and an experience! It was conveniently over a weekend, so only one vacation day from work! ;)

  1. bridget

    loved your post jenn! i’m like you — it was freezing when i left boston at 4 am. okay, not freezing. but like 50. and dallas! woosh that heat hits you! i had a sweater and pants and all of that and had to disrobe quickly. into other clothes of course.

    thank you for coming! it was nice meeting you!

  2. Christie

    Loved reading your recap! So glad you enjoyed Texas. I wish I had gotten to go to the Styling Session too. Those Dillettante Collection pieces are amazing! I love going to blog conferences. Let me know if you hear of any coming up! Recently, I went to the Brand Market Workshop in LA, last year I went to Styling with Lady Grey in Huntington Beach, and next weekend I’m going to Beth Kirby’s Gathering from Scratch retreat in West Virginia.

    So excited to keep up with your blog!


    1. Jenn Post author

      Dang, you’re making the rounds! The next conference I was thinking about going to is local, Blogging Concentrated, which is being held in Seattle in October. You’ll have to let me know how Gathering from Scratch goes! :)


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