Wanderlusting with Popbasic

True Life: I’m a Fashion Blogger (on my off hours) should be a thing. Now that it’s getting darker earlier, I have to hurry home and get outfit shots done before the sun goes down. Tonight was probably the most embarrassing/ridiculous one yet. We’re driving home and I’m yelling, “Oh no! We’re losing the light!” Yeah, clearly I have issues.

What’s even more amazing is that Dave doesn’t even complain (as much) anymore about the photo taking endeavors. Bless him. Seriously. He even gave me a piggy back ride down the hill from where we took these photos so that I wouldn’t fall. Now that’s love.

Striped Tee, Black Zip Skirt, Red Pump / Popbasic Wanderlust / hellorigby!

I guess I should start planning ahead soon and take my photos on the weekends. Pretty soon we’re going to be into winter and then I’m really going to have issues. #BloggerProbz for real, though.

Striped Tee, Black Zip Skirt, Red Pump / Popbasic Wanderlust / hellorigby!

Speaking of love, a new¬†love in my life is this adorable striped tee from Popbasic. If you haven’t heard of Popbasic before, they curate these adorable micro collections of clothing for $78. There’s always a fabulous accessory (stay tuned for this in a future outfit) and a couple of great wardrobe basics included in each collection. This month’s collection is Wanderlust, and contains this adorable striped tee shirt, a bike chain necklace, and a ultra soft knit cardigan. I’m going to be living in the cardigan come fall. Thanks to Maddy, they’re super sweet co-founder, for offering to send me this month’s collection to style! :)

Knotted Striped Tee / Popbasic Wanderlust / hellorigby!Knotted Striped Tee / Popbasic Wanderlust / hellorigby!

What I’m Wearing:
Tee: c/o Popbasic
Dress (worn as skirt): Shilla Evolution Dress via Le Tote
Shoes: SJP Collection

So what, if any, blogger problems have you experienced? If you’re not a blogger… well, lucky you. It’s a blessing and a curse, I suppose. ;)

16 thoughts on “Wanderlusting with Popbasic

  1. ADA

    That is one fun and edgy LBD. Jenn. Love the asymmetry and the zipper. I absolutely adore how you styled a knotted, striped tee over it. You look phenomenal, from red pumps to your red lips.

    <3 Ada.


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