Winter Skincare Routine with Susan Grace Skincare & Giveaway

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Have you ever heard of skin care that’s based entirely on where you live and the climate your skin is exposed to on the daily? I hadn’t until I was introduced to Susan Grace Skincare, a local skin care line and treatment studio which has totally made over my winter skincare routine!

Susan Grace Skincare Review // Winter Skincare Routine // Hello Rigby Seattle Beauty & Skincare Blog

When winter hits every year, my skin goes through an extreme change. It gets tight, dry, and flaky. Wearing foundation becomes that much more challenging. Finding a moisturizer and serum that can combat my dry patches is a nightmare. That’s why I was so excited to try out Susan Grace Skincare because it’s made for people like me who have dehydrated and dull skin!

Susan was kind enough to have me in for a facial right around the holidays, and I only can say good things about the experience. It was so good, in fact, that I fell asleep while she was performing her magic. For days after, my skin felt noticeably more hydrated, and my fine lines that have started to make an appearance weren’t noticeable.

Susan Grace Skincare // Partly Sunny Cleanse Well Cleanser Review // Hello Rigby Seattle Beauty & Skincare Blog

She also sent me home with about a month’s supply of skin care products to try at home. For my nightly routine, I first cleanse with the Partly Sunny Cleanse Well Cleanser. What I like most about it is that it’s foamy without being drying, and it removes my makeup but doesn’t irritate my eyes in the process. I wouldn’t recommend rubbing it vigorously in your eyes, but it’s been gentle enough for me to use around the eye area to remove eyeshadow and mascara fallout.

Winter Skincare Routine // Susan Grace Skincare: Partly Sunny Tone Well Vitamin D Toner // Hello Rigby Seattle Beauty & Skincare Blog

Afer I finish cleansing; I spritz the Tone Well Vitamin D Toner all over my face. I don’t just use this after cleansing. I also like to refresh my makeup with this as well as hydrate my skin throughout the day, especially when the weather is chilly or we’ve got the heat in the house cranked up high. Heaters are my frenemy in the winter –  I love staying warm, but I hate what they do to my skin!

Next up, I apply the Illumination Collagen Boost all over, gently patting it in. I’m going to be honest and say I have no idea if gently patting skincare is more helpful, but experts say to do that, so I listen. I let this sit on my skin for 2-3 minutes (often while I brush my teeth) and then apply the Partly Sunny Smooth Well Moisturizer and Illumination Eye Concentrate.

Susan Grace Skincare Illumination Cream Review // Hello Rigby Seattle Beauty & Skincare Blog

If I’m feeling extra dry, I’ll also use the Illumination Cream. However, I do find this to be a little rich for my skin, so I avoid any breakout prone areas like my chin with this one. My two forehead wrinkles seem to like to bathe in this, so I stick to my forehead, nose, and around the eyes – all areas that get dry and sometimes flakey this time of year.

Susan Grace Skincare Illumination Collagen Boost Serum Review // Hello Rigby Seattle Beauty & Skincare Blog

While I’ve enjoyed everything she sent me, my two absolute favorites are the Tone Well Vitamin D Toner and the Illumination Collagen Boost. I notice a huge difference when I skip serum, and Susan explained that Collagen is an ingredient that can penetrate the deeper levels of your skin to provide nourishment and hydration. I also love how she uses Vitamin D in her skincare. She explained that it’s small enough to actually penetrate the skin, so you’re receiving all the benefits. It probably explains why my skin has been looking so much more luminous and dewy lately!

Winter Skincare Routine // Susan Grace Skincare Results // Hello Rigby Seattle Beauty & Skincare Blog

Susan was also generous enough to offer a skincare set for one of you! Enter yourself below to try out the same skincare products that I was able to try. Giveaway ends on 2/7 and is open to U.S. residents due to shipping restrictions.
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Have you heard of Susan Grace Skincare before? Which product sounds like it would work the best for your winter skincare routine? I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments below!

36 thoughts on “Winter Skincare Routine with Susan Grace Skincare & Giveaway

  1. Rosie Areola (Heather)

    As I’m nearing the big 4 0 and my skin is noticeably drier and more dull than it used to be, I’m always looking for products that offer a radiance or dewyness – I read that the Illumination Collagen Boost serum was named by SeattleMet as one of their Top 6, locally sourced “Skin Saviors”, and you seem to love it too, so I would love to try that.

    1. Jenn Post author

      Yes, it was definitely my favorite! It really helps my skin feel more hydrated and I notice it brightens it up as well. Thanks for entering! :)

  2. Christy Peeples DuBois

    All of these products sound wonderful working together and from looking at your skin they do a beautiful job. I would love to try the Illuminating Collagen Boost the most because I’ve read that serums work extra hard for the skins benefit which my skin needs.

  3. Meegan

    Skincare is becoming more and more important to me. I find myself looking in the skincare section at sephora for a long while instead of the makeup! I would love to try the Illumination Collagen Boost–especially since you said it’s one of your favs!

  4. Lynn Banducci

    Oh so fabulous!!! I would love to try the Illumination Collagen Boost. My skin so desperately needs a major boost. Thank you so much. Fantastic blog

  5. Denise

    Never heard of Susan Grace but I like that she is in the PNW! I would enjoy the vit. D toner. Living in Washington it is something I need.

  6. Katy

    I can’t wait to try the Illumination Collagen Boost! My skin has gotten so much duller, drier and has less “bounce back” as I get older. I’ve read that serums like these can help with all of these problems and restore that “glow” we’re all looking for.


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