Winter Work Outfits // Wear to Work #1

As I was reflecting on content I’ve created over the past year or two here on the blog, I began to see a pattern emerge that while okay for me, may not work for everyone else. And as much as I love a good casual outfit, I know that’s not practical for anyone who works in an office or for a business with a dress code. That’s why I thought it was about time I start something new, a wear to work series, mainly focusing in on winter work outfits.

What to Wear to Work in Winter // Hello Rigby Seattle Fashion BlogDisclosure: This post contains affiliate links. This means if you click a link and make a purchase I may make a small commission at no cost to you. I purchased these items myself unless otherwise denoted as c/o (courtesy of) the brand.

Winter Work Outfits

With winter in full swing here in the Pacific Northwest, I see a lot of boring winter work outfits when walking Downtown to grab lunch. As far as the eye can see, it’s a sea of black suits, outdated, clunky knee high boots, trench coats, and rain slickers. Not inspirational or aspirational, and nothing I have any interest in wearing to work each day.

Winter Wear to Work Outfit Idea // Hello Rigby Seattle Fashion Blog

What I’m Wearing

Coat: Mia Blazer Cape via Boohoo
Top: Elizabeth & Clarke Dalton Top {similar under $100, similar under $10}
Pants: Zac & Rachel Slim Pant {plain navy linked, similar patterned under $125similar patterned under $100}
Shoes: Madison 12-Hour Pump via Banana Republic
Bag: Rebecca Minkoff Regan Satchel in Dark Cherry
Rings: Madewell Pave Cross Over Ring, Rebecca Minkoff Spiral Ring

So I set myself a goal; come up with four different work outfits that can be worn during winter and are comprised of pieces that are already in your closet. It forced myself to dust off neglected pieces, like a pair of trousers and a button up or two, and figure out how to style them with some of my most loved pieces. And even if my office is more casual than buttoned up, there’s nothing wrong with sparking a little intrigue and getting questioned about my after work plans in such an outfit. ;)

Navy & Black Winter Work Outfit // Hello Rigby Seattle Fashion BlogFor today’s outfit, I wanted to talk about some style swaps that I made in this particular look to create a bit more interest. While I could have stuck to basics in all black, I opted to add a few pops of color and chose some key pieces to make the look my own.

Swap Your Peacoat for a Cape

Who says your coat game has to be a snoozefest in the winter? While it may be a little chillier where you are, think about finding a coat that’s different as a way to make your outfit more “you.” I love the way cape coats look, and this one from Boohoo was incredibly affordable while still totally chic. It’s made of a thicker material, so it keeps me warm on chilly (but not freezing) days and goes with a variety of outfits, from casual to dressy.

Winter Workwear Outfit // Hello Rigby Seattle Fashion BlogTry a Bright Pump

I think the most overlooked item in the winter wardrobe is the pump. I see so many boots when walking around downtown that a pump really makes a statement! Now obviously your work style doesn’t have to stand out from the crowd, but if you’re trying to get noticed at work, it may be an interesting tactic to try.

Not to mention, pumps are a classic style that are appropriate for any occasion. Look for a pair that is comfortable, under 3″, and in a color, pattern, or texture that will fit in with your current work and weekend wardrobe. These Madison 12-Hour Pumps from Banana Republic come in a variety of colors, textures, and patterns and are often on sale for 40-50% off. Plus, they’re incredibly comfortable and don’t do that annoying thing where your heel slips out when you walk in them. #thestruggleisreal

Winter Work Accessories // Hello Rigby Seattle Fashion BlogDitch the Laptop Bag for a Roomy Satchel

While my laptop bag is a necessity for transporting my work machine, the majority of the time I’m leaving it behind at my desk and grabbing for my Rebecca Minkoff Regan Satchel instead. This bag can fit a lot in it, even if it doesn’t look like it! I take my DSLR in it fairly frequently, and there’s still plenty of room to store a green juice, phone, keys, and my wallet! Another great option that I’ve heard rave reviews about from others is the Madewell Transport Tote. It comes in a wide variety of styles, from small to a weekender, as well as with or without a crossbody strap.

Winter Work Outfits // Hello Rigby Seattle Fashion BlogMixing Black and Navy is A-Okay

One of those “style rules” that falls into the same category as not wearing white after Labor Day is the idea that navy and black should never go together. If you ask me, that is just silly. Black and blue are one of my favorite color combos, and one I think should be worn together all the time! That’s exactly why I opted to pair this pretty navy Elizabeth & Clarke Blouse with these plaid trousers and a black cape to top it all off. I think the key is mixing in a brighter pop of navy or another color in there (in my case, the blouse is a much brighter blue than my trousers) to differentiate each separate.

And hey, even if you’re like me and work in an office with no dress code and could get away with tunics and leggings for the rest of your life, that’s cool too. Maybe it will inspire you to dust off the trousers and dressed up separates this week at the office. ;) I know I’m definitely thinking twice about some of my least worn items!

Have you upped your style game at work? What type of work outfits would you like to see in the future? Let me know in the comments what you do for a living and how you like to dress too!

8 thoughts on “Winter Work Outfits // Wear to Work #1

  1. Lauren

    My office is pretty casual since it’s a startup. So I am always tempted to wear joggers every day! But I am always thinking that if I dress cute, I can blog about it! That’s my encouragement :)

    1. Jenn Post author

      Haha, definitely is mine too some days! I still have yet to wear sweats/yoga pants to work, but I definitely rock the jeans/oversize flannel/sweater look on the regular. ;)

  2. Ashley LaMar

    Ugh, I hate dressing for work in the winter! The fall and spring are so easy because of tights, leggings, and layers but winter is just the worst. I’ve never tried a cape before but I have to admit I’m a bit intrigued…

    1. Jenn Post author

      Capes are so fun! I love them, mostly because I feel much more chic than I feel like I actually am when I wear one. ;) Winter is definitely tough, layering is definitely not as cute as tights and light jackets!


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