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What I Read: March & Week’s End Link Up

My book picks for March started off not so good. It was bad book after bad book for me and I just wasn’t feeling it. Finally by the end of the month things had turned around with a few good ones such as FangirlReality Boy, and All the Bright Places. Now, onto what I read last month!

What I Read March 2015 / hellorigby seattle lifestyle and fashion blog

What I Read: March 2015

Wake by Anna Hope – ★★ – Honestly, I’m not sure what I expected from this book, but I just could not get into it. Every time I tried to listen to it, even when I was just folding laundry, I couldn’t focus on it. It just was… boring. I gave up.

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What I Read: February

February was a short month, but that didn’t mean I didn’t get my read on. Sure, I didn’t complete as many as in January (I also didn’t take a week off for vacation!) but I still made more progress on my reading goal this year. If you’re new here, that’s 150 books. I’m currently 3 books ahead, but unfortunately in February I read quite a few duds. (And continue to have this problem into March… yeesh.) But, that doesn’t mean that I won’t tell you all about them! ;)

What I Read February 2015 / hellorigby seattle lifestyle blog

What I Read: February 2015

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How to Get Free eBooks: 7 Resources

For all of you non-bloggers and non-reviewers who want free books, this is your post. I get a LOT of free books with no strings attached through… email newsletter subscriptions! I’ve compiled a list of the 7 that I’m currently subscribed to, plus a few bonus ways to get free or heavily discounted books.

How to Get Free eBooks and Audiobooks - 7 resources / hellorigby seattle lifestyle and fashion blog

How to Get Free eBooks

BookGorilla: Probably my favorite newsletter subscriptions for books… because it’s crazy long. I generally don’t check it every day or scroll through the whole email, BUT if you’re in the mood for some free or cheap books this is the one to get. When a book’s price goes back up, the photo automatically grays out so you know to not bother clicking through to an expired deal.

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5 Resources for Free Books for Reviews

Try as I might, I almost didn’t get this post out tonight. Oh, hey, that even rhymed. But really though, this little dog of mine was driving me absolutely up a wall. Every time I sat down and started typing, he would come over, climb all over me, bark in my face, run around, and throw his ball at me or drop it on my laptop. I imagine this must be what it is like to have children.

I finally shut him up by filling up his treat ball with Smooches (yes, that’s really what they’re called) and he’s now busily rolling it around and eating. Fingers crossed he falls over and passes out soon.

Anyways, what I’m actually supposed to be writing about is BOOKS! Yes, yes, I know, some of you aren’t the biggest fans of my book posts, but I think this one you can get behind. Mostly because there are more books out there than just fiction, YA, and chick lit. Things like cookbooks, memoirs, biographies, graphic novels, business books, self-help books… the list could go on and on forever. And because I know everyone reads one type of book or another, I thought you might enjoy hearing about how I get books for FREE. Yes, free.

Now a couple of caveats before I dive in – these services cater towards those who leave reviews, mostly book bloggers. While I may blog, this is definitely not a book blog and I rarely leave reviews anywhere besides here because… why bother? I just don’t have the time. Regardless, I still manage to snag some good ones like Veronica Mars, Michelle Phan’s Makeup, and The Rosie Effect, which means you can too. And here’s how I do it.

5 Resources for Free Books for Reviews and Bloggers / hellorigby seattle lifestyle and fashion blog

5 Resources for Free Books for Reviews

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Reading Challenge: January Update

If you haven’t figured it out yet, I like to read. And I may slightly “cheat” the system. All the books I read aren’t paperbacks, hardcovers, or even via e-Reader… I listen to audiobooks. In the car? I have an audiobook on. Folding laundry? Yep, audiobook is on. We got rid of cable last year and it’s definitely helped with getting through my huge pile of To Be Read books.

Reading Challenge: January Update / hellorigby seattle lifestyle and fashion blog

Reading Challenge: January

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