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Budget Challenge: Going on a 30-Day Spending Freeze

Oh, man did this guest post come at the right time! Savannah from Sincerely Savannah is here today to share some great tips for how to go on a 30 day spending freeze to get your budget back in check! After splurging during our trip, I’m now considering this method to get myself back on track. Read on for her great tips!

There are few feelings worse than looking at your finances and realizing – in a sudden, panicky way – that your situation is dire. Such woes can occur to anyone, particularly someone obsessed with style and fashion. Have no fear – there are ways to combat a spending crisis.

Budget Challenge: How to Go on a 30 Day Spending Freeze / hellorigby seattle lifestyle blog

One way is to take it in stride: You can make long-term saving goals. The second way – my personal preference – is to embark on a spending freeze. In other words, determine a specific amount of time in which all excess spending will be eliminated. Bid a temporary adieu to the things you want, and purchase only necessities. The guidelines below will pertain to a 30-day period, but you can customize your freeze to meet your saving needs. To undergo your own spending freeze, consider the following guidelines:

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One Dress, Three Ways

Today I have Brittany from The Lady Lawyer here to share a fun fashion post on how to wear one dress three ways! Brittany writes about all the fun things in life – fashion, food, beauty, and also her cute pups! I’m loving that she’s sharing a way to style a dress shape that almost everyone already has in their closet. Want to find out how she’s styling this little red number? Read on! 

I’m so excited to be guest posting today and show you one of my favorite dresses and how I make the most of it! When I find a piece that I love I find every possible way to wear it. I have been wearing this red Madewell dress on repeat since getting it. The mark of a good dress is its ability to transition into different parts of your life.

One Dress, Three Ways from The Lady Lawyer / hellorigby seattle fashion blog

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5 Handbags You Need in Your Closet

I’m so pleased to introduce you to Lindsay of Lindsay Living, a fellow Seattle fashion and lifestyle blogger. Not only is Lindsay gorgeous and stylish, she’s one of the most genuine bloggers I’ve met. Most recently, Lindsay tackled a really interesting topic – whether fashion and feminism are incompatible or not. I really enjoyed (and agreed with) her take. Read on for her post today on the must have handbags for your closet!

Hi! I’m Lindsay and I’m so excited to be guest posting here on Hello Rigby! Thanks
so much for going on vacation, Jenn! Today I’ll be talking to you about handbags. It’s
a lot of fun to look at the sale bags at Nordstrom, or to paw through the aisles at TJ
Maxx and find a fantastic steal to add to your closet, but how can you be sure you’re putting your money into the right pieces that will truly pull their weight in your

I’m a big fan of the “cost-per-wear” way of thinking. If I buy a handbag (or any item really) that I truly love I will use it a TON. If you think about the total price you paid and divide it by the number of times you will wear it over time that’s the item’s cost-per-wear. Using this line of thinking it stands to reason that spending a little more money on a thoughtful purchase will be more beneficial than throwing down dollars on an impulse sale buy.

In my opinion, a great handbag can take that Target dress from bargain to beautiful. It’s all about context. Handbags are a great place to splurge because you use them over and over with many outfits. Plus, you can find great designer bags on clearance if you shop around. Here are five handbag styles I think you should have in your closet for maximum wear.

5 Must Have Handbags: Cute Clutch / hellorigby seattle fashion blog

1. Cute Clutch When you’re building a handbag wardrobe you want to think about all occasions. For example, your big ol’ tote bag isn’t exactly the right accessory to set off a beautiful dress you’re wearing to a wedding. In comes the cute clutch. I’ve had several over the years but have found the one I go back to time and time again is this little black and white polka-dotted style from J.Crew. It’s beautiful leather, lined, has a chain strap just in case I get sick of carrying it, and it’s neutral colors go with any dress I pull out. Although I don’t use a clutch too often, I have found many ways to wear this one. You also want to make sure the size you get will fulfill your needs. Mine has cardholders in the inside, so I don’t carry my wallet in it, just cards, cash, phone, and a lipstick.

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5 Ways to Challenge Your Dog’s Bored Mind

You know how much I love my dog, so when I found Cat’s blog, Oddly Lovely, I was smitten. She’s like a cooler version of me because not only does she share posts about controversial topics and her pets, she also creates recipes that look and sound far too good. Today she’s got some awesome dog boredom buster suggestions and ways to entertain your dog because really, there’s nothing better than a tired dog!

This post may contain affiliate links. If you click and make a purchase I may receive a small comission.

My dog Ru is my best friend. It’s funny, because I was really never a dog-person before she came along. Then I took a trip to “just visit” an animal shelter, and the moment we looked into each other’s eyes, it was all over. Now I am a crazy dog lady. Ru comes with me to the office, and she waits for me outside grocery stores and coffee shops. Together we got our Canine Good Citizen certificate and now we’re starting a nose-work class so we can try out container searches like bomb and drug sniffing dogs. She is so happy and smart and eager to please. It really makes me understand the expression “Lord, help me be the person my dog thinks I am.”

5 Ways to Entertain Your Dog / @oddlylovely for @hellorigby

In addition to exercise, the #1 thing most dogs lack is mental stimulation. Sure, they can hang out on the couch all day and stare at the wall for what seems like hours. But their boredom certainly contributes to the destruction of your shoes and the holes in the yard. Dogs are not children – they want to WORK. They love to be challenged and they love discipline. Find little ways you can turn your dog’s boring life into little puzzles, and they will thank you for it.

Here are my five favorite ways to mentally challenge my pup:

Turn meals into challenges with food toys

This is my absolute favorite way to keep Ru entertained when I’m busy at the office. Pick up some food toys like these Kong Geniuses, stuff them full of regular kibble (or stinky treats if your dog feels so-so about food), and let them puzzle out how to get the food out. In fact, you can feed your dog entire meals exclusively out of food toys, effectively turning a ten-second activity into an hour long mental challenge. Other than the Kong Genius toys, Ru also loves the Tug-a-Jug and the Bob-A-Lot. Continue reading

Try the Trend :: Gingham

Gingham is one of those things I’ve been thinking about adding to my wardrobe, but I don’t want to come off as too… well, Little House on the Prairie. Marissa of Makin’ It With Marissa has done the hard work for us and has picked out some great pieces for Spring 2015!

Hey there, everyone! My name is Marissa and I blog over at Makin’ it with Marissa, which is a life + style blog for 20-somethings and young professionals. I’m so excited to have teamed up with Jenn to bring you this fashion guest post, which is part of my “Try the Trend” series, in which I take a seemingly-scary trend and make it wearable for the average fashion consumer. Without further adieu, let’s get on with the good stuff!

If you’ve been paying attention to the fashion forecasts for spring 2015, you’ll have noticed that gingham. is. everywhere. Earlier this morning, I actually just stumbled across an article entitled “Gingham is the New Black” and, while I don’t think anything ever can – or will be – the new black, I definitely get the message loud and clear. Continue reading