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Gingham is one of those things I’ve been thinking about adding to my wardrobe, but I don’t want to come off as too… well, Little House on the Prairie. Marissa of Makin’ It With Marissa has done the hard work for us and has picked out some great pieces for Spring 2015!

Hey there, everyone! My name is Marissa and I blog over at Makin’ it with Marissa, which is a life + style blog for 20-somethings and young professionals. I’m so excited to have teamed up with Jenn to bring you this fashion guest post, which is part of my “Try the Trend” series, in which I take a seemingly-scary trend and make it wearable for the average fashion consumer. Without further adieu, let’s get on with the good stuff!

If you’ve been paying attention to the fashion forecasts for spring 2015, you’ll have noticed that gingham. is. everywhere. Earlier this morning, I actually just stumbled across an article entitled “Gingham is the New Black” and, while I don’t think anything ever can – or will be – the new black, I definitely get the message loud and clear.

I’ll be the first to admit that gingham is not my favorite look, but we might as well make due with what the fashion Gods have given us, right? Here’s a quick guide as to how you can try the trend and take this look from the runway to the streets!

Try The Trend :: Gingham

Try The Trend: Gingham / @makinitwithmar for @hellorigby

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+ Start small. // If you ever spot a trend you’d like, but you’re completely scared of it, the best way to get your toes wet is to incorporate an accessory. A headband, some jewelry, or even a handbag are always 100% safe options. My personal favorite way to rock a tough trend is through shoes: you can wear the craziest shoes in the world, but as long as you stick to a neutral outfit that you’re comfortable with, it’s highly unlikely that you’ll end up looking like a hot mess. (Jenn actually posted a great example of this recently with her fur vest!)

+ Keep it complimentary. // If you’re looking for more of a challenge, but aren’t truly ready to commit, a great way to try an adventurous trend is to incorporate one article of clothing into your outfit. This could be a scarf, a top, a skirt, some jeans, or what have you. The key in sporting this look is to make sure the rest of your outfit matches seamlessly, keeping the tones particularly neutral and within the realm of your comfort zone. Truthfully, it’s hard to go wrong with a patterned top and jeans, so there’s tons of room for pattern play if you’re going for a casual look!

+ Go full out. // Alright y’all, this version of the trend is not for the faint of heart! If you’re ready to look like you just stepped off the runways of New York Fashion Week, then look no further. I really think the key here is to be confident and keep things comfortable. A gingham dress? Go for it. A matching crop top + skirt? Super trendy right now. A winter coat? Girl, you’re killin’ it. Whatever you choose, just make it work! As long as you think you look great, then you do, right? ;)

Still not convinced that gingham is for you? Check out my Pinterest board for more wearable Gingham inspiration!

Marissa is not only stylish, but also shares great pieces from controversial posts about new fashion collabs, to blog planning and organization tips.┬áBe sure to check her out over at Makin’ It With Marissa, and via Bloglovin’, Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram!

Alright, so lay it on me – gingham for Spring 2015 – yay or nay? Are any of these pieces going to land in your closet?

11 thoughts on “Try the Trend :: Gingham

  1. Kasey

    I vote YAY, but I already have a couple of gingham pieces in my closet. something about that pattern just says spring + picnics + flowers to me.

    maybe it’s because that’s the pattern on picnic blankets…

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  3. Cat

    I agree it’s not my favorite look either (some of those larger pieces would probably make you look like a picnic table!), but I love the smaller accessories like the iPhone cases. Those shorts are pretty darn adorable too :)


    1. Jenn Post author

      I think so too! The phone case is super cute (plus it’s less in your face with the other colors), and I could see wearing the sneakers too!


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