February Shopping

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I can’t believe how fast this month flew by. It seems like just yesterday it was February 1st and now the month is basically gone. Shorter month meant I had less time to shop, right? Well, kind of. Since it was my birthday month, I splurged on Stitch Fix AND Golden Tote… it didn’t necessarily work out and I ended up staying under budget after all was said and done. Phew!

What I Bought

February Shopping: What I Bought / hellorigby seattle fashion and lifestyle blog

Chloe + Isabel – I bought this gorgeous Deco Fanfare Necklace back in December, but it just arrived at the beginning of this month after being back ordered. It’s a little more than I normally spend on “costume jewelry” but it’s lovely. – $44

Golden Tote – I bought this super comfortable Puella swing top from the Golden Tote Trading Group. It came in January’s tote, and I just had to have it. It was a good purchase; I’ve already worn it 3 times and I could live in the thing. – $37

Sephora – I redeemed my birthday reward (a Nars mini lip crayon set) on my purchase of the Too Faced Milk Chocolate Bronzer. Finally, a bronzer for pale ladies! Love this, it smells heavenly. – $30

Stitch Fix – I took a risk and ordered my third fix this month. I actually ended up liking almost all of it, but had some fit issues so only kept one item. The winner was the Pixley Heart Print Blouse, and it was an adorable way to dress for the holiday without looking too crazy. – $48

Forever 21 – I ordered some wide leg jeans from them after my Golden Tote bust (see below) and LOVE THEM. And they were only $15! If you’re not sure about going back to flares, this is a great way to test the waters. I also grabbed a pair of gray skinny jeans (but they sent the wrong size… no I am not a 24!), a dark gray cami, and these fun  pearl and crystal studs. – $33

Paula’s Choice – I got a sample of their Best Face Forward when I bought Dave a skin care set for Christmas. I loved it, and as I’m running low on my normal BB cream, I decided to pick this one up on sale. If you’ve never tried Paula’s Choice, I’ve been happy with their products, especially the Resist Oil Booster. If you’re planning to buy anything, using my referral link will give you $10 off your first purchase. – $16

Target – I picked up another set of the Real Techniques brushes, this time the Core Set for my new bronzer purchase. I also grabbed these adorable Dianne Cap Toe Espadrille Flats. Can’t wait until the weather is a little less chilly to wear these everywhere! – $28

Kohl’s – I picked up a few new styles for spring like this Rock and Republic top (it’s so soft!), this LC Lauren Conrad Cabochon Bib Necklace, these fun LC Lauren Conrad Colored Skinny Jeans, and these soft track pants (which I totally got to fulfill the free shipping… but I think they’ll be great replacements for my Golden Tote ones that are super ratty.) – $62

Nordstrom – A lot of my purchases at Nordstrom this month were flops, but I did love this Lush Blouse. – $38

What I Returned

February Shopping: What I Returned / hellorigby seattle fashion and lifestyle blog

Golden Tote – If you read my review, you’ll probably know why, but this was a bust for me this month.

Nordstrom – I loved the concept of these Tildon Sunglasses, but they really looked more costume-y than wearable. I also loved this Everly Abstract Print Shift Dress (and the price!) but it was far too tight across the chest. Finally, I’ve been dying for an adorable wrap crop top to wear with skirts this spring, but it did not love me or my boobs. Back it went!

What I Received

As always, I am beyond appreciative of the brands I get to work with and I’m really not trying to “humble brag” here. I think it’s important to be clear about what I receive, hence why I started including it in this post. Thanks, Fran, for the inspiration!

February Shopping: What I Received / hellorigby seattle fashion and lifestyle blog

Value Village – I was invited to the grand opening of the Value Village Issaquah location last week. Bloggers were treated to a $50 gift certificate to put towards their finds. I spent $49.20 and got a striped top from LOFT ($6), a WildFox Cat Print Lennon Sweater ($5, retail $355!), J Crew Zip Side Sweatshirt ($7), an Ann Taylor Polka Dot Silk Blouse ($10), Frenchi Pointelle Split Back Sweater ($3), a Vintage Westbury Cashmere Sweater (it was totally mislabeled and is a men’s sweater but whatever, it’s so soft! $9) and a Vintage Coach Basic Bag $5.

Porch – I’m participating in a Pantone Style Challenge next month with my friends at Porch. They provided $100 for me to spend on items that fit my particular color. Some of those are listed here, but I won’t spoil the surprise by telling you what. ;)

What I Earned

I earned a bit of money this month, from an eBates rebate ($46), from a sale on Poshmark ($40), and selling a dress ($13).

All in all, not a bad month. I’m working harder on being more discerning and only bringing things into my closet that I absolutely love.
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How did you do shopping this month? I’d love to hear about what you bought!

28 thoughts on “February Shopping

  1. Julie

    It looks like you did really great this month! I’m so glad you ended up keeping that heart top! It looks great on you! I say it every month, but I really need to start doing a budget post at the end of every month! I wanted to do one this month but never got around to it. I’m writing it down for next month! lol

    1. Jenn Post author

      Haha, yeah, it’s a nice habit to get into! I also just started a Pinterest board for what’s in my closet, so even if you don’t want to do a whole post, you could always do that! :)

  2. Carly Blogs Here

    What good finds from Value Village! I love the Chloe and Isabel necklace you got too- I always see ads for that website but have never known anyone to purchase anything so I’ve never really checked it out. Also, I need your Poshmark tips!

    1. Jenn Post author

      Thanks Carly! I’ve liked what I’ve purchased/received from C+I – the quality seems good for the price. I would say it’s a step up from BaubleBar if you’re familiar with their jewelry. As for Poshmark, I haven’t sold very much and most of what I did sell had been on there for awhile. The stuff that sold was either designer, or was from the Target designer collabs. I had better luck with just using Twice and ThredUp, it was fast, I didn’t have to take photos, and I shipped everything at once versus each sale.

  3. Chelsie

    Do you like the real technique brushes?! I keep seeing them but haven’t bought them yet! It looks like you made out well this month! I picked up a few tops from ThredUp and kept a necklace from StitchFix, but it’s been a pretty low key month. I’ve lost almost 5 pounds from out 8 Week Health Challenge, so I’m kind of waiting to finish that and see where I’m at before buying new clothes! I might need smaller pants! :)

    1. Jenn Post author

      Yes! I had the eye set already, and the core set is great too! I’ve never had any hairs fall out and they’re super easy to keep clean. And wow, congrats on the weight loss, that’s awesome! :)

  4. Sarah

    I have that same problem with shift dresses…. I have to get them big enough to go across my boobs so the fabric doesn’t pull on my arms… then I just look like I’m wearing a pillow case.

    1. Jenn Post author

      Haha! Isn’t that annoying? Some shift dresses are better than others for sure, but as much as I love the style, they rarely work for me. :(

  5. Jessica

    I have heard of ebates before but never joined. I have seen those flats at Target and I think they are so cute! I stopped myself from buying them though haha I really love the top with the hearts – it’s so cute!


    1. Jenn Post author

      Thanks Jessica! I was torn on the shoes – I really liked them but wondered how much I’d wear them. They went on sale so I just had to! ;)

  6. Kathryn

    I’m such a big fan of Paula’s Choice but I feel like I never see anyone in the blogosphere talking about it. Switching my skin care routine to their cleanser and toner saved my skin. It really made a hugely noticeable difference – not just to me, but other people commented as well.

    I didn’t buy any clothes this month. But I did treat myself and buy a food photography book from Chapters! It’s actually really well written and goes from beginner to more advanced stuff, has styling inspiration, and is more helpful than I thought it would be. A win in my books :)

    Have a happy weekend Jenn!

    x Kathryn
    Through the Thicket

    1. Jenn Post author

      I don’t see it very often either! I don’t use their entire line, but I did buy it for Dave because he has sensitive skin. I had thought about doing a review of the line – kind of a before/after a month of use based on the changes I see… maybe I’ll add that to my calendar. ;)

      Oh that sounds like a great book! Mind sharing the name of it? I’m not so great at food photography/styling and is one of the reasons I have yet to venture that direction.

  7. Kristen

    i am definitely not ready to get back into flare jeans (just feel like they dont suit me) though i have been wanting to try some grey skinny jeans – love the look and price of those F21 ones!

    1. Jenn Post author

      I know what you mean – I had been thinking the same thing until I ordered some. I like them because with heels I feel like I look way taller! The Forever 21 jeans are definitely a great bargain, but the quality shows it – they’re very, very lightweight!

  8. Kay R.

    I love the concept of those sunnies too, and Im always in sunnies but every time I try a pair of those on I look ridiculous!!! Good choices on your part!

    1. Jenn Post author

      Thanks Kay! I Love the look too, but I just can’t pull it off without looking like I’m dressing up in costume!

    1. Jenn Post author

      Thanks Melanie! It makes me think a lot more about my spending when I have to “fess” up at the end of the month!


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