Stitch Fix February 2015

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I’m sure Stitch Fix isn’t anything new to you, but if it is – here’s a quick debrief. Sign up for a fix (you can use my link to sign up; if you do, thank you!) You’ll pay a $20 styling fee upfront on shipment. You receive a box containing 5 items based on a customized style profile. You then receive the shipment, have 3 days to try on the goods, and keep what you like, less the $20 fee. If you keep nothing, you do lose the $20 fee. Package it back up in the return envelope, drop it at the post office, and check out online. That’s it. No in-store returns… those are my least favorite part of shopping online! ;)

After my last terrible fix in June, I figured I’d be a glutton for punishment and order another. Why? Because I’m nuts and it would come in time for my birthday. I mean, there’s nothing that screams fun like getting potentially awful clothes, right?


The good news is that I didn’t end up getting awful clothes. I would actually venture to say that this is the best fix I’ve received. This is based on a small sampling, as I’ve only received 2 others, but I do like to creep on what other people get so I’ve seen quite a few fixes.

Without further ado… onto the clothes and my thoughts. At the end, tell me what you think I should keep – I have one day left to decide and I may be waffling a bit still.

Stitch Fix February 2015 Review

Stitch Fix February 2015 - Pixley Colibri Heart Print Tab Sleeve Blouse / hellorigby seattle fashion and lifestyle blog
Pixley Colibri Heart Print Tab-Sleeve Blouse in Navy, $48
Oh, petite girl problems. The fit on the left is straight out of the box. I tucked it in on the right and like it much better. I love the print and think it’s fun for Valentine’s Day without being unwearable for the other 364 days of the year.

Stitch Fix February 2015 - Kensie Jeans "Johnny" Ankle Biter Skinny Jeans, Market & Spruce Chambers Cowl Neck Knit Top / hellorigby seattle fashion and lifestyle blogg
Market & Spruce Chambers Cowl Neck Knit Top in Grey, $48 and Kensie “Johnny” Ankle Biter Skinny Jeans, $88
I really liked the top until I see it in photos. I think it looks better in person, but Dave mentioned that the cut wasn’t the most flattering on my chest. It is very comfortable though and would be a super easy wear to work top.

I loved the jeans when I put them on initially, but seeing them in comparison to my normal jeans (err, jeggings, whatever), I like them less. They’re too wide at the ankles and knees in my opinion and bunch in a weird way. I could have them taken in though… petite girl problems strike again.

Stitch Fix February 2015 - Skies are Blue Gabi Split Neck Blouse / hellorigby seattle fashion and lifestyle blog Skies are Blue Gabi Split Neck Blouse in Navy, $68 and Romolo Genevieve Necklace, pictured close-up below
I like this blouse, but it is quite oversized. This is a small, yet it feels more like a medium or even a large. It’s loose, lightweight, and feels bohemian and spring-y, plus I dig the sporty stripes. I do like it, but I’m not sure I want to spend $68 when I’m not 100%.

Stitch Fix February 2015 - Genevieve Stacked Chevron Pendant Necklace, Dark Grey / hellorigby seattle fashion and lifestyle blog Romolo Genevieve Stacked Chevron Pendant Necklace in Dark Grey, $28
While chevron is one of my least favorite prints these days (thanks, Pinterest!), I don’t hate this necklace. I think I would have probably preferred a solid gold, grey, or silver version, but I don’t hate it and could see it being fairly versatile with tunics.
(Similar necklace available at Target, $14)

So what made this fix so much better? I felt like my style was much better represented here. I like a little boho and a little classic in my wardrobe, and I think they did a good job of merging that. I also think that pinning items to my Fashion Pinterest board from their style boards on Polyvore really, really helped. I pinned both the heart print tunic (I thought it was cute for Valentine’s) and the Skies are Blue top, so I was happy to see them in my box. I also made sure to update my style profile to reflect what I wanted for this specific season, which was tops in neutral colors, and that’s what I got.

All totaled, my fix came to $280. Less $20 styling fee that I already paid at time of shipment and the special “Buy 5” discount of 25%, I can keep it all for $195, which is less than I expected.

If you think Stitch Fix sounds like fun, you can sign up for your first fix via my referral link.

Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links. I may make a small commission if you schedule a fix after clicking one of them, which helps keep the lights on around here. ;) I paid for this Stitch Fix with my own funds and no other compensation was received for this post.

So, now my question to you – what should I keep? :)

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48 thoughts on “Stitch Fix February 2015

  1. Kristen

    oooh how exciting! i have my first stitch fix arriving soon (i wanted it in time for my birthday lol) and i can see online what they have sent and i’m super bummed because they didnt send the one thing i really really wanted :(
    i love that first blouse on you, even untucked. and that necklace is super cute, and only $8 really ;) lol

    1. Jenn Post author

      Yeah, some of the pieces I really wanted didn’t show up in my box either, but oh well. Since this fix wasn’t a bust I’m thinking of trying it again next month with all that I saved by not keeping the whole thing… haha ;)

  2. Kay R.

    I like all that they sent for you. I dont mind the gray top even. The necklace is really pretty! The first top is my absolute fave though even in the way you styled it.

    1. Jenn Post author

      Thanks Kay! I kept the heart blouse and sent the rest back. I thought about keeping it all, but just wasn’t 100% feeling the rest of it.

    1. Jenn Post author

      Thanks Julie! I kept the heart blouse! I liked the necklace too, but decided to try it again next month and save the cash for something I truly love ;)

  3. Cat

    I received the same heart print top! I loved it so much, the only problem was I already have a pretty much identical top in cream with black hearts, haha. So did you end up keeping everything?

    I actually sent my stylist three Pinterest boards, haha. I definitely found she was good about pulling inspiration from them, which I was really impressed by! I only ended up keeping one item from my box, partly because it’s just pretty expensive and it’s hard for me to convince myself to spend $50 on a top that isn’t anything less than I LOVE. But I’m going to give it another shot and try it one more month.


    1. Jenn Post author

      Oh bummer! It is cute, and I guess that means they got your style right! ;) I only kept the heart blouse, sent everything else back but will probably try again later next month!

      And dang, three Pinterest boards? That’s a good idea, I may try to send more inspiration boards, though I think my stylist did pretty well!

  4. Chrissy

    I think you did pretty well!! Definitely keep the heart blouse and chevron necklace. I think both are versatile. And I’m kind of on the fence about the split neck blouse…I think it would be super cute with skinny white jeans and sandals, and I think you can pull off the flowy vibe. It doesn’t make you look wide or anything like that! But if you aren’t 100% about it don’t get it. I had a terrible fix arrive last week and it was my second shipment, so maybe third times a charm :)

    1. Jenn Post author

      I think 3rd time is the charm! I was tempted to keep everything, but decided to just keep the heart blouse and try again next month!

  5. Martha

    Pinterest killed chevron for me, sadly. :P That boho blouse is cute, but I can’t see spending that much on a top that I wasn’t 100% on either. (It does seem awfully big for a small! Weird!)

  6. Chelsea

    I vote you keep the cowl neck top! I totally know what you mean about jeans bunching at the knees, I swear that ALWAYS happens to me. Short girl probs.

    1. Jenn Post author

      I waffled on keeping that one too, but I decided to send it back and just keep the heart blouse this time around. I may request it next fix though, it was super comfortable!

  7. Michelle Moore

    I like the “hearts” blouse – it’s a good fit on you tucked in :) The jeans look good too, but you should LOVE them. I believe in LOVING everything you buy, because I used to buy way too much all the time and get bored a few months later. I look for things I’m going to love long-term – but that’s just me!!

    1. Jenn Post author

      Thanks Michelle! I ended up keeping the heart blouse and sending the rest back. I’m trying to be more discerning of purchases too – it’s easy to get trapped in the buying cycle, especially when it seems like a “deal”!

  8. Kati Rose

    I’ve debated on StitchFix multiple times, but haven’t ever committed. I know I will sometime. I love the dark navy blue items in this box alot! The heart shirt print looks almost exactly like something Burberry put out a few years ago too!

  9. Lindsay

    I skipped my box last month so now I am very eager to get mine next week! I feel like we have similar body types in that tops just seem too “oversized” on us! I love the last blouse but it just seems too big on you :/ The heart top is super cute tucked in!

    1. Jenn Post author

      Ooh, hope your fix is a good one! Definitely agreed on the too oversized fit. Some of the shirts end up wearing me, instead of the other way around! ;)

  10. Brenda

    OMG! I totally have the heart print shirt from the top! I also got it in a stitch fix. I absolutely love it. It’s so silky and comfy with a pair of leggings.


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