A Turtleneck Outfit… & 26

This weekend I’ll be celebrating my 26th birthday. It seems nuts that I’m going to be 26… I remember turning 16 and thinking I was so grown up and mature. I wasn’t, and I assume in about 10 years I’ll be looking back at 26 and thinking the same thing.

J Crew Factory City Coat, Striped Turtleneck, and Frye Melissa Logo Boot Outfit / hellorigby seattle fashion and lifestyle blog

I’ve made a lot of mistakes in my 26 years, but I’ve also done a lot of pretty good things too. Starting this blog is definitely one of them. It’s odd to me how something that I started on a whim could change my life in such a (mostly) positive way. It’s draining, time-consuming, and exhausting, but when I get a compliment, a positive comment, or someone tweeting at me how much they liked something I shared, it still is thrilling. I only wish I had started this space sooner.

GlassesShop Novia Cat Eye Glasses Frames Review & Turtleneck Outfit / hellorigby seattle fashion and lifestyle blog

I could bore you with a list of 26 things I’ve learned in my 26 years… but I won’t. Instead, how about just 10? These are all off the cuff, so they’re a little random. Hope you don’t mind.

1. No amount of Photoshopping or airbrushing is going to make you love yourself. Embrace you. Do you. If people don’t love you for it, move on.

2. Speaking of, don’t chase those who don’t want you. I spent a lot of time hung up on the wrong guys. I somehow thought that if I persevered for long enough that they would come around. Even when one did, it wasn’t genuine. Those that genuinely love you won’t run.

3. “Pretty is as pretty does.” My mom’s favorite saying from her grandmother that she’s passed on to me, and I try to live that every day. I hope to always make this space “pretty” and be positive.

4. Anxiety sucks. You may feel like you’re dying, but you’re not. You’ll get through this. Breathe, relax, and move forward. I promise you’re not going to drop dead from a heart attack, even if you feel like it. And no, you won’t poop your pants either. Well, unless you’re actually sick. Then no guarantees. ;P


5. Don’t buy things that don’t fit in hopes of fixing them yourself or in hopes that you will “make them work.” (Unless of course you’re a tailor, in which case, can I borrow you? Please?) I’ve been known to do this (especially with thrift finds!) and often they end up in a “mend” pile that never sees the light of day.

6. If you want a dog, get a dog. Really.*
*Okay, I say that, but what I really mean is if you are financially responsible, can take care of a pet, and know what you’re getting into, get a dog. ;)

7. Don’t wear leggings as pants. They’re really not pants.

8. Laugh. Laughter really is the best medicine.

9. Try anything once, especially when it comes to food. I used to be a self-professed “picky eater” and I’m very glad I got over that. You may be surprised at what you learn you actually like.

10. Say no, but also don’t be afraid to say yes. I have said yes to many things since starting blogging that scared me and I’m grateful that I didn’t let the unknown hold me back. In the same breath, say no to the things that aren’t going to help you grow, learn, and become a better you.

… And on that note,  I will get off my almost-26-year-old soapbox and get back to what you actually care about: the outfit. I may or may not have worn some variation of this turtleneck outfit a few times this week. You see I do wear what I wear for the blog in real life… just not always at the same time. I wore this outfit, for instance, for about an hour. I wore it again for an hour two nights ago, and yesterday all day at work. Weird, yes, but proof that I don’t wear clothes ~just for the blog.~

GlassesShop Novia Glasses Review & Turtleneck Outfit / hellorigby seattle fashion and lifestyle blog

Apparently I also can’t get enough of showing off glasses, because this is now two outfits in a row wearing a pair. These fun, retro cat-eye glasses were sent for review from GlassesShop. I absolutely love them, they feel much more expensive than what they charge and are a fun break from my normal “nerd girl” black frames. I’m also a huge fan of the hidden pop of color on the inside of the frames (see photo #2!) And if you’re digging ’em and want your own pair of discount eyeglasses or sunglasses, use coupon code JennX20 for 20% off!

What I’m Wearing

Coat: J Crew Factory City Coat (Size down, runs big!)
Turtleneck: Old Navy (I recommend sizing up for a more relaxed fit)
Jeans: LC Lauren Conrad Skinny Jeggings
Boots: Frye Logo Melissa Boot
Necklace: Chain Link Tassel Necklace, c/o Hoops Baby
Glasses: “Novia” in Tortoise/Purple, c/o GlassesShop. Use code “JennX20” for 20% off!

So am I the only one who needs corrective lenses? What are your favorite glasses? And if you’re not a four eyes, what are you up to this weekend? Happy Friday! :)

40 thoughts on “A Turtleneck Outfit… & 26

  1. Carly @ Let Us Wanderlust

    Happy birthday for over the weekend! I love your 10 things! I turn 26 this year too and it’s quite daunting! I seriously don’t know what happened to my early 20s but oh well, I’m embracing it! You look so gorgeous in all these photos – I love your glasses! As a girl who wears glasses and lives retro/vintage styles, these definitely caught my eye!

    1. Jenn Post author

      Thanks Carly! :) I don’t know where the time went either! And thanks, I’ve always wanted to try a pair of cat eye frames so was thrilled to receive these. They’re so fun!

  2. Kels @ Blonder Side of LIfe

    Happy 26th Birthday! we’re essentially 6months apart b/c I’ll be 26 this summer. And yes to all your lessons, except I do wear leggings as pants. Well running tights so maybe that’s not that same thing….I’m hip to the trends lol

  3. Kati Rose

    It’s funny how we look back and think “oh I was so wrong at that age” but keep doing it at every decade. I guess that’s a good sign that we’re constantly learning and growing! Happy 26th birthday Jenn! I hope you have a wonderful day and that Rigby gives you lots of doggie love.

  4. Martha

    I dig my nerd girl glasses, but these are awfully cute!! Happy birthday to you…I’m turning 26 in a few months too and it’s crazy to look back and think I once thought I was so wise and mature…ha! As if!

  5. Kathryn

    I feel like turtlenecks are one of those fashion items that I was forced to wear a lot as a kid, and so for a long time they were relegated to the “decidedly uncool” pile. But now that I’m getting a bit older and have my own sense of style, they really can be so classic and chic. this one looks great on you!

    Happy birthday Jenn! Here’s to another amazing 26 years (and more!!) Hope your weekend is filled with happy celebrations.

    x Kathryn
    Through the Thicket

  6. Sara Strauss

    Happy birthday!! I love this post so much! I’m turning 26 in June and I’ve definitely learned a lot over the years and I can’t even imagine what else I’ll learn along the way! I love the “If you want a dog, get a dog.” lol
    P.S. — Love those glasses!

    1. Jenn Post author

      Thanks Chelsie! Agreed, it was the best choice we made. (…Though I suppose Dave had a dog first, getting a puppy is so different though!)

  7. Julie

    YES! To all of those things! I agree with every single one of them! Love those glasses on you! I got a pair from Firmoo that were tortoise print and I absolutely love them. Everything far away is blurry without them.

  8. Sarah

    Get a dog, for sure! I had to wait a few years because I was living in a condo, but the second that I found out that I was moving to a townhouse, I immediately got one!
    All of those are great tips, plus I super love that outfit. The glasses are very cute! Are they the ones from glasses shop that you posted a little bit ago? I ended up ordering the pair that didn’t have purple on them and they’ll be here soon! I’ve pretty much been glasses exclusive since the summer, so I thought an extra pair to switch it up (my current ones are very similar, but black).
    As a professional, how do you feel about the leggings with stirrups that we wore as kids :) Hehehe But I agree, they’re not pants for adults :)

    1. Jenn Post author

      These are the same ones that I included in my Budget Link Up post from last week. The other pair I received for review in December was from Firmoo. (these ones: https://www.hellorigby.com/firmoo-glasses-giveaway/)

      HA, I know right? In retrospect though, I feel like the leggings/stirrup pants we wore as kids were heavier weight material then the ones now. I had walked by some young woman wearing leggings as pants and they were black but very, very see through. Eek!

  9. Kristin

    Happy Birthday
    Love your outfit and Rigby is the best accessory because he goes with everything. Plus you get all the puppy kisses.
    I wear contacts a lot because I’ve never felt comfortable wearing glasses for work. I’m finding as I get older and with my wonderful illnesses my eyes get so dry now. I just got a new pair of Tory Burch glasses and I hate them. They fixed my three year old Coach frames and I wear them so much more.
    Keep blogging,

    1. Jenn Post author

      Thank you, Kristin! He is the best accessory… except when he’s being embarrassing by not walking nicely on leash. ;)

      I almost always wear contacts now, but last spring I had to wear glasses for a few months because my allergies were so bad that I had to throw away almost every pair of contacts after one use. Bummer about your Tory Burch frames, I’ve hated some of the frames I’ve bought over the years so totally understand that!

      1. Alanna

        Ah! I didn’t notice it before but now that you mentioned it, he does! My dog is funny, she only does her underbite when she really is begging for something like treats, to get on the couch/bed, or wants to go out. I think underbites give dogs character!


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