Golden Tote March 2015

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After last month’s disappointing tote… well, I decided to try it again. This month Golden Tote offered free shipping on all tote purchases, and since then have changed their shipping policy to be free on all orders of $149 or more (so basically on the purchase of a large tote.) If you’re not familiar with Golden Tote, you pick 2 items in a $149 tote and are surprised with 4-5 other items. Alternatively, you can choose one item in a small tote for $49 and be surprised with 1 or 2 other items. I prefer the value in the $149 tote, and even if you don’t love everything, you are free to trade and sell on their 3,000+ member private Facebook Group. If you hate it all, you can ship it back (at your own expense) and receive a refund, which is what I did last month.

The reason I tried again? A certain pair of pants, as seen below. I was obsessed (and I still am.) Golden Tote has also been at work revamping their website and style profile to better match you with surprise items you’ll like. What can I say, curiosity killed the cat. Or at least made me spend my money. ;) So what else did I get this month?

Golden Tote March 2015 Review & Styling / hellorigby seattle fashion blog

Golden Tote March 2015 Review & Styling

Golden Tote March 2015: Lime & Chili Barcelona Printed Jogger Pant / hellorigby seattle fashion blogLime & Chili Barcelona Pant, Size Small – Chosen Item / Kept
These pants sealed the deal for me picking up a tote. I’ve been wanting a new pair of printed pants since my other pair from Golden Tote has seen better days. Unlike my other printed pants, these are not a knit, more of a polyester blend, which means the print won’t be fading anytime soon.

Golden Tote March 2015: THML Gone Yachting Top / hellorigby seattle fashion blogTHML “Gone Yachting” Top, Size Small – Chosen Item / Kept
This runs ever so slightly small in the bust, but I’m keeping it because I love it too much. A size medium would probably be better in the bust, but too big everywhere else. I’ll just be sure to choose the right undergarments with this one. ;)
(Available at Ruche for $73)

Golden Tote March 2015: Paper Crane Boho Stripe Knit Vest / hellorigby seattle fashion blogPaper Crane Stripe Knit Vest, Size Small – Surprise Item / Sold
As much as I loved the idea of this, I really wasn’t a fan of how it looked on me. If it had been a shorter length, I definitely would have kept it, but I felt like it just made me look short.
(Found it at Nordstrom for $48)

Golden Tote March 2015: Love Stitch Tassel Top / hellorigby seattle fashion blogLove Stitch Tassel Top , Size Small – Surprise Item / Kept
So the one in the photo was actually damaged – there was some sort of pen mark on the outer sleeve. I sent Golden Tote an email and their customer service gal, Jen, had a new top on my doorstep on Wednesday (my tote arrived the Friday before.) Pretty quick service, I’d say, and I’m loving this top! (Though it looks a bit sheer in photos, so next time a tank top will be worn underneath. Oops!)

Golden Tote March 2015: Alythea Cap Sleeve Shoulder Detail Top / hellorigby seattle fashion blogAlythea Knit Cap Sleeve Top with Shoulder Detail, Size Small – Surprise Item / Sold
This combined a couple of my least favorite things – cap sleeves and white clingy material, both of which I find unflattering on me. Overall, I didn’t love it and just wasn’t my style.

Golden Tote March 2015: Renee C Split Neck White Blouse / hellorigby seattle fashion blogRenee C Split Neck White Blouse, Size Small – Surprise Item / Sold
Though I thought it was a good basic, this blouse was far too large on me. It looks mostly okay from the front, but from the side it just billowed.

Overall, the March Golden Tote was much more successful than February’s by far. I loved both chosen items, and really liked one of my surprise items too. Even though I did end up selling 3 of the other surprises, I saw a distinct improvement in the style of pieces sent (much more my style than in past months). I think it’s hard to love everything when you’re a little on the picky side.

If you’re interested in checking out Golden Tote, they just put their April Tote on sale yesterday and still have some items left! If you do decide to give it a go, I’d love it if you’d consider using my referral link. Thanks so much if you do! :)

Have you tried Golden Tote yet? Why or why not?

20 thoughts on “Golden Tote March 2015

  1. Chelsie

    Looks like this one was a bit more successful! Hooray! I really like the “gone yatching” top! I just got my second stitchfix yesterday and saw a huge improvement in the styling as well, so I’m hoping that with both these services it’s just a little bit of trial and error!

  2. Olya

    Can I just say I love the jeans you are wearing in your photos with the shirts? Also, you should totally do a top knot tutorial because yours is always perfect! My favorite item is the “gone yachting” top. :)

    1. Jenn Post author

      Thanks Olya! They’re Madewell’s Skinny Skinny Jeans. I know I need to do one, it’s probably the thing I’ve been asked the most about but I’m a little nervous it won’t work for many people because my hair is so long and thick. I will try though!

  3. Kati Rose

    I love those pants. I keep seeing the style everywhere and I’ve debated buying a pair. Would you be willing to show a few different ways of styling them? I’ve been unsure and that’s been one of the biggest reasons I haven’t bought any.


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