January Budgeting Bloggers & Giveaway

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Ah yes, it’s time to confess what I’ve bought this past month. I know, you’re on the edge of your seat, riveted and all. I actually didn’t go too crazy this month, despite extensive time shopping in Miami… and then buying nothing. I actually bought more FOR the trip than on the trip, so that’s good. Anyways, onto the budget reveal.

What I Bought

Budgeting Bloggers January: What I Bought / hellorigby! seattle fashion and lifestyle blog

Mint Julep Boutique – I grabbed a couple of swim cover-ups during their clearance sale. Luckily I had a gift card and just paid shipping. :)

Victoria’s Secret – I also had to grab a new swimsuit prior to my trip, so I ordered this top and swim short bottoms (sold out; similar), also on clearance. I also picked up a t-shirt bra when I was making my reject swimsuit returns. – $29

Goodwill – I had to drop off some donations, so I  figured I might as well stop in. I found a Moth Ceres Pullover Sweater and a Loft Boucle/Tweed Top, worn here. – $7

ShoeDazzle – Somehow I got on Shoedazzle’s their mailing list, and they emailed me that I had a $10 credit and they were having some huge sale. I ended up with these Azedeh Boots for $10, which is crazy because they’re similar enough to the Stuart Weitzman 5050 boots to make me happy. I will say that if you’re not planning on wearing thick socks, these run about 1/2 size large. I also think they are a bit generous in circumference, so if you have thinner than average legs these may not be for you. – $10

Target – To go along with my Naked On the Run palette, I bought these mini brushes from EcoTools. They’re tiny and adorable and are perfect for throwing in my work bag with my palette. – $5

White Plum Boutique – None of this has arrived yet, so some of it may not work out… but I picked up tons of stuff on their 70% off sale: the Portland Sweater, the Weave It To Me Sweater in Red, the Cozumel Sweater Dress, the Boathouse One Piece, the Eloise Romper, and the Marlowe Tankini. A pretty killer deal if it all ends up working out! – $44

Old Navy – I’ve seen these jersey turtlenecks making the rounds on various blogs, and I’m cold. Plus, they were on clearance for about $5 each so how could I say no? I sized up to a medium in these and like the fit. – $10

What I Returned

Budgeting Bloggers January: What I Returned / hellorigby! seattle fashion and lifestyle blog

ShopRuche – Yikes, I struck out really bad here, and had to eat the shipping cost back to them. This Higher Ground Embroidered Dress would have looked much better on someone smaller busted (plus it arrived beyond wrinkled and I wanted to wear it on the cruise…) I loved the look of this Edenderry Dress and this Whimsical Garden Quilted Dress, but both were too tight on my chest, despite sizing up to a medium. I also picked this Prep School Metallic Sweater, which sadly was just not very flattering.

ShopHopes – I bought a knock off of that infamous J Crew Herringbone Vest back during Thanksgiving, but it was back ordered and didn’t arrive until the end of last month after December’s budget recap. It was a size too big, and honestly, I never would have worn it. It was unreturnable so I sold it on Poshmark and somehow ended up ahead $3. Winning. + $3

Target – Have I mentioned how much I hate swimsuit shopping? I thought Target would be my savior because my favorite bandeau swim top is from there, but apparently someone changed their design because this year’s does not fit me in the slightest. I ended up returning that bandeau and matching bottoms and this one piece mesh swimsuit (sized up to medium because of my chest, but looked ridiculous because it was too big everywhere else).

Old Navy – I swear, shopping with Old Navy online is a huge gamble. About half of the time, things arrive and look nothing like the photos. That was the case with this plaid girl’s dress (yes, sometimes I shop the kids department…) I loved the idea of this Space Dye Jersey Dress, but sadly it was way too small in the bust. It was also a thinner material than expected, but I thought it was flattering regardless. This crepe button up was also nice, but something was just not quite right about it on me. It just wasn’t particularly flattering and I couldn’t foresee myself wearing it much.

What I Received

Budgeting Bloggers January: What I Received / hellorigby! seattle fashion and lifestyle blog

As always, I am beyond appreciative of the fabulous brands I get to work with and I’m really not trying to “humble brag” here. I think it’s important to be clear about what I receive, hence why I started including it in this post. Thanks, Fran, for the inspiration!

GlassesShop – I haven’t had a chance to shoot the photos yet, but squee, I am loving these retro-inspired frames!

Wear Clothing Co. – You saw this yesterday, but I could live 24/7 in this soft dolman (same print pictured). These types of tops are my go-to choice on nights and weekends.

Belle Hibou – I’m excited to style this pretty crystal necklace from a lovely Etsy seller!

Ben Bridge Jewelers – I was beyond shocked to receive this gorgeous Labradorite and Diamond Ring from the new Lisa Bridge Collection. I had even Instagrammed a shot I took after trying it on from the event’s display, so imagine my surprise when I got home and that was what was in our gift bags. Heart eyes emoji all over the place.

Additionally, one last bag made it to ThredUp, and again they offered me the option to cash out early for $34. I took it and  ended up winning a blogger giveaway for a total of $84 extra this month. All in all, I did pretty well this month, spending well under my normal budget of $149, not including my “income” and despite some last minute vacation shopping. :)

Now, what I’m sure you’re most curious about – the giveaway! My birthday is coming up (February 8th, just in case you need to know ;) ) and I figured I’d give away a few presents throughout the month of February to celebrate. Part one of that will be one Urban Decay Naked Basics palette! I absolutely love the Naked Basics, the matte shades are perfect for everyday wear, and Urban Decay is by far my first choice in shadow. Get yourself entered below and good luck!

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*Giveaway is open internationally!

How did your shopping go this month?

125 thoughts on “January Budgeting Bloggers & Giveaway

    1. Jenn Post author

      Thanks, I’m glad you like the budget posts.. I know they’re kind of hit or miss with some, but I do like the accountability of it. Oooh, the Naked line is by far my favorite if you happen to not win and still want to try one! ;) Good luck, Carly!

  1. Julie Wood

    I recently purchased a new bedroom heater that was over 50% off! Regular $100 and I got it for $40! My room does not get enough heat properly!

  2. Julie

    I’ve actually been on a spending freeze this month because of Christmas but my most favorite purchase I made somewhat recently was my white skinny jeans. I love them! You got a lot of great free items! That’s so exciting!

  3. the cape on the corner

    there’s nothing like vacation to inspire some shopping. those coverups look super cute-this year, since we have a fall trip scheduled, i will definitely do some clearance swimsuit/cover up shopping myself.

    to answer the giveaway question, i bought a tunic top in grey from tjmaxx, and then i found the black in marshalls in the size i needed, so i scooped that sucker up quick. happy early bday. my cousin’s bday is the same date as yours.

    1. Jenn Post author

      Ah that’s a great plan – I wish I had thought ahead so I would have had more choice. I was suprised I could even get this stuff in December/January!

      Thanks for the birthday wish, and happy birthday to your cousin! :)

  4. kristen

    way to go on selling the knock off vest for more. and i so agree about old navy, i’m almost completely done shopping with them unless I know it will work out (ie check it out in store first) because I have had such issues.

    1. Jenn Post author

      Isn’t that a pain? They’re sizing is so weird, and they also sent me a rather rude email when I returned something through the mail without tags… only it never had tags to begin with! I let them know I didn’t appreciate being told I wore something when I didn’t.

  5. Andrea

    Love the idea of this post! I might have to start doing something similar. Just yesterday I bought a blue jumpsuit from GTTG, it’s one I had been contemplating for awhile.

  6. Martha

    I just got a really cute pair of white wide-leg trousers from JC Penney for $15!

    I wish those Azedeh boots came in a burgundy color–I wanted a pair soooo badly when SW first started showing them off in magazines a couple of years ago (though come to think of it those probably had a stacked heel, not a flat sole). I finally found a cute pair of OTK camel boots last fall that I love. They’re so nice and warm this time of year!

    1. Jenn Post author

      They would look great in burgundy! I still have my eyes on the SW stacked heel as well… going to have to keep dreaming though, I can’t fathom spending that much on suede living in a rainy city like Seattle! ;)

  7. Macy

    I just started shopping for my honeymoon (5 months early) and got 5 skirts, 3 tops and a bathing suit from ThreadUp for under $30, I was SO excited.

  8. Carly Blogs Here

    This was such a fun post to read! I love that crystal necklace & am definitely going to have to check out that Etsy shop. I had bad luck using ThredUp and have been meaning to try and sell a few things on eBay, but it sounds like Poshmark might be a good option too.

    1. Jenn Post author

      Oh no, bummer about ThredUp! I definitely don’t make much with them, but I’m honestly too lazy to take photos of each item for eBay/Poshmark anymore. :/ Have you looked into Twice or Fashion Project?

  9. Sarah

    I have a love/hate relationship with buying things online unless they’re from a store that I really know my size or I can easily return the item at the store, if I REALLY have to. I scored a major deal on the dress for my wedding rehearsal dinner, but when I got it, it didn’t fit at all, even though another dress that I bought to leave the reception in, from the same brand, did. They were from a boutique type place and I ended up having to figure out how to even ship it back (I don’t spend a lot of time at the post office), paying for shipping, and then I could only get back store credit.

    As for my favorite recent purchase… I kept two things out of my newest Stitch Fix box and am actually wearing both of them right now!

    1. Jenn Post author

      Ugh I hate when that happens! Sometimes online shopping is the worst.

      Ooh, Stitch Fixes are fun – glad you got a good one! I’ll have to go see if you posted a review… I always like seeing what others get. ;)

  10. Staplemeknot

    I Love this post ! Very unique twist to the monthly favorites. That orange cover up is super cute. I also shop the kids department with no shame , especially if I can get a better deal on shoes. I’m a size five and sometimes that runs in the kids size range, so then I don’t have to pay as much.

    1. Jenn Post author

      Oh lucky you on shoe size! I’m a 6.5 so sometimes I can squeeze into big kids sizes, but not often. So glad you like the budget post! :)

  11. Lori Vann

    Not really much of anything, I did have to purchase a new flapper for the inside of the toilet. Yeah, such an exciting life we lead. I have to drop off at the goodwill tomorrow, so I may take a peek around and see if there is anything good!

  12. Christy Peeples DuBois

    I hope you have a Fabulous birthday on your birthday!!! And fabulous days before and after as well. I have not bought anything other than essentials for my home. Since Christmas and meeting deductibles in January that’s taken the extras this month. I would love to win the palette, as I’m sure we all would. Thanks for the opportunity.

  13. Crystal W

    I’m seriously loving the Kut from the Kloth jeans I got from my January Stitch Fix! Took me a few days to talk myself into splurging and keeping them – they were way more $ than I’d usually spend, but the fit and quality are fantastic.

    1. Jenn Post author

      Oh that’s great, I heard great things about the Kut from the Kloth jeans! I just got my fix, can’t wait to try everything on! :) Good luck, Crystal!

  14. Natalie Brown

    Hi! The best purchase I’ve made recently is the Hello Kitty Anniversary Eye Shadow Palette. It has so many fun colors and it’s actually very good quality. Love it! Thank-you for this generous chance. :)

  15. Paige Pierog

    I just invested in a couple simple classic button up shirts and I love them! They are so versatile; no doubt the best purchase I have made in a while.

  16. Tori M

    The best purchase I’ve made recently was a Fitbit! Totally had thought I walked 10,000 steps a day or close to it. Ummm, NOT!

  17. Michele Cupp

    I got a great deal on a 48″ flat screen for my son at $240 after clearance and by purchasing the open box model.

  18. Elizabeth Maske

    I bought some adorable new headbands! I love them all, which is good because headbands can be a gamble-will they fit? will they slide off my head? will I look like a toddler? So many risks ha.


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