June Budget

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So remember last month when I was a very bad, no good shopaholic? Welp. This shopaholic’s gotta be real this month. It was hard. But I did it!

Let’s get down to business. I set a goal of $150 for June because I went way too crazy at the sight of summer weather and the Nordstrom sale in May. Whoopsies. I am very happy to report that I spent $102.50. Yep, I went WAY under budget, and that doesn’t include the whole $5 I made selling at Plato’s. (Side note, why do I even bother with that place? Seriously, $5 is less than I probably spent in gas to get there. Clearly this is the reason I started the Shop My Closet group.)

Anyways, now what you actually care about.

Here’s what I spent my June Budget on: June Budget Challenge / hellorigby!

Fabletics: I bought a new workout outfit for all my gym days… that never happened. Oops. I got the Entrechat for $60, but sent the top back (too big) for a credit of $18.

Drugstore.com: Milani lipstick in Uptown Mauve for $5.50

Julep: I indulged at the Julep Red Marker sale, but skipped my monthly box. I picked up the Glosstini Bold set, Moisture Mask Trio, Eyelash Curler, Jennine, Emerson, and Stella for a cool $16 (+$19.99 credit for box skipping)

Golden Tote: I skipped the monthly tote, but fell in love with the slouchy pant surprise item. I bought them off someone in the trading group for $30 instead.

Sephora: I’ve been dying to try the Josie Maran Argan cleansing oil and 100% Argan Oil, so I picked up Josie Maran Argan Skincare Ritual Set for $24. I’m trying to purge some yucky ingredients from my skin routine, and liked the ingredients in this Tarte BB Tinted Treatment for $35. I had a gift card, so all of this ended up being $9.

Paula’s Choice: I’m trying to find something new for preventing breakouts as well as a moisturizer that is a bit more hydrating, so I picked up a billion samples for $9.

…and that’s all! Way better than last month, am I right? So for next month, I have some extra cash to spend from this month, but I’m trying to stick to a budget of $200.

Are you on a shopping budget? What did you get this month?

12 thoughts on “June Budget

    1. Jenn Post author

      Thanks girl, I am pretty pleased. Yes yes, do a budget! It’s fun, and then you can show us all the cute stuff you got :)

  1. Kristen

    looks like you did fabulously! i didn’t do a budget this month because i did way too much shopping in Aus :) fabletics clothes are so cute!

    1. Jenn Post author

      Thanks, Kristen! I was trying :) I hope you show off what you got in Australia, I’d love to see what you got even if it wasn’t on a budget :)

    1. Jenn Post author

      Yes! I love their compression leggings. Super comfy and flattering. I wear them around the house and under tunics all the time. The sports bra I got with this outfit is super soft and high quality. Very comfortable! This was my second outfit from them, I find their leggings TTS but their tops run a size larger and the sports bras seem to be TTS for me also. Their new collections launch at the beginning of the month (so tomorrow) and go fast!

  2. jackie

    good job on staying under budget! i need to set up a monthly shopping budget for myself so I have a better idea of where my money is going.

  3. Kristan

    Wow! That’s some haul and awesome budget discipline! I’m in a transition phase right now, so I’m not sticking to a specific budget, but I’m being (ok, trying to be) very mindful of my spending–each item needs to meet specific criteria. I’m hoping to blog about it soon, and start to add more lifestyle stuff in general.


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