short women can wear a maxi dress too

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happy friday! this week has felt so long for some reason. i’m blaming it on the crummy weather this week – it started off so pretty (you know, sun and decent temperatures) but today it just poured. so glad i caught this maxi dress outfit earlier in the week, otherwise i would have had a very sad outfit post to share today.

Jean Jacket + Maxi Dress / hello, rigby! i remember the first time i saw a maxi dress in person i thought, there’s no way i could ever wear that! i’m way too short! but then you know what happened? i bought one.

Maxi Dress + Jean Jacket / hello, rigby! screw it, even if it drags a tiny bit on the ground when i wear flats, i can pull this off. who cares, its comfortable and the best part? no shaven legs required! (sorry for the tmi.) ;)

Maxi Dress, Jean Jacket, Ray Ban Sunglasses / Maxi Dress + Jean Jacket / hello, rigby!
what i’m wearing:
dress: under skies via golden tote
jacket: sonoma life + style
shoes: mossimo supply co
watch: kate spade
rings: forever 21
shades: ray-ban
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 would you wear a maxi dress, or do you own one already?

31 thoughts on “short women can wear a maxi dress too

  1. ADA

    You can totally wear a Maxi Dress, Jenn. I love yours and the shade of your Denim Jacket. Nice giveaway too.

    It would make an awesome Mother’s Day Gift to me or belated Birthday Gift. Crossing my fingers. =)

    Enjoy the weekend, hun!

  2. Cat

    I love wearing maxi dresses & skirts… unfortunately being 5’1″ is a set back. I’m always at the a tailor getting my shit hemmed! :(

    1. Jenn @ hello, rigby! Post author

      being short sucks! i have the worst time with pants/jeans, but i like that a lot of retailers are offering “ankle” length now which generally is the right inseam for me!

  3. Alisha Hodges

    I am 5’2″ and wear a lot of maxi skirts, but I’ve never seen a maxi dress that didn’t hang way past my feet. I’m afraid of tripping, so I haven’t bought one, much to my grief. I adore them though and wish I could find one that flatters me.

    1. Jenn @ hello, rigby! Post author

      this one is definitely the longest one i own – i will probably hem it an inch or two. try old navy or the lc lauren conrad line at kohl’s – i’ve had great luck with their lengths!

    1. Jenn @ hello, rigby! Post author

      i’m 5’3″! this particular dress is the longest maxi i have – i may get it hemmed just an inch or two. i’ve had great luck with Old Navy and LC Lauren Conrad (Kohl’s) maxi dresses!

    1. Jenn @ hello, rigby! Post author

      i round up to 5’3″, but technically i’m 5’2.5″ ;) i just remember when they first started getting popular reading articles on fashion magazines/blogs about how petite people should “avoid the trend”. i think retailers have probably made some of them to accommodate us shorties!

  4. BlitzAndGlam

    I keep saying that I’m going to try a maxi dress, but have yet to do it. I know they have to be super comfortable. Thanks for checking out my blog!

  5. Sara Strauss

    I’m 4’10” so it’s hard to fit maxi dresses that are only an inch or two too long instead of being five inches too long! The one you’re wearing is so cute!

  6. Renae of Simple Sequins

    Hey Jenn! Thanks for linking with our Fashion item Friday! I so appreciate it. I’m mega slow in replying because of the issues of my health this week, but dang I’m here! You are daring to wear a maxi dress. I wore them faithfully in the 70’s, yes, that long ago. {I’m old as dirt} and I was forever yanking it up because it would trip me something fierce. Since the late 90’s, I haven’t worn anything longer than mid calve and then more just knee length for my 5’5″ stature. I don’t like falling down. lol ♥, Renae

    1. Jenn @ hello, rigby! Post author

      haha, i don’t blame you at all! i’ve been lucky that most of the maxis i have picked up have fit without dragging. this one is the longest i have, so i definitely need to get it hemmed. so glad you’re still here and hope you start feeling better soon! xo.

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