pale girl camo for fashion friday

on wednesday, i mentioned how i realized how pale i am over the weekend, and even made up a phrase: pale girl camo. well, here’s the outfit that really spelled out how pale i truly am. my dermatologist would be super proud of me right about now.

Pale Girl Camo / White Midi Skirt / hello, rigby!

midi skirts are something i’ve heard are terrible for us petite people. i say whatever to that. wear what you like, even if its not the absolute most flattering thing in the world. i have a couple of tough spots – i’m short (5’3″) and i also have a short torso. it makes it a bit of a challenge when it comes to shopping sometimes, but i always dig a high waisted look.
Pale Girl Camo / White Lace Top / hello, rigby!

the thing that really sold me on this midi skirt? those pockets. there’s nothing better to me than a dress or skirt with pockets. seriously, you can put things in there! your hands, instead of awkwardly trying to pose them during outfit photos. your phone… and then you’ll forget you have pockets in your skirt and panic because you can’t find it. yeah, i would never do that.

oh and these shoes. you may remember them from when I met Sarah Jessica herself. the bottoms are even signed! swoon.

Pale Girl Camo / Be a Bombshell Lipstick in Hot Damn / hello, rigby!

as you can see, the wind provided an interesting effect on my hair in some of these photos. not to mention the onlookers that were trying to maneuver around us when we were taking these shots. a big thank you Sarah for taking these for me!  oh the life of a personal style blogger, its awkward and fun all at the same time.

Pale Girl Camo / SJP Collection Lady Pump in Geranium / hello, rigby!what i’m wearing:
top: express
skirt: chelsea28
midi rings: lc lauren conrad
twist ring: forever 21
bracelet: dillard’s
shoes: sjp collection
lip color: be a bombshell in hot damn

happy friday!

32 thoughts on “pale girl camo for fashion friday

  1. Rachel G

    haha–I’m pale enough to nearly blend in to my white dresses too–but who ever said being pale was a bad thing? ;)

  2. renaesimpler

    hi Jenn! Thanks for your post. Sometime pale is ok. Its the greenish cast that I’ve been sporting this week this is a bit scary. lol Thanks for being at “FiF” so much lately, We really appreciate it. ♥, Renae

  3. Iris Popescu

    I feel you on being pale!!! I wish I could get a tan, but I have to find a good self tanner for that! Anyway’s, loving the white on white! You look super cute in that outfit!!! :)

  4. ADA

    Hi Jenn, I am Ada. I have stopped by before and complimented your awesome style and blog.

    You look lovely in all white with the bright red shoes which I love. The addition of the red lipstick was awesome, too. Loving the top you are wearing as well.

    I’d love for you to stop by my blog so welcome by. Have a great Monday.

    <3 Ada.

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