Stitch Fix March 2016

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I can’t believe we’re already into March! February always flies by, but even with the extra day, it still felt extra short. But, with another new month comes another Stitch Fix! I’m sure you know the drill by now, but if you’re new to my blog or Stitch Fix, it’s a clothing styling service that you can set up to receive monthly, or at your leisure. You are charged $20 as a styling fee that you can put towards anything you keep from your Fix. You can plan to receive five items – typically four clothing items and one accessory (jewelry or bags, typically) though I have seen people receive shoes!

Stitch Fix March 2016 Review & Styling // Hello Rigby Seattle Style & Fashion Blog

Stitch Fix March 2016 Review & Styling

I’m always excited to receive my monthly Fix, and I loved the dress I kept from February’s Fix last month. Obviously, I couldn’t wait to bust into my box either! I forgot to leave my stylist a note. However, I think even despite the lack of information she did an excellent job at picking out some transitional spring options!

Stitch Fix March 2016 Review // Market & Spruce Levant Tiered Ruffle Top & Just Black Dolce Bootcut Jean // Hello RIgby Seattle Fashion & Style BlogMarket & Spruce Levant Tiered Ruffle Top in White, Size Small $64 – Returned
Just Black Dolce Bootcut Jean, size 4P, $78 – Returned
My stylist, Lucy, sent me this top and jeans to wear together for a bohemian feel. I definitely can see that, though I have to be honest, and say that I wasn’t feeling the jeans. The material was very comfortable, but bootcut isn’t my favorite cut (I prefer a flare, which tapers starting at the knee and then down the leg) and the rise was a bit awkward. Not quite a mid rise, but not a low rise either. They also were just a bit too short to skim the ground in my favorite cage heel sandals. You may remember these made the rotations quite a few times last summer, and I think they’ll be back again this spring.

The top was beautiful, however as much as I love white, I rarely wear it. I have a couple of white tops in my closet that don’t get very much love. I think I need to give those some more attention this spring before I add anything else to my closet, particularly at the $64 price point.

Stitch Fix March 2016 Review // Market & Spruce Abberley Cut Out Detail Knit Top {Front View} // Hello Rigby Seattle Fashion & Style BlogMarket & Spruce Abberley Cut Out Detail Knit Top in Navy/White Stripe, Size Small, $48 – Returned
I love striped tops. However, this one missed the mark for me. It’s super cute in theory, but I don’t like fitted knit tops. I prefer a straight or loose cut on t-shirts, and this one showed every lump and bump, from both myself and the finishes of the jeans. ;) The back detail was adorable but unfortunately not enough to make me want to keep this top.

Stitch Fix March 2016 Review // Market & Spruce Abberley Cut Out Detail Knit Top {Back View} // Hello Rigby Seattle Fashion & Style BlogI often wear striped tops with my cargo jacket. Something about the olive green and stripes feels like a natural outfit. I kept with the casual vibe with this outfit and paired it with my Articles of Society skinny jeans and white Converse Low Tops. I’ll definitely be recreating this outfit with a striped top I already own!

Stitch Fix March 2016 Review // Romolo Isaac Marble Stone Tassel Pendant Necklace // Hello Rigby Seattle Style & Fashion BlogRomolo Isaac Marble Stone Tassel Pendant Necklace in White, $28 – Kept
When I opened this package, I was so excited to try this on! It’s been awhile since I’ve received any jewelry from Stitch Fix and Lucy totally nailed my style on this one. I love the versatile colors in the stone pendant, and since most of my bags have gold hardware, I find myself wearing gold jewelry the most. Is it weird to match the hardware of my bags to my jewelry? If it’s wrong, then I’m okay with not being right. ;)

Stitch Fix March 2016 Review // Le Lis Floral Alante Woven Back Knit Top {Front View} // Hello Rigby Seattle Fashion & Style BlogLe Lis Alante 3/4 Woven Back Knit Top in Black, Size Small, $54 – Returned (shop similar style)
When I first pulled this out of the box, I was a bit confused. The rest of this fix was so spring-y that a black knit top didn’t seem very exciting. Then I realized there was more to this top – the pop of floral on the back!

Stitch Fix March 2016 Review // Le Lis Floral Alante Woven Back Knit Top {Back View} // Hello Rigby Seattle Style & Fashion Blog

I paired this with my tried and true Articles of Society skinny jeans, and the burgundy, pink and red tones made me want to grab my burgundy saddle bag (shop similar) and wedge booties (shop similar). Since the front of the top is pretty simple, I added a tassel necklace I picked up at Forever 21 (shop similar) last summer. Overall I was pleased with this top and the outfit I created with it, but I just wasn’t totally in love, so I opted to send it back.

And that’s a wrap for my March Stitch Fix! Overall I enjoyed trying some new styles – I think Lucy did a great job getting my style. However, I’m a self-admitted picky shopper so sometimes things don’t work out 100% for me. With that said, if you’re looking to get out of your comfort zone, don’t have time to shop, or just want someone to pick things out for you for fun, Stitch Fix is a great option.


Have you received a Stitch Fix lately? What did you think of the pieces I received this month? I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments!

26 thoughts on “Stitch Fix March 2016

  1. kristen

    ooooh i actually really like that striped top, but i understand why you didn’t keep it. the back is super fun.

    i also like the white top but understand why you didn’t keep it, and the jeans. i am not a fan of bootcut anything either!

  2. Chelsie

    I’m getting my fix in a couple weeks and I requested a lot of spring tops; I’m excited to see what they send me! I LOVE the necklace you got; totally would have kept that, too!

  3. Carly

    I love the first outfit on you, but can totally see not keeping the pieces if you’re not loving them! Looove the necklace they sent you though!

  4. Cat

    I love the white top, but like you, I rarely actually reach for something white in my closet. I’m jealous you got some jewelry, though, it’s been months since they’ve sent me any!

    1. Jenn Post author

      It had been at least 3 fixes since I’d received jewelry either! Maybe they were low on supply? Either way I’m glad I got this piece! ;)

  5. Wendy G.

    Great fix! Loving that necklace and the pretty top with the floral on the back. That little tassel necklace though is just a trendy piece to mix in.

  6. Cherie Jamison

    I love seeing what people get through Stitch Fix, though I still haven’t used the service myself. The necklace is gorgeous! I probably would have returned everything you did as well. The white top is super cute, but would be so easy to stain!

    1. Jenn Post author

      Thank you, Cherie! Glad you enjoy seeing Stitch Fix reviews. You’ll have to try it for yourself one of these days, it’s a lot of fun receiving them too! ;)


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