Three Years

…Or how we met, and ironically I’m the one who still can’t figure out which day is our “dateiversary.”

Couple Overlooking the Water Ocean / Jenn an David Couples Session, Seattle, WA Pier & Pike Place Market by TMinspired Photography / hellorigby
Photos in this post by TMinspired. More from this shoot here.

Dave and I have been together for three years. I haven’t actually talked about our relationship much, if at all, on the blog because… well, that’s not really what I write about. We’re not married, so I’m not about to give anyone marriage advice. (And even if we were, I highly doubt you’d want it. I’m far from perfect.) And he’s not necessarily the biggest fan of being subject of any blog posts, so I usually try to keep him out of it. He’s nice enough and obliges me sometimes though. ;) 

Anyways, today I thought I’d share with you guys how we met. I remember Rachael from The Rachael Way asked me awhile ago, and I told her one day I’d write about it. One day is here.

Four years ago, I graduated from Washington State University. I had the opportunity to intern on WSU’s marketing team as a student, and as I was preparing to graduate, one of those team members provided me a contact with someone who worked for a small startup in Seattle. I was going to be moving back to the Seattle area after graduating, and like a normal recent grad, needed to find a job.

Couple Laughing / Jenn an David Couples Session, Seattle, WA Pier & Pike Place Market by TMinspired Photography / hellorigby

Job prospects were horrifying. I applied for over 50 positions at all sorts of different places and only received two replies. One from a company where I could work on social media and the other was the connection at this start-up. Of course, I was excited by the prospect of working at a startup… I mean, it’s new, exciting, and they were working on mobile apps. Even four years ago mobile apps were fairly new and exciting.

Anyways, I was set up with two interviews. I wasn’t about to say no to either opportunity. The first was a boring social media position. It really was not a great interview. The interviewer made me feel like my “measly” amount of Twitter followers meant I wouldn’t be a good fit. How ironic that is looking back on it… as Twitter is one of my favorite social media platforms now. But at the time, no one I knew used it, and neither did I.

My second interview was at the startup in Seattle. I showed up only to see a keg being wheeled into the office. They were setting up for a holiday party, and apparently I was invited to stay post-interview if I wanted. Well, that’s different.

Couple Embracing / Jenn an David Couples Session, Seattle, WA Pier & Pike Place Market by TMinspired Photography / hellorigby

Fast forward through an awkward holiday party, and I got the job. I’ve been working at that little startup for the past 3 years. And guess who I met at my work? Dave.

I’m a designer. He’s a developer. While we share opposite skill sets in a traditional sense (I make things pretty, he makes them work) we do share a lot of the same big opinions and perfectionist tendencies. It makes things interesting.

We no longer work together. Two years ago Dave found another opportunity, and then another where he’s at now, happily.

So that’s how we met. I guess you could say that meeting your significant other at work isn’t always the worst thing in the world. In fact, for us, it worked out pretty dang well.

How did you meet your significant other? If you don’t have one, how did you meet your… significant pet? ;)

34 thoughts on “Three Years

  1. Jae

    My husband and I have known each other since high school, but we only started dating in 2009. I’ve written about our story awhile back, and every time I look back on how we ended up marrying each other amazes me. :)

  2. Julie

    That’s so sweet <3 I love hearing other people's stories of how they met. I've actually known my husband since I was 13 years old (I'm 30 now) ! lol! He was in one of my science classes and sat behind me and I thought he was sooo cute. We ended up being best friends and whenever he was single, I wasn't and vice versa so we never told each other that we liked each other until YEARS later when we both ended up being single at the same time. Neither one of us had any idea that the other one liked us. So weird how stuff like that works out.

  3. Breenah

    That’s cute :D

    Jarrod and I met in high school, although when we met differs depending on which one of us you ask. He swears we met in acting class freshman year, but I don’t remember meeting him until the end of our junior year when I started hanging out more with our mutual friend Tyler. We started dating in the middle of our senior year and got married three years after that.

  4. Cat

    Aww, cute, cute, cute! You guys are adorable, and even though it absolutely makes sense you’d want to respect his wishes by mostly leaving him off your blog, I loved this little peek into your guys’ relationship :)

    How long have you lived together, if you don’t mind me asking? Reg and I stressed a LOT on that when we were considering it a year ago.


    1. Jenn Post author

      Thanks Cat! Maybe one day I can convince him to even write a post… who knows. For now I think he prefers to do his own thing. ;)

      We’ve lived together for 2.5 years. It just kind of happened naturally… I started falling asleep here, and then my clothes started making their way into his closet. :P

  5. Olya

    Love those photos of you too & the story of how you met! Congratulations on three years. :)

    Chris and I met on the very first day we were on our college campus, before classes started.

  6. Rebecca B. Bird

    Happy anniversary! Strangely enough, I met my SO at a meetup when I was living overseas but visiting NYC for a week… that was a little over five years ago and I’ve been living in NYC for four of them, so I’m sure you can guess what happened next and fill in the blanks. :)

  7. Johanna @

    Such a cute story! And such beautiful pictures. Workplace romance will always make me think of Jim and Pam from The Office :) My husband and I met while doing a ministry internship in California, where we got engaged and then spent over a year planning our wedding from separate continents. And now we’ve been married almost 5 years!

    1. Jenn Post author

      Thank you, Johanna! I can’t imagine planning a wedding from different continents – that must have been a challenge! Congrats on 5 years :)

  8. Sarah

    Those are great pictures! That’s funny that your boyfriend doesn’t like to be blogged about. My husband offers to write posts (and has)!
    The story of how we met is so convoluted and long that I actually don’t like telling it. There is no simple way to tell it other than we were at the same places at the same time and met each other a whole bunch of times before we finally talked to each other!

    1. Jenn Post author

      Ha, that’s so funny. I sometimes wish Dave would, but it’s just not his thing. Obviously he’ll do pictures sometimes, like when I made him do an outfit shoot with me… but this photo session was definitely out of his comfort zone!

      That’s too funny! I bet you were glad when you finally did though ;)

  9. V

    Awww. So sweet. I love hearing stories about how people met and I also love engagement stories. I always ask people. From the simplest encounters to the most extravagant or random, I think they are all so beautiful and unique.


  10. Sarah Christine

    Aw! I’m jealous, Bryan and I have no cute story what so ever since we have known each other as friends of friends or family friends of family friends since elementary school. So boring. Your story is much cuter!


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