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It’s no secret that I was pretty disappointed in the Who What Wear Target Collection that was released at the end of January. I had seen ruffles, lace, and florals that didn’t end up being represented in the collection that was in my local Target store. Then it just so happened, that I was browsing Target.com for something completely different last week when I noticed that one of the dresses I had been eyeing was magically for sale. Apparently I missed the latest collection drop, but no matter because my local Target still had plenty to choose from.

I went right after work, so I was in no mood to try on my haul in store. I took it home and tried on in the comfort of my home and thought I’d share my thoughts about the recent releases. To be honest, I wasn’t expecting much… so did the latest collection additions change my mind?

Target x Who What Wear Collection March/Spring 2016 // Hello Rigby Seattle Fashion & Style Blog

Who What Wear Target Spring Collection Try On Haul

Oh and bonus, all the Who What Wear Target items are currently on sale for buy one get one 50% off. Target sales typically run through Saturday night, so if you see something you want to try, I’d suggest grabbing it sooner rather than later. ;)

Target x Who What Wear Ruffle Shift Dress in White // Hello Rigby Seattle Fashion & Style Blog
Ruffle Shift Dress in White, Size Small, $34.99
I had an event this past weekend where we were asked to wear spring dresses, and I knew I wanted to wear white. When I saw this online, I just knew this would be perfect. (Well, so long as fit it anyway!) I ended up being super pleased with it – super comfortable, light and airy, yet looks and feels more expensive than the price tag, so I was sold.

Target x Who What Wear High Neck Lace Top in Black // Hello Rigby Seattle Fashion & Style Blog
High Neck Lace Top in Black, Size Small, $24.99
I loved this on the model, and in the lookbook, but I’m honestly not so sure about this on me. Unfortunately, I love the look of high necks on others, but on myself, it usually draws too much attention to my chestal region and I end up not liking the look. The crochet lace is what attracted me to this in the first place, and I did find another top on Target.com that is the same crochet look but without the high neckline.

Target x Who What Wear Printed Trench in White Floral // Hello Rigby Seattle Fashion & Style Blog
Printed Trench in White Floral, Size Small, $44.99
This, unfortunately, was a giant flop. Quite literally, giant. This is a size small, but I’m not sure you’d know that based on the appearance of the coat, which feels several sizes too big. The sleeves were too long, the width of the coat is generous, and there’s just a lot of material happening that I didn’t love. I think this would look beautiful on someone taller who can pull off a wider silhouette. For shorties like me, it just ends up making me look even more petite.

Target x Who What Wear Ruffle Sleeve Top in White/Black Stripe // Hello Rigby Seattle Fashion & Style Blog
Ruffle Sleeve Top in White/Black Stripe, Size Small, $24.99
I’ll be honest and say this was an “out there” purchase. I wasn’t sure about it then, and I’m not sure about it now. The sleeves are so cute, but I feel like if they were longer it would have been more flattering. In general, the style of this is fun and different; however I’m thinking this particular garment isn’t quite right for me.

Target x Who What Wear Tie Neck Dress in White Floral // Hello Rigby Seattle Fashion & Style Blog
Tie Neck Dress in White Floral, Size Small, $34.99
Ah yes, another dress. Apparently that’s my go-to this spring! Florals for spring? Groundbreaking! ;) What I like about this dress is the tie neck, and the casual vibe the shirt hemline gives it. What I’m not super crazy about is the awkward length. I’m going to try this on again with taller shoes and see what I think, but I may end up getting this taken up at the hemline. Thoughts?

Target Xhilaration Daisy Blouse // Target Try On Haul // Hello Rigby Seattle Fashion & Style Blog
Xhilaration Smocked Long Sleeve Top in Ivory Daisy Print, Size Small, $22.99
Call this the odd one out, as it was not a part of the collection but I loved the crazy looking floral print! Unfortunately, the Target Xhilaration line has much more of a juniors fit, and this ended up being too tight in the arms and chest. It’s cute though, and I’m going to try the next size up instead. I love having tops like this in my wardrobe to wear to work and to dress up and down on the weekends.

Have you checked out the recent releases from the Who What Wear Target Collection? Did you fall for any of the pieces or was this a fail for you?

18 thoughts on “Who What Wear Target Collection March // Try On Haul

  1. Ada

    Hi Jenn, how have you been?

    I have loved seeing the Who What Wear Target collaborations from bloggers. In love with that oversized floral print. Both lace pieces, the peplum sleeve top and white floral dress are all gorgeous. Looks like you are ready for Spring, beautiful lady!

    I now run a linkup on Thursdays and I am inviting you to link up this pretty outfit and any other recent outfits. The linkup is still open (below).


    Thank you and have a great day!

    1. Jenn Post author

      Thanks Ada! I’ve been great, hope you’ve been well too! :) Will definitely check out your link up for my next outfit post!

  2. Chelsie

    That first dress is perfect for you and it doesn’t look like it even belongs to the rest of the collection. Color me confused by it all! I do like that last top and now I want to go to Target and see what I can find. I love love love that you do these posts; it’s so fun to see so many parts of a new collection before going to the store and trying to sift through it all myself!

    1. Jenn Post author

      Target has some awesome items this spring! Unfortunately, a lot of them are not particularly boob friendly. I’m glad you like these type of posts; I’m hoping to do more of them in the future so if there are any stores or collections you’d like to see let me know! :)

  3. Carly

    Oh noo, the jacket has such potential but you’re right about it looking giant! I love the white ruffle dress and the high neck top- I think it looks great on you!

    1. Jenn Post author

      I know, I couldn’t believe how large it was! Online it said “swingy fit” which I thought might be a little loose, but this felt more like a large. Eek!


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