Whole Foods Beauty Haul, First Impressions, & Giveaway

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I’ve been a Whole Foods shopper for as long as there’s been one in my area. Meaning… basically after I graduated college. One of the first things I did when I started shopping there was scope out the health & beauty aisles. I’ll admit that it’s been awhile since I truly took a look at their product offerings. Typically I pop in for my Dr. Bronner’s, sunscreen, and some bar soap for Dave, and then I’m onto the groceries.

That was, until, I found out about the Whole Body & Cosmetics sale that happened last weekend. Whole Foods in Bellevue invited me in for a little sneak peek and tour of their cosmetics and body offerings… and my list was scary long. I went in on Saturday morning prepared to conquer, and then had to stop myself from buying everything. Rough life, I’m telling ya.

So, what did I end up with you ask?  I thought I’d share with you what I’ve picked up, and my first impressions (considering I just got everything on Saturday) of the products thus far.

Whole Foods Beauty Haul & First Impressions / hellorigby seattle beauty blog

Whole Foods Beauty Haul & First Impressions

Pacifica Cosmetics Solar Mineral Palette: I’ve always admired Pacifica but have yet to own anything other than samples from them. I was excited to find this palette, and was attracted by the wide range of products in it. Six eyeshadows, a blush, a bronzer, and three lip colors were included. I am so far incredibly impressed with the eyeshadows, bronzer, and blush. The color payoff of the shadows is high and lasts even without primer, and the colors are shimmery and gorgeous. Absolutely perfect for summer! (Find it online, $32)

RADIUS Toothbrush Source Soft in Wood: Deb, the gal who walked me through Whole Foods, pointed these out to me as both her and her husband say they are game changing toothbrushes. The brush head is giant and so far I’m digging it. The back molars are actually feeling fully clean these days and the bristles are SO soft. So much better than the standard drugstore “soft” toothbrushes. You can also choose from a handle made from money or from paper which is pretty neat. (Find it online, $7)

Pacifica Persian Rose Perfume: Pacifica has some absolutely lovely scents, but most of them are on the fruity/tropical side of things which really isn’t my thing. This Persian Rose scent really appealed to me though – it actually starts out with bright citrus and roses, then dries down to a more musky rose. It smells like spring, and I’m a fan. (Find it online, $22)

Gabriel Cosmetics Lipstick in Sheer Rose (Swatched Below): Gabriel Cosmetics is Gluten Free and Vegan. Honestly, neither of those matter to me, but they offer some beautiful lipstick colors and I couldn’t resist picking up this medium pink rosy hue. This is satin finish, and while I wouldn’t call it super hydrating, it doesn’t feel overly dry on the lips which I like. (Find it online, $17)

Whole Foods Beauty: Gabriel Cosmetics Lipstick in Sheer Rose (Swatch on Fair Skin) / hellorigby seattle beauty blog

Butter London Nailpolish in Jaffa: If you can believe it, I own zero Butter London Polishes already. They’re a Seattle company, 3 free, and come in a ton of gorgeous shades and finishes. I tried this out already and it goes on like a dream, and the color is super pretty. (Find it online, $15)

MyChelle Dry Skin Starter Set: I received a MyChelle facial scrub in a Birchbox a few months ago that I loved, so I had to grab one of their starter sets. They had many to choose from – combination, sensitive, anti-aging, brightening, oily, blemish, and dry. I went for dry, since my skin tends to be permanently dehydrated. I haven’t started this yet, but plan to share more when I do. (Find it online, $16)

Weleda Skin Food: I’ve heard nothing but good things about this cult favorite. So far, it reminds me a lot of Aquaphor and The Honest Company’s Healing Balm. It’s more expensive than both, so I’m curious if it’s much more effective than either product. (Find it online, $12)

Nubian Heritage Papaya & Coconut Body Wash: This smells amazing. Seriously. It smells so fresh and real that I’m shocked there’s no fruit pulp in it. (Find it online, $12)

Alba Hawaiian Clear Spray Sunscreen, SPF 50: We picked up Alba Sunscreen one time on vacation and absolutely loved it. They offer higher SPF protection than a lot of natural sunscreens, it smells really good, and now they offer it in a spray form. I haven’t used it yet, but we’ll definitely be using this a lot come summer. (Find it online, $15)

Heritage Store Rose Petals Rosewater: Apparently this is another cult favorite that I’d never heard of until I read an editorial on Refinery29 a couple months ago. Since then, it’s been on my wishlist. I’ve used it a couple of times so far in place of toner and I’m really enjoying it. It reminds me a lot of the Rose, Aloe, & Herbs Facial Spray from Mario Badescu that was in this month’s empties post. (Find it online, $10)

And because Whole Foods of Seattle is awesome, they wanted to share the love with you by offering you a $50 gift card to shop their store! Open to US residents, just enter below:
a Rafflecopter giveaway

Have you ever shopped at Whole Foods for body or beauty products? What are your favorite natural products?

136 thoughts on “Whole Foods Beauty Haul, First Impressions, & Giveaway

  1. Amanda Buccieri

    I’d love to try out the sunscreen….I have a hard time finding one for my sensitive skin!

  2. Meagan

    I’ve been getting the Petit Vour beauty box – natural, vegan and anti animal cruelty beauty products. I can’t pick one fave though!

  3. Stacey Greene

    I haven’t gotten it yet, but I am really excited to try the Zuzu Luxe Liquied Eyeliner in Raven. I saw it on a different YouTube channel and can’t wait to purchase! :]

  4. Rosie

    I’ve been more curious lately about Whole Body. Unfortunately, the sales clerk is cranky sourpuss and makes it hard to see if you want to buy something. I would soo adore to spend more time adventuring through the beauty products. I just tried aura casia rosehip oil, nice! and I would like to try a different brand they have of organic rosehip oil that is more expensive but it doesn’t have vitamin e added. I have tried South of France soap when it is on sale and it is soo nice!

    1. Jenn Post author

      Oh no, that’s too bad! Hopefully she isn’t always there so you can better scope out their products. I’ve been meaning to try rosehip oil, I’ll have to grab some next time I’m there. Thanks for entering, Rosie!

  5. Marifer

    Who doesn’t want a gift card from Whole foods?? It’s the place where I enjoy grocery shopping (Trader joe’s i love you too!)
    Besides food, I love the goat bar soaps, i wear just EWG recommended sunscreen that I find there but I haven’t buy much make up yet.

    1. Jenn Post author

      I know right? Trader Joe’s is my other favorite too. :) The goat bar soaps are awesome, and so inexpensive! Good luck, Marifer!

  6. Sarah

    Whole Foods has a really taste Superfood salad with kale and sesame. It’s in the deli. That’s my favorite thing to get… Is that sad?

  7. Martha

    I really love buying natural lip balms and bar soaps as little gift items for friends–stocking stuffers, or something that can be tied on top of a birthday package. They always smell so good!!!

  8. Chelsie

    I’ve never lived close enough to a whole foods before but now that we’re in Chico, I think we aren’t far from one! Hopefully I can actually get to one soon!

  9. Alina

    I love buying fresh salads from Whole Foods along with produce. Large variety and tastes delicious.

  10. Sean

    Since winter is so long here in Michigan, I love buying their natural lip balm and also love getting fruits there.

  11. Nicole Dziedzic

    I have two favorites, one is my Avalon COQ10 Repair cleansing Milk & then my Derma e Very clear acne scrub. Both products work wonders for my skin.

  12. Tracy Robertson

    I love glycerin soap! Does that count as a natural beauty product? I love how it looks and how it rinses off easier than regular soap while being gentle on my skin. Sometimes glycerin soap can be hard to find, but Whole Foods always has some!

  13. Priscilla S.

    I like buying produce and cheese from Whole Foods. I also love Avalon Organics and Badger products!

  14. margaret peg m

    hi, i don’t have a ‘whole foods’ really close, but i have been there once…and loved it. winning this gift card would take me back there to enjoy all the great things they offer.

  15. Laura J

    I actually have not been to Whole Foods before! We have one that was built by us not that long ago, but I have not ventured over yet. I really want to go and check out their gluten free products. I have heard they have a really good selection!

  16. Patricia C.

    My favorite natural beauty product is coconut oil because it is so versatile. I love to buy seafood and meat at Whole Foods.

  17. Angela Cash

    I love nail polish by SpaRitual. Their INSTINCTUAL BODY OIL is also one of my fave natural products.

  18. Dawn Monroe

    I like to buy my produce and deli meat at Whole Foods because of the selection and the freshness.

  19. Victoria (@treelinedavenue)

    Loved this post as I’ve really been interested in buying mostly natural makeup products these days. We just got a Whole Foods in my area so I’m definitely going to have to take a look. Pacifica is literally one of my favorite makeup brands and like you, I am not really into the fruit/tropical scents so I will have to go on a hunt for the one you bought because it sounds really nice! :)

    1. Jenn Post author

      Ah yes, definitely check out their beauty section! So many great items, and they have a ton of Pacifica stuff! I’ve been really pleased with everything I purchased. :)


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