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How to Ring in the New Year with your BFFs

Who says you have to go out to celebrate the new year with friends? I’ve been fortunate to make a lot of amazing new friends this year, and what better way to toast to the holidays and 2019 than to celebrate with them? That’s precisely why I hosted a fun brunch party at home right in time for NYE!

Disclosure: Thanks to Eliza J Dresses, Chelsea Yaley Designs, and Washington State Wine for helping this celebration come to life! All opinions are my own.

When I started Hello Rigby back in 2013, I never imagined how many amazing women I would be introduced to, and what great friends I would end up with. I’m so lucky to call these (and more) amazing women my friends; I was so excited to host them for a holiday brunch… and proceed to take 5 million photos to document the whole thing. What can I say, blogging is a very strange, but also very wonderful, thing.

10 Ways to Celebrate the New Year with Friends

Are friends coming over tomorrow to ring in the new year? Or maybe you’re looking for inspiration (or an excuse!) to have your friends over sometime soon. Either way, I thought it would be fun to share what I planned for my friends, and some inspiration the next time you host a fun get together at home!

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My Connected Home with CenturyLink

You’ve worked hard for hours on getting your project just right. You’ve reviewed it, made your edits, and are getting ready to upload it when all of a sudden your internet goes out.

Sound familiar?

Disclosure: Thanks to CenturyLink for sponsoring this post! All opinions are my own. And I speak from experience – we have been paying customers of their 1 Gig service for over a year! 

Up until we bought our house and switched to CenturyLink this was my life. Whether I was trying to get something finished for work and sent off, or I was trying to finish up a blog post or YouTube video, it frustrated me day and night to have internet service (and not inexpensive service, either!) that was just not reliable. I’d have videos get half uploaded and fail, only to realize that my connection dropped. And Dave also was frustrated; he enjoys video games with friends, and he was continually finding himself getting dropped out of matches he was in with his friends due to a dropped connection.

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What to Wear (And Do!) this Easter

And just like that, spring is here! It seems like just yesterday Seattle was experiencing snow flurries. There’s nothing to mark the start of spring quite like Easter weekend. Whether you celebrate or not, I can’t help but love the cheery Easter Bunny, watching children collect Easter Eggs, and of course, adding a new dress to my closet for the spring occasion!

I’m thrilled today to partner with my friends at Fred Meyer on this sponsored post to share your one stop shop for all things Easter. Even better, their Easter Event is on now! Save on everything you need, whether you’re serving Easter Brunch, planning an elegant Easter Dinner, are looking to do something new this year, or anything in between.

If you’re in need of some holiday inspiration, you’re in the right place! I have a few fun ideas for your Easter celebration, from Easter basket making to brunching and shopping for the perfect outfit.

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A Very Midcentury Christmas + Easy Hostess Gift Ideas

It’s our first holiday season in our new {old} house, and while I was excited to decorate for Christmas, it came with a little hesitation. After all, we are still working on furnishing our home, so the idea of finding Christmas decor that would work for a house-in-transition was a bit intimidating.

Disclosure: Thanks to Value Village and Bartell Drugs for providing gift cards to use to create this post. All opinions are my own!

A Very Mid Century Christmas

Fortunately, I have a lifetime to decide on exactly what decor we do or don’t need, so this year I took it easy on the decor and tried to keep the pressure for finding the “perfect” things low. Call our house decor minimalist or maybe just a touch of festive cheer. Either way, I’m pleased with the small Christmas touches I made throughout the house. And if you’re like me and feeling overwhelmed with the idea of decorating a new-to-you house for Christmas, don’t worry. It will come together!
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Improving Connectivity in Our New House with eero

As a self-described tech nerd, something that surprised me about our new house was all of the connectivity issues we noticed right off the bat! Maybe it’s the older neighborhood, but we quickly found that the cell service left much to be desired. We knew we had to get high-speed internet access installed right away and counted down the days until our installation date. Even after that happened, we still noticed dead zones and connection problems throughout the house and outside. The first time I worked from home, I took my laptop to work outside (I mean, it’s summer, might as well enjoy it!) and I couldn’t even get online. So much for getting work done!

Improving WiFi in Your House // eero Review // Hello Rigby Seattle Lifestyle Blog Disclosure: Thanks to eero for sponsoring this post. All opinions are my own!

Immediately I knew we had to fix this problem. What’s the point in having a great outdoor space that’s perfect for working in when you can’t even use it?! I quickly went to work on finding a solution and searched on Amazon for the best home WiFi set up. That’s when eero popped up. And then I saw them again on ProductHunt. And then, I had the opportunity to partner with them! You could say it was fate. Or just some really, really good luck.

How to Improve WiFi Connectivity in your Home // eero Review

Try eero for yourself! Use code HELLORIGBY to get free overnight shipping with the purchase of an eero System. Be sure to select overnight shipping at checkout!

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