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What I Wore to Furniture Shop

I won’t lie, I almost always have the house on the brain these days. There’s something about home ownership that turns you (at least at first) into a walking, talking house encyclopedia. Drainage, refinishing, voltage and a myriad of other terms have been more frequently used in my vocabulary as of late. And as one of my friends told me, I have house brain, so any typos or mistakes I make on social media or the blog are forgiven. With that said, I still haven’t lost my love for fashion and sharing my latest #OOTD though!

Grnd Opening of Williams-Sonoma University Village Store in Seattle // Hello Rigby Seattle Fashion Blog Disclosure: Thanks to Williams-Sonoma for inviting me to their opening and providing products for our new home. All opinions are my own! 

Now that summer is officially here, and temperatures are on the rise, it’s all about staying cool! This past weekend hit 95 degrees, and I basically felt like I was melting. With a handful of hot days a year here, I always feel poorly equipped (fashion and life wise!) to deal with the heat. My friend Lisa had her bridal shower on Saturday, so finding something appropriate for the occasion, summer-ready, and comfortable for a shopping adventure afterward were key.

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A Feminine Midcentury Office Reveal

If I’m honest, I was most excited to move into our house so I could finally have my own office space. Dave and I are both busy with our hobbies (and of course, each requires quite a bit of space!) which means that having our offices eliminated was the worst part of our previous temporary digs. It also was the most difficult feature to find in a house. Having dedicated office space is somewhat unusual in the Seattle market, let alone two. When we found our home, we were thrilled that not only was there a dedicated office, there were also plenty of rooms that could be easily converted into an office for me.

Obviously having a house itself is pretty cool, but this introvert likes her personal space. With blogging and vlogging as a huge part of my life, it comes with a unique set of challenges, and a significant amount of stuff.

Disclosure: Thanks to Fred Meyer for partnering on this post. All opinions are my own!

A Feminine Midcentury Office Reveal

I spent the weekend after we moved in attempting to organize my office. What I learned is that I have a ridiculous amount of stuff, and storing it is not the easiest thing in the world. I also learned that I was unprepared to have such a large space! My decor from my previous office was lacking for an entire room, so I set off to find a few things to give the room some character. Fortunately, my friends at Fred Meyer were willing to be a part of our home journey, and I was able to find some amazing home pieces at my local store to customize my space.

Today I thought I’d share what I’ve been working on in my office – including how I shopped for each item and the process of putting some of the final touches on my office. Throughout this process, I’ve also gathered some advice that I wish I had when I started this project! If that sounds like something you’re in to, then just keep reading.

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