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back in black

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well, i’m back in black this week for my weekly outfit! the last few days have been more of spring’s fun april showers. and by fun, i really mean unpredictable and annoying. i just want to wear dresses and skirts and shorts like everyone else on the west coast, damn it.

which brings me to my how do you do that list, inspired by Jackie’s link up:
how do you have perfect hair, even though its pouring rain? seriously, i can’t. as evidenced by today’s photos, i put it in the messiest top knot and let the rest of the world just deal with it.

back in black outfit of the day / hello, rigby!

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short ramblings / 5 things friday

this week has been kind of… exhausting. work has been insanely busy this week, and the fact that i’ve got so much going on in my head makes it hard to get to sleep at night so i’m running on much less energy than i’m used to.

instead of a really elaborate post, i thought i’d post 5 things that have made me happy this week.

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Throwback Thursday / Rigby the Shiba in Seattle Snow

So, about a month ago Seattle got the first big snowfall we’ve had in the last 2 years or so. Rigby is a Shiba Inu, a double-coated Japanese breed who relishes the cold weather, and absolutely loved the snow.

I mean, could his love be anymore obvious?! If he wasn’t eating it, he was digging in it. And when he came inside? He immediately started running around the house crying to go out again.

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