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confessions of a shopaholic

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so, remember when i said last month that i was not going to budget for may because i “didn’t need it”? yeah, i’m crazy. my confession this week? i definitely needed it. i think i may be a tiny bit of a shopaholic.

one of my favorite things about “blog land” is the camaraderie around interests. mine tends to focus a lot on things. clothes and makeup, specifically, are my weakness. some people have booze, the gym, sports… not me, i choose shopping. shopping is my cardio. Continue reading

#HPBScentOfTheDay fragrance challenge / part 1

#hpbscentoftheday fragrance challenge / hellorigby! fashion + lifestyle blog

for the month of May, Rebecca from Hello Pretty Bird! challenged herself, and anyone else interested, to wear a different fragrance everyday, and called it the #HPBScentOfTheDay fragrance challenge. as you can clearly see above, i have the most ridiculous stash of fragrance sample vials ever. some of them i’d already tried, some of them i haven’t. here are the first fifteen samples from the month of may.

Day 1 / Basier Vole by Cartier
Notes: Lily Petals, Green Lily Leaves
very green, very floral. quite strong and smells great, also long-lasting. i get compliments every time I wear this. Continue reading

$200 budget challenge for april / final check in

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well, that was a flop. i definitely failed my budget challenge this month.

we’ve had a lot going on, and i’m totally a stress shopper. with that said, i didn’t do that bad. i went over by about $30 when all was said and done.

so here’s a recap of my “rules”:
– things that I have already signed up for do not count towards the total
– anything I sell adds to my budget.
– whatever is earned or saved can roll over to the next month
– purchasing gifts or giveaway items for the blog do not count, since it’s not for me
– gift cards, credit card rewards, etc. do not count against my total budget

i had $236.50 to spend. what i actually spent was $267.70.

here’s what i spent my money on:

budget challenge april 2014 / hello, rigby!

1 / Golden Tote – i denied myself March’s tote to wait for April. i bought the Macroflower Dress, and received a tank top as a surprise item. love Golden Tote! -$49
2 / Sephora – the Sephora Beauty Insider sale just about killed me. after way overdoing it, i shipped back the majority of my order, but not before keeping Benefit’s Gimme Brow ($18.70) and Cartier Basier Vole Essence de Parfum ($85) -$107
3 / Kohl’s – i satisfied my kimono fix ($12) and picked up a replacement Denim Jacket ($13) for the one I didn’t end up keeping from Old Navy. -$0 (store credit)
4 / Nordstrom – my all-time favorite rain coat was on mega sale and mine is looking a bit “well-loved” so I decided to pick up a replacement for next season (see it in action on this post). i also picked up the white midi skirt you saw in this post to wear to the fashion show I attended the weekend before last. i also had to pick up some replacement black tights after mine got a snag. -$122
5 / Fabletics – i signed up for Fabletics on a recommendation from a fellow blogger after my leggings fell apart! i found these tiny holes after laundering them, and I can’t live without a good pair of black leggings. problem solved, and their leggings (and the rest of the outfit!) are seriously legit. get your first outfit for 50% off if you sign up! -$24.99
6 / Express – to go along with my new skirt from Nordstrom, i picked up this cute lace top that i wore here.
7 / Returned – last month I bought a few things from Old Navy. after some deliberations, I returned the items. none of them really fit right. +$66

final thoughts

these next couple months are going to be crazy. we have a remodel we are going to be starting on any day now, a trip to Disneyland, and our usual day-to-day hectic schedules to keep so it should be interesting. financially, i think i’m going to take the pressure off “budgeting” but there are a lot of really great things i have learned:
– don’t buy something immediately. wait a few hours or a few days. you most likely won’t “need” it anymore.
– be picky! if you buy something and it doesn’t make you feel good, take it back. having things in your closet you never wear is not doing anyone any favors.
– keep track of your basics and don’t get caught with items that are ruined! i got stuck with snagged tights and holey leggings. don’t be like me! :P
– purge your closet! then take it to plato’s closet, sell it on poshmark, ebay it, donate it, whatever. get it out of there if you’re not wearing it!
linking up with franishstephfunday monday, and look what i got

did you set a budget for yourself this month? how did you do?

pale girl camo for fashion friday

on wednesday, i mentioned how i realized how pale i am over the weekend, and even made up a phrase: pale girl camo. well, here’s the outfit that really spelled out how pale i truly am. my dermatologist would be super proud of me right about now.

Pale Girl Camo / White Midi Skirt / hello, rigby!

midi skirts are something i’ve heard are terrible for us petite people. i say whatever to that. wear what you like, even if its not the absolute most flattering thing in the world. i have a couple of tough spots – i’m short (5’3″) and i also have a short torso. it makes it a bit of a challenge when it comes to shopping sometimes, but i always dig a high waisted look. Continue reading

baseball jacket, lace, + rocksbox review

i’m possibly one of the least athletic people in existence. working out? not a fan. playing sports? i’d rather not. watching sports? hmm… no. wearing athletic inspired fashion items? ok, maybe. this baseball jacket is totally different for me. not at all something i would normally go for. i’m much more into feminine shapes and fabrics – floral, lace, silk. so when i was thinking about what to wear, i knew i couldn’t wear this jacket without totally losing my own personal style. baseball jacket, lace, + rocksbox / hello, rigby!i decided to pair this baseball jacket with a more flowy lace top to better balance the lack of feminine detail and athletic shape. Continue reading