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Stitch Fix Review – June 2014

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So, I got a Stitch Fix delivered at the end of last month. I ended up with a $20 credit from Klout, and I figured why not give it another go. I first heard of Stitch Fix through PopSugar Must Have many months ago, and got a free credit to try it. My first fix arrived in November, and while I liked the idea of some of the items, I only kept one. I loved the top I kept, but it shrunk like crazy after washing it once in the cold cycle… so needless to say I wasn’t sure what to expect this time around.

Anyways, I took some outfit photos for you. I apologize that the location is pretty lame, but I have yet to get a tripod so yay, you get to look at the ugly corner of our living room with a dog toy that I didn’t spot. Oops. ;)

41Hawthorn Beatrice Exposed Zipper Dolman Top / Stitch Fix Review / hellorigby!
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julep may 2014 / beauty box

i’ve been a Julep subscriber for several months now, and May’s box was totally different from anything i’ve received before. several months ago, Julep asked current “mavens” (their fancy name for subscribers) to crowdfund this box to “secure” our place in line and make sure they had enough to pay for a brand new product, the julep-plie-wand-jeanne-nail-polish-swatch

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baseball jacket, lace, + rocksbox review

i’m possibly one of the least athletic people in existence. working out? not a fan. playing sports? i’d rather not. watching sports? hmm… no. wearing athletic inspired fashion items? ok, maybe. this baseball jacket is totally different for me. not at all something i would normally go for. i’m much more into feminine shapes and fabrics – floral, lace, silk. so when i was thinking about what to wear, i knew i couldn’t wear this jacket without totally losing my own personal style. baseball jacket, lace, + rocksbox / hello, rigby!i decided to pair this baseball jacket with a more flowy lace top to better balance the lack of feminine detail and athletic shape. Continue reading

Julep Lip Product Review: Buff Lip Scrub + Luxe Lip Conditioning Treatment

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I am so glad spring is here for one major reason: my dry skin will soon be history! Winter is always so hard on my face and body skin, and especially hard on my lips! Basically all winter, my lips peel, bleed, peel some more, and nobody’s got time for that.

Julep Lip Product Review / hello, rigby!

I was really excited to see Julep offer two awesome lip products in their Modern Beauty box for March, and I just couldn’t resist giving them a try.

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