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Don’t Forget to Pack These for Your Next Adventure

Is there anything more enjoyable than an adventure? Whether you’re traveling to a new place, or just exploring your own neighborhood, there’s nothing like getting lost and taking in the world around you. Take my neighborhood, for example. With the changing seasons, I’ve been enjoying getting outside more often, taking Rigby for a walk, enjoying the crisp leaves beneath my feet, and taking in what little sunny days we have left.

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Recently our adventure landed us on the other side of the country, too. While Virginia was not a destination I had on my list or even on my radar, we have friends who recently moved there with their baby whom we hadn’t met. The opportunity to visit presented itself, so we thought why not?! Of course, then the extensive planning and research began… just a few days before we left. Nothing like a last minute trip to shake things up!

And of course, the packing. One thing I did know to bring? My trusty snack bars from goodnessKNOWS. They come in a variety of yummy flavors (my favorites are strawberry & peanut and blueberry & almond), and I love that there are four squares to a bar for easy sharing. If you’d like to try them too, use code 25HELLORIGBY at checkout on Amazon to save 25%!

What to Pack for a Trip

Otherwise, packing is always the toughest for me since I never know when I’ve packed too many outfits, or am being a bit ridiculous with the camera gear. For this trip, I planned complete outfits ahead of time and kept the equipment to a usable minimum. Curious what I brought with me on our most recent adventure? Read on to find out!
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Fashion Diary: A Day in NYC

Even though we got back from NYC last week, it feels like it was yesterday. I’ve been on the struggle bus getting back into the groove of things every since. My email inbox is still crammed full of unanswered emails, I’m beyond late on responding to blog comments, and you know, all the other things that go with vacations like laundry, cooking, and housecleaning has gone by the wayside. But, I feel like that’s just par for the course when you have a successful vacation. You get home, you’re exhausted, and then you attempt to play catch up for double the time you were away.

A Day in NYC: Romper Outfit in Chinatown // Hello Rigby Seattle Fashion Blog
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Fashion Diary: A Day in NYC

All of that to say we were in NYC for half a week this month and I want to share what we did, what we liked, what we didn’t like, and what I would recommend doing if you happen to be thinking about traveling to the New York City area anytime soon! Today I’m going to be breaking down a day in NYC, so that if you happen to only have about 24 hours in the city, these are the things that I think you should see and do.

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California Dreamin’ {Things to Do in Newport Beach}

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It’s been a bit since we took our last trip, and I’ll admit after seeing so many beautiful photos of holiday travels I was feeling a little jealous. I started digging through the photos from our California trip and was reminiscent of our time spent in the O.C. and figured I was way overdue for sharing what we did while we were there!

We went down for a family wedding with my parents, so while we had an enjoyable trip, we did have to compromise so we could hang with my extended family too. We still were able to sneak in a few of our picks for food and activities, which is what I’ll be highlighting in photos and information about what we thought! And while the majority of these things to do ARE in Newport Beach, a few are destinations that you’re going to need a rental car for. We had a great experience renting through Enterprise, and it was incredibly reasonably priced for a weekend trip!

Things to Do in Newport Beach, California // Hello Rigby Seattle Fashion & Lifestyle Blog

Things to Do in Newport Beach: A Travel Guide

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7 Essentials to Pack for Holiday Travel

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Ah yes, the holiday season. My favorite time of year, but also the time where I feel like I’m losing my mind. Between work, personal commitments, holiday shopping, blogging, friends, and family, I often feel like I’m losing my marbles. Holiday festivities require an almost cross-country type of planning that I love to hate. I’m a planner, but I’m also a procrastinator, so when it’s go-time, I’m often scrambling and reciting my lists of what I need to bring.

With that said, I wanted to share a few holiday road trip essentials that I think you should always have handy for your next trip over the hills and through the woods to grandma’s house. Or you know, whichever holiday party you’re going to next that takes more than 15 minutes to get to. ;)

What to Pack for Holiday Travel // seattle travel & lifestyle blog

7 Things to Pack for Your Holiday Road Trip

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Key West Travel Guide

Hold onto your hats – today’s post is going to be a long one! A couple of weeks back, you may remember seeing a barrage of photos of a very different climate on my Instagram. Since we were planning to go to Miami for a wedding, we figured we might as well extend our trip a few days and turn it into a vacation. Originally, we had planned to drive up to Orlando to Disneyworld and Harry Potter World, however we found out we may be venturing there next year… Hence why we went south to Key West!

Key West Travel Guide: Where to Eat, Shop, Stay, & Do // seattle travel blog

Dave had never been to Florida, and I have been to Miami and Fort Lauderdale once, so we were flying blind when it came to knowing a thing about the Keys. To be perfectly honest, the trip snuck up on me and I really didn’t plan anything out in advance. Most of what we decided to do was based on what we felt like doing at the time, what type of food we were in the mood for, and what was rated the best on Yelp or TripAdvisor. So for that reason, I figured I’d compile what we liked (and a few things that were just okay) into a Key West Travel Guide in hopes it helps someone else out!

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