10 Simple Makeup Ideas & Giveaway!

I’ve been a fan of makeup for… as long as I can remember. Almost. I think I was about 12 when my mom let me loose on the Avon Catalog, and I ordered blue eyeshadow (because my eyes are blue, so duh!) and pink lip gloss. I probably looked horrible, or like a child of the 80s… errr 90s, but I thought it looked good, so who cares, right?

These days you won’t find much blue in my makeup bag, but as you may remember from my what’s in my makeup bag post, you will find a lot of neutrals. I personally prefer a simple look with a bit of a pop – be it a statement lip or a little shimmer. So Rachael of The Rachael Way and I thought it would be fun to share our top 10 simple makeup ideas with you today!

10 Simple Makeup Ideas / hellorigby!

10 Simple Makeup Ideas

Rachael of The Rachael Way, a lifestyle and expat blogger / hellorigby!

What Rachael Says:

The first time you wear a bold lip, you will feel awkward.  It’s totally normal and natural. Just rock it out!
If you aren’t the best at actually DOING your makeup (like me!), go for a palette!  I adore my Naked 3, because I know all the colors will work together!
Don’t underestimate the power of a good mascara.  You don’t have to spend a fortune, but find one that works for you!
Splurge on foundation.  If you have moody skin, like me, it’s worth it to spend a little more on something that will not only be good for your skin, but look great too!  I swear by this.
Find a good cleanser. I love Cetaphil. See above note about skin. Hayley recommended this to me and it’s been great!  Also — not to get mom like, but if something is really up with your skin, see a doc.  I had terrible acne come on out of nowhere, so we ran some tests and then I got diagnosed with PCOS!  Always better to be on the safe side, right?
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What I say:

Highlight the inside corner of your eyes, it’ll make your eyes pop and appear larger!
Don’t neglect your brows. Fill in sparse areas, eyebrows are the curtains to the window of your soul after all!
If black eyeliner looks too harsh on you, try brown! I much prefer a dark brown to black :)
Exfoliate your lips before applying lipstick. I love the Popcorn Sugar Scrub from Lush… it tastes good and works beautifully!
Don’t forget to moisturize! Even oily girls need to. Sometimes over production of oil is to make up for a lack of moisture in the skin.
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What are your favorite tried and true beauty tips? I’d love to hear them! :)

62 thoughts on “10 Simple Makeup Ideas & Giveaway!

  1. Julie

    My favorite holiday tradition is when we take our trip to the light festival with my family. We all pile into 2 or 3 cars and go! We do it every year right before Christmas!

  2. melanie

    i love xmas shopping for our church donation kids. you get what you give, and i hope they enjoy the things on their wishlist that i pick out:)

  3. Nancy

    The problem I have with wearing a bold lip in public is it wearing off unevenly, or getting it on my teeth!

    I agree – completely splurge on foundation. I love my Dior and the Estee Lauder Double wear.

    1. Jenn Post author

      Bold lipstick is one of my favorites! I was a little nervous too so I started gradually. I bought the Clinique Chubby Sticks since they’re glossier and not completely opaque and then upgraded to the “intense” version ;)

  4. Lix

    I’ve actually never felt awkward with bold lips. I loooove them and it’s so easy. So much easier than eyeshadow, which I tend not to wear… and also not to buy, which makes it harder to wear it if I don’t have it, you know? lol I usually end up smudging eyeliner on my lid instead. I love white eyeliner for the inside corner of my eyes.

  5. estherjulee

    i always feel awkward with bold lips.. but you’re right, you should just rock it. i think i splurge the most on skincare and not as much on other makeup products.. but i do love a good mascara too.

    1. Jenn Post author

      I definitely spend more on skincare too, probably because I don’t have to buy makeup as frequently since I’ve found a lot of products I really love.

  6. Jess

    Totally agree with Rachel on the mascara thing! I am obsessed with the one I use and it really makes a difference in the way I look/feel when I do wear makeup!


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