101 in 1001


What is 101 in 1001?
Complete 101 preset tasks in a period of 1001 days.

The Criteria:
Tasks must be specific and documented. (I’m going to shoot for a photo of each, but some will be harder than others to photograph, I imagine.)

Start Date: January 8th, 2014 
End Date:
 October 5th, 2016

101 Things:

  1. celebrate ‘me’ with an all day spa day (mani, pedi, facial, massage)
  2. grow my blog’s twitter followers to 1,000 (as of 01/08/14, currently at 115) Completed on 7/20/14
  3. grow my instagram followers to 500 (as of 01/08/14, currently at 101) Completed on 7/1/14
  4. take Rigby on a hike
  5. take Rigby to a flyball try out
  6. re-design my personal website
  7. re-design my blog
  8. move from tumblr to wordpress or blogger (know which one and why? halp!)
  9. start a facebook fan page for this blog and get to 300 likes (ok honestly, i don’t really care about ~numbers~, but its just you know, a measure of me making an effort.) Completed in June 2014
  10. sponsor 5 blogs (jade + oak in april 2014, living in yellow in may 2014, because of jackie may 2014, always ashten in may 2014, helene in between in may 2014)
  11. bake 5 different recipes and post them here
  12. cook at least 5 different recipes and post them (1 smoothies)
  13. read 150 books (my goal for 2014 is 100)
  14. try hot yoga  tried it with ClassPass!
  15. travel somewhere out of the country Visited The Bahamas.
  16. travel somewhere out of the continental US
  17. go to the top of the space needle
  18. ride the train somewhere (not the bus “train” but an actual train)mo
  19. attend a blog conference  I’ve attended a few workshops, and The Hundred Event
  20. hot tub in the snow
  21. take a knife skills class at sur la table or a different cooking class
  22. attend a fashion show see style blooms runway show
  23. successfully complete one “no buy” month of clothing/shoes/accessories for myself
  24. clean out my closet and have a clothing swap with bloggers or IRL friends, or both! Shop My Closet was born!
  25. go on a spur of the moment trip, where the location is decided the night before and is more than 2 hours away from home.
  26. have a fort party in our living room
  27. design a personal project for fun
  28. be on time (in before 9am) every day to work for a week
  29. participate in another 5k
  30. go on a picnic.
  31. eat at a diner’s, drive-ins, and dives restaurant  Ate at the Eleventh Street Diner in Miami
  32. go to a dentist and get my wisdom teeth removed (eek!)
  33. watch 10 movies off the 250 best movies of all time list during the 1001 days (1 It’s a Wonderful Life, 2 Psycho, 3 The Shining, 4 The Big Lebowski, 5 Fargo, 6 Wolf of Wall Street, 7 Mary & Max, 8 Grand Budapest Hotel, 9 Gone Girl)
  34. buy an investment pair of black pumps Bought these Corso Como Pumps
  35. wear a dress every day to work for one week
  36. spend an entire day reading
  37. watch the first star wars movie all the way through without falling asleep
  38. watch the lord of the rings (I’ve never seen it)
  39. see a new Broadway show
  40. make a pie entirely from scratch, including the crust
  41. take a photo, every day for an entire month
  42. host a board games party
  43. skip fast food for a month
  44. have a fondue night
  45. ride a horse
  46. try Ethiopian food
  47. exercise every day for one week for at least 30 minutes
  48. invest in a classic handbag. Bought this Rebecca Minkoff bag.
  49. take a dance class
  50. organize my iTunes
  51. see a new cirque du soleil performance Saw Kurios.
  52. Run a mile without stopping
  53. go to a murder mystery dinner
  54. prepare a meal using only (major) ingredients found at a farmer’s market.
  55. Pick out three new lipsticks at a makeup counter, for fun
  56. Pick a new fragrance on a whim
  57. Go somewhere just to take photos
  58. complete a teeth whitening kit.
  59. Learn a new craft skill Took a calligraphy class
  60. read no emails for one whole day.
  61. spend a night in a hotel that’s not more than 60 minutes from home, just for funsies.
  62. try 5 new donut places in seattle
  63. visit a new landmark
  64. eat asian food in a new city
  65. only buy clothes/accessories from thrift stores for one month.
  66. make soft pretzels + beer cheese dip.
  67. visit 3 museums
  68. ride the seattle great wheel
  69. start and finish our living room remodel
  70. start and finish the same book in a day
  71. Cook a holiday meal Hosted Christmas brunch in 2014
  72. bake a multi-layer cake.
  73. complete a random act of kindness. (pay for someone’s meal, coffee, leave a big tip, etc)
  74. donate at least $25 to 5 different charities. (1 SIRA 2 Goodwill of Seattle 3 Make-A-Wish)
  75. get my hair did. Seven Salon helped me out with this one!
  76. go to an author or celebrity event and have them sign something or take a photo. see meeting SJP at Nordstrom
  77. get my passport
  78. Try a new beauty treatment
  79. go on a seattle food tour.
  80. keep the house clean and keep up with chores for a week
  81. have a portrait of Dave, Rigby, and me taken. Does this one count?
  82. set up a swap on my blog to send people fun things in the mail, because really, who doesn’t love mail?
  83. volunteer my time.
  84. take a photo booth photo. This one at Dave’s company holiday party!
  85. go to 5 concerts. (1 ben gibbard)
  86. make a new friend.
  87. write a new list of 101 things
  88. rate 100 books on Goodreads.
  89. make s’mores over a fire.
  90. explore a neighborhood in seattle on foot for an afternoon.
  91. go on a boat. Took the ferry to Lummi Island
  92. visit 3 new states. (1 Florida)
  93. wear an entire outfit that someone else picked out for me.
  94. have high tea with my mom.
  95. try 5 new food items. (1 trout / 2 pollock / 3 kumquat / 4 Gooseberries / 5 Okinwan Sweet Potato )
  96. have real flowers in my home and keep them alive for a week. :P
  97. try 20 new restaurants. (1 Lil John / 2 Canlis / 3 Tavolata / 4 Peyrassol Cafe / 5 Willow’s Inn / 6 Mount Bakery Cafe / 7 Bolivar / 8 Eleventh Street Diner / 9 Alma Mexicana / 10 Dunkin Donuts / 11 Chick Fil A / 12 Cafe Rio / 13 Red House / 14 Las Olas Cafe / 15 Cafe Orleans – Disneyland / 16 Odd Fellows Cafe & Bar / 17 Tutta Bella / 18 Roll Roll Roll Sushi / 19 Kimchi Amigos / 20 Cafe Brazil )
  98. make ice cream and fro yo with my cuisinart.
  99. make homemade greek yogurt with my yogurt maker.
  100. join a new meetup group and go to a meeting. Went to the SBUMeetup at Trophy Cupcake
  101. cook something in the crock pot.

32 / 101 completed

Will you participate in the 101 things in 1001 days challenge?

9 thoughts on “101 in 1001

  1. Chelsie

    I stumbled across your blog the other day on bloglovin’ and I am totally in love! I just started seriously blogging and named my blog after my golden retriever pup and was thrilled to stumble across another blogger with a similar foundation. I told my husband about the 101 in 1001 idea and we thought it would be a fun idea for us to do and complete before we settle down and start a family beyond our furchild! I’ll definitely link your blog up as inspiration! Thanks!

    1. Jenn Post author

      Aw, thank you so much, that’s sweet of you to say! Love that you named your blog after your dog too, so fun. Can’t wait to see your 101 in 1001 list, you’ve now reminded me to update mine with my progress! ;)

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  3. Valerie

    I love this list! I really enjoyed meeting you today and chatting! Your blog rocks…I have a long way to go, but great ones like this give me inspiration to keep going!



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