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My Purifying Hair Care Routine for Summer

Disclosure: Thanks to Pantene for sponsoring this conversation. All opinions are my own!

My hair has been top of mind lately as we go into summer. It’s the time when my hair goes through the most extremes; whether it’s taking a dip in the pool, spending time outside in the sun, or getting blasted by the air conditioning in the car and at the office. With a medium length haircut right now, I’m fortunate that I have less overall hair to manage than I used to. However now I find I battle different problems, like product build-up, greasier roots, and dry feeling ends. How’s a girl supposed to keep her hair fresh all summer long and manage all of these problems within her haircare routine?!

Pantene Charcoal Shampoo and Conditioner After recently adding some soft highlights and lowlights to my hair for summer, I’ve been noticing that my scalp has been more sensitive than ever. I’ve been trying to go easy on the products, but I find that even after one wash, my hair is already looking greasy. Heavy moisturizers in my shampoo and conditioner leave my hair looking dull, weighed down, and ultimately oily after just a single day. Fortunately, I was recently able to try out the brand new Pantene Charcoal Collection. Just like charcoal in skin products, the charcoal in this new shampoo and conditioner works to purify the hair, from the root to the ends in only one wash. Pantene is a brand that I’ve loved and used since I was in elementary school, and I love how they’re always creating innovative products to meet the needs of a modern woman like myself!

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Short Hair, Don’t Care… One Year Later // 5 Things Cutting My Hair Taught Me About Myself

Just over a year ago, I chopped off all of my hair. Ok, well maybe not all of it, but it sure felt like it! What is craziest to me one year later is that at this point, having long hair feels so foreign to me that I almost don’t recognize older photos of me with long hair.

But a year ago, I didn’t feel that way.

Disclosure: The Style Witch did provide me a complimentary haircut and the conversation I had inspired during it helped inspire this post, however, I wasn’t obligated to write it. All opinions are my own! :)

Photos by Megan of Diary of this Girl Megan

Last year, you might recall that I wrote a post called Short Hair, Don’t Care. Right before we bought our house and moved, I walked into that salon, sat in the chair, and showed my hair stylist the top photo that comes up when you Google “LOB” and asked what she thought. We agreed it would be a good style on me, and off I went to get shampooed and conditioned.

About an hour or so later and my hair was feeling lighter. Much lighter. And I honestly may have had a minor freak out inside. And again the next morning in the shower. You know when you get a fresh cut and run your fingers through your hair? It’s usually one of the best feelings, but this time it stopped abruptly and I remembered again:

Oh yeah, it’s all gone.

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5 Ways to Refresh Your Look with Kroger Beauty

Long day at the office? Feeling a little sweaty after running a few too many errands? These are all situations I find myself in fairly frequently, especially come the warmer months here in Seattle. After a lot of trial and error, I’ve found a few beauty essentials to keep in my purse at all times that make it easy┬áto refresh your look in just a few minutes!

Disclosure: This is part of a sponsored collaboration with Kroger and DiMe Media. However, all opinions expressed are my own.

So what are these coveted beauty essentials? Fortunately, you won’t need to spend a fortune to get them because they are all available at your local Fred Meyer, QFC, or Kroger store! I love that I can buy my groceries and pick up my beauty essentials in one place. Hello, convenience1 For me, a great texturizing spray, a one and done makeup palette, and a few simple beauty tools are all you need to refresh your look in 60 seconds.

How to Refresh Your Look in Just a Few Minutes

For the full list of must-haves that you can find at your local Fred Meyer, QFC, or Kroger store, read on!

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Behind the Scenes at Alaffia HQ // Giveaway!

At 5:30 am, my alarm started buzzing and I groggily turned it off. Not long after, it went off again. This time, I got up. I was off to Olympia, WA and wanted to be up and on the road early enough so as to not hit rush hour traffic. But, why?

Because I was off on a weekday morning adventure to visit Alaffia, a skin, body, and hair care brand that is known for its ethical trade practices and do-good values for the women of West Africa. They also just so happen to be headquartered right outside of Olympia, Washington’s state capital, in Tumwater.

With Acting Assistant Secretary of State for African Affairs, Donald Yamamoto, in town, Alaffia invited state and local government learners, local business leaders and their respective staff, as well as little old me, to welcome him and learn more about the company. Being familiar with Alaffia products already, it was great to get a behind the scenes glimpse of the products, from ideation to manufacturing to shipping.

While there, I was also first to see a lot of new product that will be coming out very soon and of course was sent home with lots of goodies to try! Curious what I learned about Alaffia and want to win some products to try for yourself? Read on!

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Gifts for the Holidays for the Beauty Lover

I know I must not be the only last minute holiday shopper out there. Anyone else? Nope? Bueller?

I know I can’t be alone, because today is Free Shipping Day, after all! One of those internet-invented holidays to get you to shop more, no doubt, but nonetheless, today is a great time to knock some gifts off your list. I most definitely took advantage this morning on a secret gift for someone which shall not be named. It’s something I’ve been on the hunt for since it was released 3 months ago, so now I’m just praying to the retail gods that it doesn’t get canceled.


Last year my beauty gift guide was by far my most popular, as well as my personal favorite to create. It offers the perfect gift for nearly everyone, whether it’s your man in need of desperate need of some skincare, for you to treat yo’ self, or for your BFF who loves having the latest beauty palette. So, I’m back with all of my tried and true favorites to share with you, as well as my biggest giveaway do the year with FOUR winners! Woohoo!

Skincare Gifts for the Beauty Lover ($50-75)

Juice Beauty Best of Stem Cellular Anti-Aging Skincare Set, $75 – Have you tried Juice Beauty? No? Then this is the perfect way to! Just pick out one of their gift sets and you’ll be set, whether it’s for you or for someone you love. Most of these sets are worth double the price, so they’re quite the deal, and they come ready for gift-giving.

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