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Fall Pamper Routine in 7 Easy Steps

As the chill in the air grows stronger, lately I’ve been feeling more like hiding under the covers instead of getting up and tackling the day ahead. I find that the change of seasons, especially when going from unusually warm weather to colder temperatures, is hard on me. While my body mourns the loss of summer and the warmth that comes with it, I’ve decided that the best way to conquer the fall blues is by treating myself to the full on fall pamper routine. 

 Disclosure: This post is sponsored by L’Occitane. All opinions are my own!

I wish I had time to do this more often, but on those days when there’s nothing on the calendar (let’s be honest, that’s pretty rare!) and I have the time, I love to treat myself. Some girls might love going to the spa, but I’ve found that it’s more cost-effective and sometimes a bit easier to just pamper yourself right at home. No need to battle traffic to get to your appointment on time, either. Plus, if you splurge on some beautiful body products, you’ll get to use them again and again!

Fall Pamper Routine in 7 Easy Steps

That’s exactly where L’Occitane comes in. I love their rich body products made with Shea Butter that is sourced Sustainable Fair Trade from female-led collectives in Burkina Faso. The Shea Butter Collection is perfect for an at-home pampering session, and I know that since the weather has turned a bit chilly that my skin is desperately in need of a bit more hydration!
So what’s my favorite fall pamper routine? Read on for my step by step guide to relaxation and rejuvenation this season!

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Fashion Runway Makeup with BeYu Cosmetics

Well, fall is officially here, and that means a new makeup routine for me! This year I had the privilege of attending New York Fashion Week and one of the things that I loved about attending the runway shows, besides the clothing, of course, was the makeup! I saw so many inspirational makeup looks, and one that I couldn’t get enough of was all of the shimmery autumn hues on eyes, lips, and cheeks.

Disclosure: This post is sponsored by BeYu Cosmetics. All opinions are my own. #Sponsored

Fashion Runway Makeup with BeYu Cosmetics

Sparkling reds and violets, metallic lips, and lots of neutrals were seen coming down the runways, and I couldn’t wait to try them out myself! I’m so excited to be partnering with BeYu Cosmetics (available locally at Bartell Drugs!) today because they have a plethora of color options, including warm tones for fall! Plus, their products are safe for sensitive skin, and never tested on animals. You may also recall I featured them last October in a fall makeup post, so why not another?! This time I’m trying out several new products, and reworking my makeup look with some of my old favorites!

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5 Ways to Treat Your Skin Right This Summer // Sand and Sky Mask Review

Summer is often a time when my skin gets neglected. From taking walks in the sun to forgetting to drink enough water, my skin is often going from one extreme to another. One day I’ll be battling sweat, grime, and oil, and the next day my skin will feel more like the Sahara Desert. Often, this can cause me to flip flop between different skin care products, trying to find just the right blend of lotions and potions to make my skin feel somewhat normal.

Summer Skin Tips // Hello Rigby Seattle Beauty Blog
Disclosure: Thanks to Sand and Sky for sponsoring today’s post! All opinions are my own.

Even with a busy summer ahead, that doesn’t mean my skincare routine falls by the wayside. In fact, during busy and stressful times, I find treating my skin right of paramount importance. Stress causes breakouts, which leave dark marks and pigmentation issues behind. Better to prevent it before it happens, right? That’s why maintaining a skincare routine is so important! Today, I thought I’d share with you 5 things I’ve found that help me keep my skin looking clear and glowing during the summer months!

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Summer Beauty On The Go with CVS

Now that summer is officially here, I’m so excited to dust off some old favorite beauty products, and add a few new ones into my summer beauty routine! We actually are off on vacation right now, which meant stopping by my local CVS Pharmacy to replenish my sun care products before we left. The last thing I want to do on vacation is run out of sunscreen and get burnt!

As you might know, sun safety is incredibly important to me. I had a mole scare a few years ago that had me panicking, and it reminded me just how important my body and my skin is. As much as I love a good makeup product, one that also has skincare and sun care benefits is even better!    

Summer Beauty Favorites // Hello Rigby Seattle Beauty Blog Disclosure: Thanks to CVS Pharmacy for sponsoring this post. All opinions are my own!

Summer Beauty On the Go

That’s where my friends at CVS Pharmacy really come in. I’m partnering with them to share my summer beauty routine that’s perfect for traveling, or even for everyday! It’s no muss, no fuss and will keep you having fun on your trip without sacrificing your skin’s health. The goal of each product I picked up was to make an impact; it had to be simple to use and apply, protect my skin, or be multi-purpose. Or some combination of all three, which most of these are! If you’d like to see the products I selected, how I chose them, and what they look like on, then just keep reading!

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What I Wish I Knew About Skincare in my Early 20s

Skincare is one of those things that I didn’t take seriously until I saw early signs of aging on my skin. In my teens, I was so focused on battling breakouts that caring for my skin’s future wasn’t my priority. Instead, I was busy throwing anything and everything that promised to stop breakouts at my face, drying it out beyond belief and setting the stage for fine lines and wrinkles.

How to Keep Skin Looking Younger // Hello Rigby Seattle Beauty Blog Disclosure: This post is sponsored by Olay. All opinions are my own! #ad #ageless

In my early 20s, my skin changed and fighting breakouts were no longer a priority. My skin cleared quite a lot, and by my mid-20s, I saw the first signs of aging. Very fine lines around my eyes and on my forehead made their appearance, and I began to wish I knew the importance of anti-aging products before I ever saw the effects!

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