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Celebrate Your Period and Make it a Period Party with U By Kotex

Every month, we feel it coming. Whether your emotions shift, you feel bloated, or you get funky food cravings, you might be alerted that-time-of-the-month is on its way. Cue the sighs and groans, but what if we turned around and turned our periods into something to celebrate? While I don’t love the period cramps, the exhaustion, or the hormonal headaches and breakouts, I love and appreciate my body. To me, that’s something worth celebrating, and in these uncertain times, why not celebrate all that our bodies can do for us?!

Period Party | How to Have a That Time of the Month Celebration

This post is sponsored by Kotex®, but all opinions are my own.

Let’s celebrate this cycle with a period party! No, you don’t need to don a party hat and have a cake made. We’re celebrating our bodies for this period party by listening to them, practicing self-care, and treating ourselves! Whether this is your first period or your 300th, our cycles and bodies are worth it.

Thanks to the protection of U by Kotex® Click® Tampons, I really do feel like celebrating! From the brightly colored packaging to the comfortable applicator, I know I’ll be able to do it all without worry with Kotex Click. Whether I’m taking time out of my day for self-care, exercising, or I’m conquering an endless stream of work, worrying about leaks is the last thing I want to do. Fortunately, Click Tampons are up to 100% leak-free and the #1 compact tampon that absorbs like a full-size tampon.

If you’re dreading your monthly visitor and are ready to find out how to make that time of the month into something worth celebrating, then keep reading for the perfect self-care ideas!

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How to Host a Virtual Ice Cream Social with Skinny Cow

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If I learned anything from last year, it’s that life is anything but predictable. Instead of setting new year’s resolutions, I set small goals for myself that are achievable. I’m working on small changes like reading before bed instead of scrolling on social media and putting more time into getting creative this year to make staying home as enjoyable as possible. One of the things I miss the most is hosting my friends for brunch and dessert parties. But there’s no reason the party can’t go on! Since we can’t gather together right now, I thought I’d put a virtual spin on a treasured classic party idea: the ice cream social! 

How to Host an Ice Cream Social

Remember when we were kids, and we’d have ice cream socials at school? It was a treasured memory and such a fun time with friends customizing our ice cream treats with all the toppings. With a few fun decorations, an internet connection, and a quiet place to enjoy your ice cream, you’ll be ready to host your own virtual ice cream party in no time! 

And if one of your goals this year was to make healthier choices, then you’re in for a treat. Thanks to Skinny Cow® Ice Cream, we can treat ourselves and satisfy our sweet tooth without hindering our health and fitness goals! The perfectly portioned Skinny Cow Vanilla Gone Wild Ice Cream Sandwiches are my personal favorite. You can’t go wrong with a classic flavor like vanilla!

Ready to put your hosting hat on and celebrate the indulgent moments with Skinny Cow® and host an ice cream social? Then, read on for all of my tips and tricks!

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50+ Cheesy Romantic Christmas Movies to Stream for Free

Love cheesy romantic Christmas movies? Have access to a few streaming services? You’ve come to the right place! I’m a huge fan of Hallmark and Lifetime romantic Christmas movies, and last year I could not get enough of them! This year, with even more Christmas movies to stream and plans to stay home for the foreseeable future, I couldn’t wait to dive in!

Romantic Christmas Movies to Stream This December | Seattle Lifestyle Blog

While the holidays might look a little different this year, I find that Christmas movies always bring a little cheer to my day. For a fun festive activity, consider hosting a remote Watch Party (Amazon, Hulu, and Disney+ offer this feature in-app!) with your besties or family this holiday season. And to save you some time in picking a movie, I’ve organized it by streaming service availability, included a quick synopsis with personal commentary, and a rating for each movie, too!

I hope you enjoy these movies and don’t forget to share this post with your BFFs who love cheesy romantic Christmas movies, too!

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How to Create a Cozy Reading Nook for the Holidays

There’s truly no place like home for the holidays, and as the temperatures drop, I’m most definitely craving all things cozy! During the hustle and bustle of the holiday season, there’s really nothing better than cozying up with a good book, sipping on something warm, and being in your comfiest of clothing. That’s exactly the reason I set out to create this cozy reading nook in my living room, all decked out with holiday cheer!

How to Create a Reading Nook | Seattle Lifestyle Blog

Disclosure: This post is sponsored by BabbleBoxx on behalf of Harlequin

Inspired by holiday classics and new releases from Harlequin books, I thought it was the perfect time of year to create a cozy reading corner in our living room! If like me, you’re feeling a bit stir crazy at home and are craving warmth, coziness, and the festive cheer that comes with the holiday season, then you’ll love having your own reading spot to do just that.

If you’re looking to cheer up your space and create a special reading corner this holiday season, or any time of year, then read on for ideas for your reading nook!

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Shop Local for the Holidays: 101+ Best Gift Ideas from Seattle Businesses + Makers

2020 has been a challenging year, and like everything else this year, the holiday season promises to feel different too. As holiday gatherings move virtually and annual traditions are adapted for the new normal, I encourage you to change up your holiday shopping habits, too! Now more than ever, local businesses need our support. Many of them have adapted to these trying times by offering shipping, curbside pickups, and delivery to make buying gifts from Seattle easier than ever. Why not shop local and get the best gift ideas from Seattle businesses this year?!

Best Gift Ideas from Seattle | Shop Local Holiday Gift Guide 2020

Disclosure: Some items included in this post have been provided for editorial consideration. Additionally, some links in this post are affiliate links. If you click them and make a purchase, I may make a small commission. All opinions are my own!

That’s exactly why I wanted to lend my support to small businesses this holiday season. Not only here on the blog, but also with the holiday shopping I am doing, too. I know the holiday season is going to look different this year. However, I’m hopeful that by putting our dollars back into our local economy, we can help small businesses stay afloat.

If you’re trying to do the same and shop locally this holiday season, I’ve rounded up hundreds of gift ideas from Seattle for everyone on your list!

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