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15+ Stylish Ways to Wear Red, White, & Blue for the 4th

Happy July! Who can believe the 4th of July is this week?! As usual, the holiday has snuck up on me and I’ve found myself scrambling around for cute 4th of July outfit ideas. Fortunately, after a quick scroll through my Instagram feed, I realized I actually wear red, white and blue outfits on a fairly regular basis. And hey, you might too!

That’s why I thought I’d round up 15+ of my favorite stylish red, white, and blue outfit ideas to give you some inspiration for your own in time for the 4th of July this week!

4th of July Outfit Ideas

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Don’t worry; you won’t see any Flag tees, stars and stripes, or silly Americana slogan t-shirts here. Sorry not sorry, that’s just not my style. And if that’s not yours either, then read on for more than a dozen cute 4th of July outfit ideas. Just swap in your own pieces from your closet and take on your backyard BBQ, fireworks show, bonfire, or parade on in style this week!

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What to Pack in your Carry On for a “Summer of Sunshine” Trip

With a trip to New Orleans fresh in my mind, I can’t help but think about my next adventure. While I love traveling, the whole “getting there” part isn’t usually so much fun. Waiting in the airport, a noisy plane ride, spotty WiFi, and long layovers can make travel feel more like a chore than something enjoyable. If you’re flying across the country this summer, knowing what to pack in a carry on for long flight is the key to making long flights less stressful!

What to Pack in Carry on For Long Flight

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Fortunately, I’ve learned a few tips and tricks over the years taking many trips and long plane rides that make it more enjoyable. It starts by planning ahead when packing so that you know exactly what to pack in a carry on and when you arrive at the airport, you know you have everything you need! From an exciting new summer book to all of the tech gear to make sure you’re charged and powered up, it’s pretty simple once you get the hang of the whole packing thing.

Today, I thought I’d share some of the tips and tricks I use to pack the perfect carry on bag for a long flight!

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5+ Festival Necessities For Your Summer Plans

Who’s ready for festival season?! Every year I look forward to the time of year when you can pack a bag filled with your festival necessities, grab your friends, and get outside for a day of music in the sun! There’s something special about the festival season that I always look forward to every year, even if that just means hitting an outdoor event or two during the summer months.

Festival necessities for outdoor concerts

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While I’m not attending any music festivals this year, in just a few days my friend Megan and I will be taking on Tacoma for a fun concert. While it’s not an outdoor experience, we’ll definitely be taking advantage of the beautiful Memorial Day weekend weather and spending some time exploring the city and enjoying the sun!

When it comes to outdoor events, whether you’re hitting a local festival, going to an outdoor concert, or even just spending some time outside with friends, I wanted to share some of my festival necessities that I think you’ll love. If you’re curious to see what my top picks are, keep on reading!

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Our Epic Foodie Weekend at Tulalip Resort Casino

When thinking about visiting a casino resort, my first thought is often not about food. When it comes to visiting Tulalip Resort Casino, however, food immediately comes to mind! From the infamous Eagle’s Buffet brunch to Italian fare at Tula Bene, Tulalip has a lot to offer guests.

Weekend at Tulalip Resort Casino

Beyond the glitz and glam adorning the ceilings, Native American artwork, and the falls that greet you upon entry to the resort, Tulalip is more than just a casino. It has something for everyone! It’s a foodie destination, a 4-star resort, a beautiful spa, and a place to unwind, whether you choose to gamble or not.

Recently, I was invited on a media trip up to Tulalip Resort Casino. I grew up north of the city, so I’d heard of and visited many times before. As mentioned, I’ve visited for the infamous brunch at Eagle’s Buffet on weekends (what a treat!). This time, I was excited to see what else awaited my taste buds!

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Make a Gift Basket For Mom with Sprouts

Last year, I got my mom hooked. It was an accident, really. I took her for her first facial on a press trip to the Olympic Peninsula, and she was amazed at how good it felt. Not just the facial itself, but the way in which she was able to unwind a bit, relax, and treat herself to something new. Since then, she’s been asking for skincare tips (which I have plenty of!) and has told me she makes time for self-care rituals, even something as simple as taking more time for body care after a shower.

Gift Basket Ideas for Mother's Day

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This year, I was thrilled to partner with my friends at Sprouts to create a Blissful Body Care gift basket with the ultimate self-care tools inside, just for mom. While I can’t quite replicate a real spa in a DIY mother’s day gift basket, I can give her a few great products that will give her the ability to recreate it right at home, when it’s convenient for her schedule. Even better? Sprouts makes it easy as a one-stop shop for natural, affordable products I can count on to make Mom smile!

If you’re stumped on what to get for Mother’s Day, then make a gift basket for Mom! You can customize it exactly to her preferences and can be enjoyed at any time. Today, I thought I’d share some of the amazing products I found, all available at Sprouts, to include in my do-it-yourself Mother’s Day gift basket!

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