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a couple of weekends ago, Sarah at Sarah Christine Style and i found ourselves in Woodinville for a little wine and photography class from Christiana at Cork and Click. i had been wanting to brush up on my photography skills for a while now. the last time i took a photography course was in college, after all. the fact that the class also promised us some wine tasting while taking photos? sold.

cork and click wine motion photography / hello, rigby! we learned the basics like ISO, shutter speed, and aperture, but something i had been missing was actually practicing these things! we did a fun little demo with pouring wine to practice shutter speed to capture motion.

sarah's canon camera / hello, rigby! another fun little factoid i learned? how to set my focus point. sounds dumb, but so many of us did not realize there was a button for this on our cameras that allowed us to manually select it. apparently i should have read the manual…

christiana of cork and click photography / hello, rigby! classmate at cork and click / hello, rigby! sarah taking a photo of me taking her photo, so meta / hello, rigby! practicing my photography skillz on my unsuspecting classmates. like the blogger meetup at Trophy last week, taking a lot of photos was totally socially acceptable and even encouraged. these people understand me, clearly. :)

wine pouring at cork and click photography / hello rigby! with the wine still flowing, we talked a lot about composition, including the rule of thirds. We also discussed how to tell a story with our photographs. another fun thing was peeking inside of Christiana’s photography bag. seeing what other photographers tote around is always interesting to me. obviously some amazon shopping was in order for me, i’m stocked on uv filters, dust blower, and a new lens hood now. i’m also ordering a custom strap and camera case in hopes of actually toting my camera around with me everywhere.

probably the most valuable lesson that i picked up from all of this? bring your camera with you everywhere! you can’t be taking photos if you don’t have your camera. already i’ve felt like i’ve missed some really great photo ops by not having it with me.
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have you ever felt like you’ve missed out on a great photo op? would you ever take a photography class like this?

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27 thoughts on “cork + click recap

  1. Kristen

    all i understood was wine. haha! seriously, sounds like fun – i only have a point and shoot, boring, i know, but fancy cameras scare me!

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  3. Rebecca B. Bird

    This class sounds like such fun! I like wine and my photo skills could use some work so… yeah. I get nervous about carrying my DSLR camera around with me so I’m sure I’ve missed tons of interesting photo ops. Maybe I’ll start small and bring it with me to the park one day.

  4. Mica

    Sounds like such a fun way to learn more about photography! :)

    Ever since camera phones, I’ve always had a camera with me. I’ll take my proper camera out when I know there’s something special I want to capture, but otherwise I have my trusty little phone for snaps. :)

    Away From Blue

  5. Lisa

    Ever since I bought a big (and better) camera to replace a smaller digital camera that broke, I find that I use it less, which kind of defeats the purpose of owning a better camera. It is just hard to want to carry my larger camera around in my purse with me because it’s so bulky. Your course looked like so much fun. Taking pictures and drinking wine are both great separately, so combining them would be something up my alley!

  6. jadeandoak

    i took a class at a local community college when i first got my camera and i was so helpful. but just like you, i need to just bring my camera with me more so i can keep practicing!

  7. Cheri

    As a former student of Christiana, I can’t encourage you enough to take one (or more) of her classes! It’s a blast, to say the least! Her ‘Get Off Auto’ approach is a wonderful, fun way to learn some initial functions of your camera and give you the confidence to get out and take photos! She makes sense of the ‘technical’ jargon and takes the fear out of changing settings! Such a relaxed, hands-on, ask all the questions you want way to learn…. grab your camera and some friends…. and of course, enjoy the wine!

  8. Cat

    Wow this is such a good idea for a business. I’m a photographer & would love to teach people how to use their cameras! So often people buy nicer cameras and have no idea how to use them so just put them to Auto! What a waste. I hope you learned a lot – if you ever have questions don’t hesitate to ask me!

    1. Jenn @ hello, rigby! Post author

      it was great to get a refresher on the basics, and i was able to be reminded of a few things i forgot (like how to adjust the on camera flash). i also liked speaking to a “real life” photographer, who does it as a business. when you read someones book, often times some of the real life aspects aren’t adequately explained, and there’s nothing like getting “hands on”! you should start a class of your own! i bet there are bloggers in your area that would benefit :)

  9. Sarah Christine

    The entire time I was in Europe I was thinking about everything from that class. My pictures are so much better because of it. I kept playing around with aperture and stuff while I was taking pictures. I would take a picture of Bryan with something in the background and then another with the background blurred out and show them to him all proud of myself. I can’t imagine the pictures I would have taken without that class!


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