Fashion Blogger Outtakes – Oh Hey Friday!

So, truth be told I almost forgot today was Friday. Probably because yesterday felt so much like Friday (because I’m taking today off from work) and I’ve been super confused. I’m off to Dallas this weekend, for a little blogging fun at The Hundred Event. This is my first blogger “conference”, but let’s be real, I’m just using it as an excuse to travel. #sorrynotsorry

Fashion Blogger Outtakes, because fashion can be funny - hellorigby!

Sorry fashion lovers, no outfit post today. But I thought I’d put together a quick roundup of fashion blogger outtakes for you instead for Oh Hey Friday with Karli and Amy. Instead of saying how cute (or insert other complimentary word here) you can laugh hysterically at my less flattering side. It’s okay. I can take it.

ONE: You may remember this outfit from a last month, but here’s what I didn’t show you… (Original Post)

Fashion Blogger Outtakes - Anchor Print Dress / hellorigby!…fabulous, or something.

TWO: I’m sorry. I really don’t know what happened here. Maybe a sneeze? (Original Post)

Fashion Blogger Outtakes - Swing Dress / hellorigby!

THREE: …Or here. This is just embarrassing. (Original Post)

Fashion Blogger Outtakes - Tie Dye Dress + Chambray / hellorigby!

FOUR: I’m not really sure how I was standing like this. Wasn’t this painful? (Original Post)

Fashion Blogger Outtakes - Tribal Culotte Shorts / hellorigby!

FIVE: Sometimes taking outfit photos is a bore. So boring that I’ll yawn, and it’ll be caught on memory card. (Original Post)

Fashion Blogger Outtakes - Boyfriend Jeans / hellorigby!

Well, that was embarrassing. I hope you laughed at least once. If not, this may have all been done for nothing, and that would be terribly unfortunate.

Oh, and if you’re really missing my full posting capabilities, I’m guest posting over at Jade & Oak today about my little ray of sunshine, Rigby. We’d love to see you over there too!

What are you up to this weekend? Anyone know anything about Dallas? I’ve got a few places on my list, but love suggestions!

50 thoughts on “Fashion Blogger Outtakes – Oh Hey Friday!

  1. Karli

    #3. that’s me. i’m usually saying, “i don’t know what to do with my hands??” this is too funny. have fun at your blog conference. is it lame i’m excited to go to my first one one day? i need to pick one close, though. do they ever have them in seattle? or maybe california. i’m sure they have them there. anyway…have fun and thanks for linking up!

  2. lorna mai

    This is such a fun idea for a post! You should see my outtakes! I’ve learnt that whoever takes my photos needs to take plenty of shots as most of them just won’t look right. Briliiant Jenn!

    1. Jenn Post author

      Haha! I’m sure you don’t look that bad. I roll my eyes a lot, so many of them I look seriously disturbed. I didn’t post those for fear of seriously frightening someone ;)

  3. Sarah

    Those are SO cute! I love this post. I have a pigeon toe problem that goes back to when I was younger, so I find that a bunch of my pictures look like the funny feet one, if I’m not careful!

  4. Lisa

    These are pretty funny! I feel like if I was a fashion blogger that I’d have a lot of pics I couldn’t use because I’m awkward and blink a lot, lol.

  5. Ashley

    Girl these had me rolling!! I love it!! On a side note, I really love that tie died max skirt and how you paired it with a chambray (is that the right word?). Super cute idea – and one that I am going to use going forward!


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