June Wantable Style Edit

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As you may or may not remember, in May I gave Wantable’s newest collection subscription service a test drive. The Wantable Style Edit billing cycle is quite different from some of my other services, so I accidentally missed the skip or cancel date in May. (It didn’t help that the first package didn’t show up until after that date…) Even though I wasn’t a huge fan of my May Wantable Style Edit, I received one for June. To recap this service, it comes monthly (you can skip online before the next billing date if you choose.) It costs $20 for a styling fee that is credited to you if you keep any items.

To be honest, this month did not improve. I did keep one item, but honestly it’s not something I’m super crazy about. Perhaps it’s because I didn’t give specific instructions about what I wanted, or if it’s just the fact that this service is new, I think the style and price point of the items are just not a match for me. Read on to see what I got, and I’ll let you be the judge of whether or not you think it might work for you!

Wantable Style Edit June 2015 / hellorigby seattle fashion blog

June Wantable Style Edit

Wantable Style Edit June: Tart Amelina Dress / hellorigby seattle fashion blogTart Collections Amelina Dress in Small $132 (Returned)
This was horrible. I’m sorry, it was (as you can see from my face in this shot…oops.) My stomach area is my trouble spot, and this pattern had a line that I felt attracted even more attention to it. Plus, it was terribly tight in the chest area and just no.

Wantable Style Edit June: BCBG Cargo Pocket Legging / hellorigby seattle fashion blogBCBG Legging with Pocket in Black, Size Small $79 (Returned)
Erm… these were strange. I read the packing list before and was like… leggings? And they’re $79?! But to be fair, they are very thick and hold everything in and have pockets. Maybe if they were half the price I would have been interested, but thanks but no thanks. Rigby was trying to photobomb this one, so I just picked him up. Hope you don’t mind. ;)

Wantable Style Edit June: Bobi Pima Tank / hellorigby seattle fashion blogBobi Pima Tank in Mojito, Size Small $44 (Returned)
This was also awful… mostly because 1. I need to wear a bra, and this tank top style is not conducive to that, and 2. when I took the back photo, I felt naked. I’m sorry, I’m 26. Maybe if I were 16 I’d be down to feel half naked, but no. Too old for that.

Wantable Style Edit June: Heather Top with Lace / hellorigby seattle fashion blogHeather Top with Lace in Gray/Black, Size Small $39 (Kept)
This was one of the first things that I pulled out of the box. I like it, but do have two issues with it: the lace is scratchy, and for a t-shirt, it’s awfully small across the chest area. Regardless, I had a credit from someone who subscribed through my last post (thank you!) so I kept this.

Wantable Style Edit June: Kut from the Kloth Mia Toothpick Skinny Jean in Outspoken Wash / hellorigby seattle fashion blogKut from the Kloth Mia Toothpick Skinny in Outspoken Wash, Size 2 $89 (Returned)
I actually really like these, but as a petite person (and you can see in the photos) these are way too long. If these were ankle or petite length, they would have been a keep for me.

Overall, my suggestion would be to try Stitch Fix or DailyLook Elite over Wantable Style Edit. I think both of those do a bit better job at keeping in mind your style profile and fit needs.

Have you tried Wantable Style Edit? What did you think?

22 thoughts on “June Wantable Style Edit

  1. Johanna

    I NEVER get tired of these posts.
    That yellow tank is the type of thing I objectively love but would feel way too uncomfortable to wear. And yeah, the bra thing would be an issue.
    It sucks your items were such a disappointment! I feel like these services can vary so wildly. I have only done stitch fix once, and I kept everything, but I’ve seen so many people have really negative experiences. I do think (like you mentioned) it helps to be almost painfully specific. I imagine it’s really hard to style someone you’ve never even seen from just a generic questionnaire.

    1. Jenn Post author

      They definitely do vary! I thought the reviews I left last time would help, but don’t think they did. I also think who does your styling helps, at least with Stitch Fix, I have the same stylist every time now and she’s been great. But yeah, a disappointment and not worth trying again until either they carry more diverse items or lower their prices!

  2. kristen

    i wish i had the ‘too long’ problem with jeans lol. love your face in that first photo! yeah, that dress is not cute. (not you, the dress!)

    1. Jenn Post author

      Haha, that is true. At least I have the option to have the length shortened! My face definitely said it all…

  3. Cat

    Girl, what is going on with that first dress?! The cut is absolutely atrocious, although it’s a shame because the pattern is pretty adorable. Even a Victoria’s Secret supermodel wouldn’t look good in it! I see why you kept the tee, because it’s cute, but it’s not exactly something special for $40 bucks. These prices are all pretty high too… What a shame it didn’t work out!


    1. Jenn Post author

      Agreed, everything felt overpriced and not that special. The dress did have a nice cutout detail on the back, but otherwise it was pretty dang unflattering. Stitch Fix can keep my business instead! ;)

  4. V

    This is what I love about you Jenn, you’re so honest. I wish more fashion and lifestyle bloggers were like this.

    The flowy tank looks gorgeous on you.


    1. Jenn Post author

      Haha, thanks Lindsay! I liked the jeans too, and will definitely keep an eye out for an ankle length version! :)

  5. Chelsie

    Ugh! This was all so terrible! That tank top literally made ME feel naked! I definitely agree with your choices to return everything and to keep the one shirt you did get.

    1. Jenn Post author

      Yeah, it was definitely one of the worst boxes of clothes I’ve received. It was so sad because it all looked okay-ish right out of the box. I really debated posting the photo of the shirt but felt like I had to so no one thought I was making it up. ;)


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