What I Bought in June

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So I’m sharing my budget a little early this month, as I’m writing this in advance since right now I’m… well, I’m not sure what I’m doing in France, but you can find out if you follow me on Snapchat (hellorigby) or Instagram. Shameless plug, sorry.

Anyways, as you may or may not remember, I said no buying things this month. I did replenish some of my body care and skin care from Ulta, and may have treated myself to a few tiny add-ons to that order. I also forgot to mention a couple of things I bought and returned last month. Oops! So, I’ll make up for that this month. ;)

What I Bought

What I Bought: June 2015 / hellorigby seattle fashion blog

Glamorous: Remember the dress from my DailyLook Elite Box? Yeah, I bought that in a size up. I’m going to have to alter it to actually fit me, but I’m beyond glad to have found it from the manufacturer. (And for less than what DailyLook wanted, even including shipping from the UK!) I’m thinking I will wear this to a wedding we are going to later this year, but it is white with the floral. Is that still taboo? Help! (- $55)

Victoria’s Secret: I received an Angel reward so I put it towards a mini version of a fragrance I had sampled and had received several compliments from strangers and friends on. It’s the Very Sexy, and this mini version has an adorable atomizer too! (- $10)

Ulta: As I mentioned, I stocked up on skincare from Yes To and Simple during a recent line sale. NYX was also on sale so I may have picked up this Soft Lip Cream in Copenhagen. It’s super pretty and smells amazing. (- $6)

e.l.f. Cosmetics: I’ve been wanting to try a contouring palette but really did not want to spend $40+ to try one out. Then I saw e.l.f. released one for $6 and I had to have it. I also found a free shipping coupon code (it’s not carried in stores yet) so I nabbed it. So far the jury’s out on whether I like this or not. (- $6)

Stitch Fix: You may recall seeing this month’s fix, and of course I couldn’t send it back without keeping the boho-inspired blouse from Ezra. I’ve worn it to work at least once a week since I received it, so money well spent in my opinion. (- $54)

DailyLook: I’m not sure why, but I’ve received several coupon codes via email from DailyLook. I’m definitely not complaining, as they recently had a huge summer sale and this bag was on sale for $15. Guess how much my code was for? Yep, $15. So it was… free! It’s definitely not the most amazing bag in terms of quality but is an inexpensive dupe for the Rebecca Minkoff Love bag. ($0)

What I Returned

What I Returned: June 2015 / hellorigby seattle fashion blog

Nordstrom: I picked up a pair of printed Arizona Birkenstocks and this cross body fringe bag. I had intended the Birkenstocks for our trip… but honestly, they were just too much. I just can’t get into the Arizona style I guess. While the cross body was cute, in person it just didn’t feel as nice as I wanted. What can I say, I just prefer real leather the majority of the time. ;)

What I Received

What I Received: June 2015 / hellorigby seattle fashion blogWhat I Received: June 2015 / hellorigby seattle fashion blog

Anthropologie: No, no, I’m not receiving free products from Anthropologie. (A girl can dream though!) Dave bought me this dress a couple of months ago, but I was just sure it was never going to come (it was back ordered for 2 months)… but it did! The only sad part is, it’s too tight in the shoulders and arms and last I checked it was completely sold out. I think they may have been playing mean tricks because it appears to be now back in stock in all sizes… sigh. Regardless it’s too late to reorder a size up (I ordered an XS, which was all that was left) because I’m having mine altered to remove the portion of the sleeves that is too small. Then, the tailor is using the “bell” sleeve part to make flutter sleeves and she’s dropping the armhole a bit to accommodate.

The Collegiate Standard: I was sent this anchor necklace for review and styling. It’s a lovely sterling silver piece that goes with just about anything. If you love it too, you can enter to win one here through tonight at 11:59pm EST!

Legit Tees: You may recall seeing my funky hipster mermaid tank top last week, and I absolutely loved these unique tanks from local maker Legit Tees. I’m going to be styling the other prints I received throughout the summer months.

So, that’s a wrap for my June Budget. I think I did fairly well this month considering all of the temptations. Now I’m off to London to blow all the money I didn’t spend on new makeup and clothes. ;)
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What did you buy this month? I’d love to hear all about it!

24 thoughts on “What I Bought in June

  1. Jaelan @ Making Mrs. M

    I tried to be good this month, too! I bought a few things (lipsticks & stitch fix, mostly).

    I agree with the birkenstock return. They’re super cute, but I feel like the pattern would be hard to style. I have a pair of Gizeh Oiled Leather Birks and I absolutely LOVE them, though. They go with EVERYTHING.

    1. Jenn Post author

      Agreed – I love my Birks that are the Antique Lace color because they go with almost anything! Yay for being good in June… I definitely was not this month. ;)

  2. Sarah

    I’m glad you got that floral white dress! Very pretty! The blouse should transition well into Fall, too. (I’m all about year-round!) I like the NYX lip stuff… I think I have the same type, but in a different color. It feels really good! I can’t wait to hear what you think about the contouring pallet. I remember splitting shipping on ELF stuff or ordering enough for free shipping with my college roommate before you could get any of it in stores.
    I love that Anthropologie dress. I am sad you are making it flutter sleeved–I’m sure it will be really pretty, but I love the original. If I didn’t have ugly knee braces, I would absolutely wear it (aside from that backordering issue…). I am trying to get some more neutral maxis/darker colors, so I can keep wearing them through the fall, so I don’t have to deal with them and jeans :)
    (I also think you can wear the white floral dress to a wedding, since it’s summer, especially if it is casual or has any outdoor part. Basically, I think if you can wear any type of sundress, some white is ok, in my opinion. It would be worse to match the bridesmaids or wear all white. Those are my two personal no-no’s!)

    1. Jenn Post author

      The blouse will definitely transition well! The NYX lip creme is really good. Super soft and not drying at all which is always something I hate in lip products. I’m mixed on the ELF Palette. I was trialing a drugstore foundation with it and I’m not sure if it was the foundation or the palette that was causing the problem. I will definitely plan on a review of it though!

      I loved the original too, but at the same time the sleeves were a little overbearing on the dress on me. Short people problems. I picked it up today and I think it turned out really well, but I definitely would love to find a different dress that has similar sleeves to the original.

      I think I’m either going to wear this dress to the rehearsal to be safe, or ask the bride. It’s in October but it’s in Miami so I definitely need to find something on the lighter side!

  3. Mattie

    I love boho top! So cute! I saw that fringe bag when I was at Nordstrom yesterday and thought it was sooo cute! I didn’t feel it though, but I feel like a lot of bags in the BP section do end up feeling cheap. That’s too bad!

    1. Jenn Post author

      Thanks Mattie! Definitely – it’s too bad so many of the inexpensive bags feel (and sometimes look) that way!

  4. carly

    I always hate when stuff is out of stock and then comes back into stock when you’ve already changed your mind or ordered something else instead- or in your case started alterations. The dress looks sooo pretty though and it sounds like it will fit you perfectly once everything is done. I love the first dress you got and think there’s definitely enough color and print to wear to a wedding! Such a bummer the fringe bag wasn’t as nice in person- it looks so cute!

    1. Jenn Post author

      It was definitely cute but the bag had that kind of odd orangeish-brown faux leather look. Just wasn’t worth it, I didn’t think! I got the dress back today and am happy how it turned out… so even if it wasn’t ideal, oh well! ;)

  5. Lisa K

    You did a great job with searching for deals and with using coupons and rewards. I love the blouse you kept from Stitch Fix, although right now I’m all about tanks because it has been way too hot for anything else!

  6. Julie

    I went on a spending freeze this month so I only ended up spending $10 on 2 dresses that I found at a thrift store! I’m pretty happy about that. LOL!

  7. Xin

    I tried on Birkenstock Arizonas this past month and I also wasn’t feeling them. I have rather wide feet, and the style is just not flattering for me.

    The printed dress you originally got from Dailylook is cute! Unfortunately, as someone who has only attended one wedding in recent memory, I don’t have a lot of insight on whether its “too white” to wear to a wedding. I think I might personally err on the side of caution and not wear it. If the colored parts of the print were just a bit bigger/the white parts more obscured, I would change my mind. (I’m probably more conservative about this than the average person, though, and I’m very clueless about what other people typically wear to weddings.)

    1. Jenn Post author

      I also have wide feet, and you’re right, it’s really not a flattering style for that!

      I’m thinking I’ll wear the dress to the rehearsal dinner instead. They are close friends, so I may run the dress by the bride just in case she doesn’t mind, but I agree, it is a white base so it’s better to be safe than sorry!


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