7 Tips to Find Your Personal Style

From preppy to romantic to minimalist, everyone seems to have a name for their personal style these days. But what if you’re one of the ones struggling to find your personal style? I feel you, girl. I often find myself questioning my eclectic taste and odd range of items in my closet… but that’s just it. My wide range of clothing choices is exactly what defines my personal style and what makes it mine.

In my recent survey, Brittany of Bookish Beauty mentioned struggling to fully define her personal style. In the hopes of helping you discover, develop, and define your style, I’ve put together 7 tips that have helped me hone in on my own personal style, and how I make better purchasing decisions because of it.

Tip to Find Your Personal Style // Hello Rigby Seattle Fashion & Style Blog

7 Tips to Find Your Personal Style

Identify your body type

While I don’t necessarily advocate only following the rules when it comes to dressing your body type, it is a good idea to know what you’re working with. For instance, I’m both petite and an hourglass, so my struggles lie in finding outfits that won’t swallow me whole yet aren’t too tight, especially in the bust for my size. Whether you’re an inverted triangle, pear, apple, or rectangle, knowing your body shape is key to getting the foundation of your wardrobe right.

Find your style spirit animal(s)

Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, so finding someone who’s style you admire is definitely a good place to start. For me, that includes Olivia Palermo, Lauren Conrad, and Rachel Zoe. Think of your favorite red carpet looks, the pictures you are drawn to in magazines, your favorite Instagram feeds, or your favorite bloggers. Do you pin a lot of Emma Stone’s looks? Does Sincerely Jules’ laid back California vibe speak to you? Or is it Kim Kardashian’s body conscious dresses that you can’t get enough of?

Put a word on it

Now that you’ve identified at least one spirit animal, how would you describe their style to someone else? Are they bohemian, preppy, or casual? Are they an edgy rocker type, or more girly and romantic? Which parts of their style do you most admire?

Now, take the words you described that spirit animal and see how it applies to your own closet. Are you drawn to lacy romantic pieces, or tough leather details? Do you like neutrals, patterns, or bright colors? Are you a seasonal dresser, or do you wear the same clothing year round?

Edit your closet

While you’re in your closet checking out the details of your clothing, it’s probably a good idea to do a closet edit. Dig in the depths to pull out pieces you haven’t worn recently and if they still speak to you, move them forward and wear them soon, or move on. Sometimes we purchase clothing items because we want to try a new style, but we just aren’t feeling it. That’s okay – it just means you tried something new and it wasn’t for you. If it’s brand name and in good shape, try sending it to ThredUp for some cash, or if it’s barely hanging on, donate to Goodwill or Value Village so it can be recycled.

How To Create Your Own Style // Hello Rigby Seattle Fashion & Style BlogHow To Create Your Own Style // Hello Rigby Seattle Fashion & Style Blog
Photography by Jenna Bechtholt // See the original outfit post here

Pick your favorites

Once you’ve cleaned out your closet of all of the pieces you just aren’t in love with, what’s left? Pick out your most loved pieces and discover what it is that you are most drawn to. Do you have 5 striped shirst that look eerily similar? Is floral the only color you have in your closet? What details about your favorites make each piece your favorite? Answering these questions will help hone in on your personal style and avoid purchasing items in the future that don’t meet these criteria.

Create a Pinterest Board

When I’m feeling stuck in a style rut, the first thing I seek out is inspiration. That’s why I always pin to my Fashion Pinterest Board and keep it full of outfit ideas and pieces I would love to have. If you’re not a Pinterest fan, try snapping shots of your favorite #ootds, scrolling through your Instagram feed, or flipping through a magazine for style ideas.

And the ultimate tip… Confidence!

Ultimately it doesn’t matter how you define your personal style. What matters most is how you feel in the clothes. If you feel beautiful and like a million bucks, you’ll be projecting amazing energy and it won’t matter what you’re wearing at all.

How do you define your personal style? What tips or methods have helped you hone your closet to fit your everyday aesthetic? 

22 thoughts on “7 Tips to Find Your Personal Style

    1. Jenn Post author

      I think that is so helpful too! It’s definitely a good idea to reevaluate your own style from time to time since we’re always growing and changing!

  1. Desirae

    These are great tips! I feel like my style is still forming, at least my “adult” style, and this is definitely helpful! Thanks for the great post

  2. Ashten

    This is seriously such a helpful post! I feel like I’ve been trying to identify my personal style for years! It’s always a work in progress!

  3. Ashten

    This is seriously such a helpful post! I feel like I’ve been trying to identify my personal style for years! It’s always a work in progress!

  4. Anna Clarke

    This is SO good. I want to print this out and “fill in the blanks” for each challenging! :) Thanks so much for sharing! This is such a practical way to both discover and explain your style in a way that is easy to understand. I love this!! Thanks so much for sharing!!!

  5. Emily

    I love this! I recently decided I needed to revamp my closet (and all my makeup, but I’ll save that story for later ;)) so I began the long process of going through and donating/selling clothes. Nothing feels better! Except for the fact that I kind of feel like a lost puppy now trying to buy new things for my closet. These tips are great!

    1. Jenn Post author

      Oh your makeup revamp does sound interesting! I’d love to hear about it too. ;) It’s funny the night after I wrote this post I went back through my closet again to get rid of things I just didn’t feel like I’d wear. It definitely does feel good!

  6. Brittany

    Thank you for this post and using my suggestion!! Also thank you so so much for linking my website! You are just the absolute best :)

    I’ve been loving your blog for a while and am really enjoying all the new things you are posting about!!

    1. Jenn Post author

      That’s a great idea! I’ve been doing the same thing recently. I just hate how crowded my closet feels and there are so many things I just don’t wear!

    1. Jenn Post author

      Thanks so much Kay! Editing your closet can definitely be hard, I have a hard time getting rid of things with sentimental value even if I never wear them.

  7. Cindy Hoffman

    Great tips there Jenn, I usually invite my friends to come over once in a while to come help me with editing my closet and it really goes well and its also fun. they also do the same and we get to help each other. Styling isn’t easy and I believe that having someone who knows you really helps a lot. Thanks a lot for sharing the tips.



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