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What I Bought, Read, & Used Up in September

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Thanks so much for your feedback last month on this style of post. The consensus (and mine too!) was that the style was good, but the book reviews were cray. I was hoping to eliminate the book reviews and just share my favorites… and I kind of failed at that. The truth is, that while I love reading, I just don’t love writing reviews.

SO, this month I’m going to try to do better and just share a handful of favorite books, what I bought, and my empties. If you want more information about what I’ve been reading, add me on Goodreads! I track and rate all the books I read over there.

What I Bought // September Shopping Budget September Shopping Budget // hellorigby seattle shopping blog

I’m really proud of myself this month. I went 3 weeks out of the month without buying a thing. Then I was invited to a pop-up shop for Emerald Cuff and purchased an adorable (and not yet available) striped cape. I also purchased the owl romper from the LC Lauren Conrad Runway Collection. (See my entire review of the collection here.) I told myself no new makeup this month, which I did successfully, and apparently I resisted the urge to buy all the clothes even though I ended up attending two fashion shows and had numerous other temptations.

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Subscription Boxes Lately: Ipsy, Birchbox, The Zoe Report Box of Style, & Julep Maven

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The subscription box love runs deep around here. The beginning of the month marked the receipt of my Box of Style from The Zoe Report. Later in the month came the usual suspects: Birchbox and Ipsy. I also received Julep Maven again because… oops, I forgot to cancel. I lucked out again with a box that’s totally usable.

So, let’s get on with it shall we? The goods right this way…

Subscription Boxes Lately: The Zoe Report Box of Style Fall 2015, Ipsy vs. Birchbox, and Julep Maven September // hellorigby seattle style blog

Subscriptions Lately: Ipsy vs. Birchbox, The Zoe Report Fall Box of Style, & Julep Maven

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LC Lauren Conrad Runway Collection: Shopping Guide & Try On

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In all my posts on blogging, this is the first time I’ve ever purchased pieces from a collection and tried them on at home for the purpose of the blog. Well, let’s be honest, it’s mostly to quell my own curiosity. I don’t think it’s a big secret that I’m a fan of Lauren Conrad. And when it comes to fashion, I love her budget-friendly line at Kohl’s, LC Lauren Conrad. This year she showed her very first collection at New York Fashion Week and live streamed it on Periscope. Then immediately following the show, the collection was available for purchase at

Obviously I jumped right on that, and my items arrived last week. I photographed me trying everything on this weekend and thought I’d give you my honest review and fit details on each piece I was interested in from the collection. I’d love to hear your thoughts if you purchased anything from her collection too!

LC Lauren Conrad Runway Collection: Shopping Guide & Try On // hellorigby seattle fashion blog

LC Lauren Conrad Runway Collection: Shopping Guide & Try On

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Budget Challenge: Going on a 30-Day Spending Freeze

Oh, man did this guest post come at the right time! Savannah from Sincerely Savannah is here today to share some great tips for how to go on a 30 day spending freeze to get your budget back in check! After splurging during our trip, I’m now considering this method to get myself back on track. Read on for her great tips!

There are few feelings worse than looking at your finances and realizing – in a sudden, panicky way – that your situation is dire. Such woes can occur to anyone, particularly someone obsessed with style and fashion. Have no fear – there are ways to combat a spending crisis.

Budget Challenge: How to Go on a 30 Day Spending Freeze / hellorigby seattle lifestyle blog

One way is to take it in stride: You can make long-term saving goals. The second way – my personal preference – is to embark on a spending freeze. In other words, determine a specific amount of time in which all excess spending will be eliminated. Bid a temporary adieu to the things you want, and purchase only necessities. The guidelines below will pertain to a 30-day period, but you can customize your freeze to meet your saving needs. To undergo your own spending freeze, consider the following guidelines:

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Local Last Minute Mother’s Day Finds

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Am I the only one that procrastinates on purchasing gifts for their parents? Because the older I’ve gotten, the harder it has been to shop for them. (Sorry, Mom!) Really though, they have everything they need, and for the most part just buy things when they want to. Puts a lot of pressure on me to find just the right gift, so lately I’ve gone the boring route and suggested a dinner or lunch out.

Clarins Skin Care at Seattle Premium Outlets during the Indulge Event / hellorigby seattle beauty blog

That only can happen so often, so I set off to the Seattle Premium Outlets this weekend to check out the Indulge Event and see what the outlets had to offer. I was pleasantly surprised; there were a lot of the stereotypical sets of lotions and skin care (which yes, I do like, but often is one of those gifts that my Mom doesn’t always) but a lot of unique ideas too.

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