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Nordstrom Half Yearly Sale 2015 Shopping Guide // What I Bought

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Please tell me I’m not the only one who has been shopping up a storm post-Christmas? I have been very, very naughty. Of course, I can’t help but share that with you so that you don’t miss out on some of the great deals I’ve happened upon! The day after Christmas marked the start of Nordstrom’s Half Yearly Sale, and what a sale it is! I’ve found a ton of awesome items (and a few that didn’t work out for me, as usual).

Nordstrom Half Yearly Sale 2015: Shopping Guide & Haul // hellorigby seattle fashion & beauty blog

I figured I’d try ’em all on in the comfort of my house and share my thoughts about each piece while you still have a couple of days left to get your orders in to score these items for up to 50% off! (Go go go if you like any of these, most of them are already limited in sizes and colors. Eek!)

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What I Bought, Read, & Used Up: October

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I think I say this every single month, but honestly, how is it already November?! October just flew by and was an incredibly busy month, hence why this is a little late! Being busy is always good for my wallet, as it means less free time for me to spend shopping. I believe my purchases (or lack there of) this month really reflects that as well. Without further ado, onto what I’ve been buying, reading, and using up recently!

What I Bought // October Shopping Budget

What I Bought: October Shopping Budget // hellorigby seattle shopping blog

Stitch Fix: I kept this cute plaid shirt that I’ve since worn a ton to work. It works great under a leather jacket for a night out, and it’s super simple to pop on for a day at the office.

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Shopping Guide: Adam Lippes for Target

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There seemed to be some interest around these collection reviews (remember my rundown of the LC Lauren Conrad Runway Collection?) so I figured I’d give the Adam Lippes for Target Collection a shot too. I had stalked the lookbook on Refinery29 when it was released several months ago and lusted over several of the plaid pieces. The collection launched late last month, and I jumped online at midnight to see if I could nab a few pieces. Lots of crickets online with this collection… quite the opposite from my last run-in with Lilly Pulitzer x Target collaboration!

I digress. The point is, this collection had little fanfare. Apparently no one else has the same love of plaid that I do. Or maybe people are sick of Target’s designer collaborations. The world will never know. The Adam Lippes for Target collection also featured home goods, men’s clothing, and women’s clothing was available in regular or plus size. I stuck to just women’s clothing for this one, so onto what I picked up and what I thought!

Adam Lippes for Target Shopping Guide // hellorigby seattle fashion blog

Adam Lippes for Target Collection Review

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What I Bought, Read, & Used Up in September

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Thanks so much for your feedback last month on this style of post. The consensus (and mine too!) was that the style was good, but the book reviews were cray. I was hoping to eliminate the book reviews and just share my favorites… and I kind of failed at that. The truth is, that while I love reading, I just don’t love writing reviews.

SO, this month I’m going to try to do better and just share a handful of favorite books, what I bought, and my empties. If you want more information about what I’ve been reading, add me on Goodreads! I track and rate all the books I read over there.

What I Bought // September Shopping BudgetSeptember Shopping Budget // hellorigby seattle shopping blog

I’m really proud of myself this month. I went 3 weeks out of the month without buying a thing. Then I was invited to a pop-up shop for Emerald Cuff and purchased an adorable (and not yet available) striped cape. I also purchased the owl romper from the LC Lauren Conrad Runway Collection. (See my entire review of the collection here.) I told myself no new makeup this month, which I did successfully, and apparently I resisted the urge to buy all the clothes even though I ended up attending two fashion shows and had numerous other temptations.

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Subscription Boxes Lately: Ipsy, Birchbox, The Zoe Report Box of Style, & Julep Maven

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The subscription box love runs deep around here. The beginning of the month marked the receipt of my Box of Style from The Zoe Report. Later in the month came the usual suspects: Birchbox and Ipsy. I also received Julep Maven again because… oops, I forgot to cancel. I lucked out again with a box that’s totally usable.

So, let’s get on with it shall we? The goods right this way…

Subscription Boxes Lately: The Zoe Report Box of Style Fall 2015, Ipsy vs. Birchbox, and Julep Maven September // hellorigby seattle style blog

Subscriptions Lately: Ipsy vs. Birchbox, The Zoe Report Fall Box of Style, & Julep Maven

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