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December Shopping Budget

So first of all, I’d like to say I’m really proud that I did not succumb to ALL of the pressure that was Black Friday or Cyber Monday. I did fail a little when it came to Green Monday (btw, when did that come about?!) And, I did pretty well with not buying myself too many things while Christmas shopping. However, I definitely still did splurge this month. Tis the season, or something.

December Shopping Budget: What I Bought

December Shopping Budget / hellorigby!

Sephora: I saw this new Naked on the Run palette from Urban Decay and had to have it… mostly because it seems absolutely perfect to keep in my work bag. I love that it includes basically everything but foundation. Luckily Sephora sent VIBs a $20 gift card which made $34 much more palatable. See what I did there? ;) -$34

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How To Wear Peep Toe Booties

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I’ve been obsessed over finding the perfect pair of peep toe booties since I first saw a pair on a stylish gal who was walking by when I was downtown a few years ago. When I saw this pair by Xappeal at Rack Room Shoes, I knew they were it.

How To Wear Peep Toe Booties 3 Ways / hellorigby!

Since I know these are a bit different from your standard pair of ankle boots, I thought I’d share how to wear peep toe booties in 3 different, winter-friendly ways today!  Continue reading

Holiday Gift Guide: For Your Furry Friends & Giveaway

One of the gift recipients that I didn’t touch on in my last gift guide about giving the gift of experience was for our pets. It’s pretty hard to give a pet a gift of an experience, unless you count walks and visits to the dog park as a gift. ;) I always like to give Rigby a Christmas gift, and fill his stocking with goodies, so today’s holiday gift guide is going to focus on just that!

Holiday Gift Guide: For Your Furry Friends & Fellow Animal Lovers / hellorigby!

Rigby is not the easiest to shop for though! He’s pretty smart, so a lot of dog toys are boring. He also has a love of chewing, and will destroy even the most “indestructible” toys, especially the plush stuffed kind if left to his own devices. Continue reading

November Budget & Spending

I’m sharing my budget a little earlier this month than normal… I guess that’s a good thing considering some of it may get thrown out the window due to the fun shopping fiasco that is Black Friday and Cyber Monday. The funny thing about the holidays that I’ve noticed since blogging? In real life and in blog life, things at the end of the month get a little hectic.

I’m going to do a bit of a different breakdown this month. Inspired by some other budgeting bloggers, and after my co-worker mentioned being curious why I didn’t share the things I bought that I didn’t keep, I figured I’d add a few new categories.

What I Bought

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Thrifty Thursday: Oversized Sweater Outfit

I’ve had so much fun thrift shopping the past few months with Seattle Goodwill. I’ve found some really great pieces (enough to make two oversized sweater outfits… my favorite fall staple!) that have incorporated well into my wardrobe, and I’ve rekindled my love of the thrift. Now, as much as I love a good thrift find… I’m sure you’ve been burned before. I know I have. And I almost got burned with something in this very outfit. Have you ever found the perfect vintage item only to get it home and realized… it’s not so perfect? Like maybe you get a certain pair of boots home and a certain liner falls out? Yeah that would never happen…

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