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Golden Tote February 2015

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If you’ve been reading for a while, you may have seen some pieces here and there from Golden Tote, or as part of my Budget recaps. It’s been awhile, but I figured I’d treat myself to a tote this month for my birthday.

Well… let’s just say it didn’t go exactly as planned. You’ll see why below, but first I’ll take a step back and explain a little more about Golden Tote from an insider’s perspective. (And I say insider as someone who actually purchases totes and doesn’t receive a “blogger tote” for review.)

I started following Golden Tote over a year ago and bought my first tote last February. It was love at first checkout. Their house brand, Puella, is made in California and very much has that California-cool-vibe. Their pieces are also sold at Anthropologie, dresses going for about $70-80 and tops for $50-60. When you buy a tote from Golden Tote though, you get to pick two pieces that they’ve curated for that month’s collection, and then 4-5 more are added to your tote by their “stylists” for $149. There’s also a smaller tote for $49 that lets you choose one item and they pick one or two other things for you. The small tote has a much smaller selection of items, however. You then fill out a quick survey/style profile and can add comments about things you do or don’t like.

Here’s the thing though: Golden Tote isn’t really customized. Not like Stitch Fix anyways. They basically have a pool of “surprise” items each month that they go and buy from smaller designers, then when your order is fulfilled, you are getting something from that pool. This used to work well for me, as I tend to gravitate towards boho and flowy pieces that they used to almost exclusively stock. Now? Well, it seems like Golden Tote and I may have parted ways in the style department.

Besides the unique way of shopping, Golden Tote also has a Facebook group that they encourage tote purchasers to join. You can then buy, sell, or trade items in the group with others, at your own risk, of course. This has proven valuable to me to get pieces a la carte since I haven’t bought totes for a while and only want a single piece. The other bonus? Tons of women who have a shopping/fashion obsession. We’ve had two meet-ups in my area and there are even off topic groups to participate in too.

Now that I’ve prepped you with some details about how it all works, onto the Golden Tote review!

Golden Tote February 2015 Review & Styling / hellorigby seattle fashion and lifestyle blog

Golden Tote February 2015 Review

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A Turtleneck Outfit… & 26

This weekend I’ll be celebrating my 26th birthday. It seems nuts that I’m going to be 26… I remember turning 16 and thinking I was so grown up and mature. I wasn’t, and I assume in about 10 years I’ll be looking back at 26 and thinking the same thing.

J Crew Factory City Coat, Striped Turtleneck, and Frye Melissa Logo Boot Outfit / hellorigby seattle fashion and lifestyle blog

I’ve made a lot of mistakes in my 26 years, but I’ve also done a lot of pretty good things too. Starting this blog is definitely one of them. It’s odd to me how something that I started on a whim could change my life in such a (mostly) positive way. It’s draining, time-consuming, and exhausting, but when I get a compliment, a positive comment, or someone tweeting at me how much they liked something I shared, it still is thrilling. I only wish I had started this space sooner.

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Try the Trend :: Gingham

Gingham is one of those things I’ve been thinking about adding to my wardrobe, but I don’t want to come off as too… well, Little House on the Prairie. Marissa of Makin’ It With Marissa has done the hard work for us and has picked out some great pieces for Spring 2015!

Hey there, everyone! My name is Marissa and I blog over at Makin’ it with Marissa, which is a life + style blog for 20-somethings and young professionals. I’m so excited to have teamed up with Jenn to bring you this fashion guest post, which is part of my “Try the Trend” series, in which I take a seemingly-scary trend and make it wearable for the average fashion consumer. Without further adieu, let’s get on with the good stuff!

If you’ve been paying attention to the fashion forecasts for spring 2015, you’ll have noticed that gingham. is. everywhere. Earlier this morning, I actually just stumbled across an article entitled “Gingham is the New Black” and, while I don’t think anything ever can – or will be – the new black, I definitely get the message loud and clear. Continue reading

What I’ve Learned From Fashion Blogging

As you guys know, I’m no professional or even remotely famous fashion blogger. But a year ago, I was absolutely terrified to even post one outfit photo. Jana from Life Could be a Dream and I are sharing what we’ve learned from fashion blogging thus far, and I hope it inspires you to feel comfortable sharing your own #ootds!

What I've Learned from Fashion Blogging / Fashion Blogger Tips and Tricks - hellorigby! seattle fashion and lifestyle blog
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Tassels & Tweed

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Eek. It’s happening. Our renovation on our condo is finally underway. As you’re reading this, someone is demolishing our living room and gutting our kitchen.

Just kidding. They’re just painting, but it feels like more than that. We had to move our entire living room, dining room, and kitchen into our office and bedroom, so I am typing from the comforts of our bed. Keeping it real, guys.

Tweed & Tassels / Business Casual Outfits / Tweed Top, Jeans, Black Blazer, Tassel Necklace / hellorigby!

Anywho, we basically spent our entire last 3 days preparing for this plus I’ve been in packing/planning mode because I’m heading to Miami and then the Bahamas for an entire week with my girl and fellow blogger, Sarah.

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