Pack Your Bags for an Island Getaway Before Summer is Over | 15 Things to Do on Whidbey Island

Pack your bags, and let’s head on an island getaway! Just outside of Seattle and a ferry boat ride away, you’ll feel like you’ve been transported to a completely new place. Yes – I’m talking about Whidbey Island. There are so many things to do on Whidbey Island that you can’t go wrong whether you’re taking a day trip or spending a few days city hopping on this quaint island.

Have you been to Whidbey Island, or know where it is? I grew up across the sound from Whidbey Island in Mukilteo, and funnily enough, only recall visiting a couple of times in my childhood. Those memories are a bit fuzzy, but often when I was asked about my hometown, the next question would be, “Oh, is that the town with the lighthouse and the ferry over to that island?” Yes, that one, and yes, that’s Whidbey Island! Trust me, however, there’s much more to both Mukilteo and Whidbey Island than a ferry boat ride and a lighthouse. (Though don’t let me stop you from visiting those spots, too!)

Best Things to Do on Whidbey Island | Deception Pass Bridge

As an adult, we’ve ventured over to Whidbey Island several times. Most recently was for my friend Lisa’s wedding a few years ago, where we stayed in a little Airbnb in Langley, explored the town, and also took the long way through Deception Pass. I think we’re about overdue for another adventure to the island, but until then, here is a huge list of things to do on Whidbey Island!

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What to Pack in Your Beach Bag to Beat the Heat This Summer

If you’re anything like me, then you’ve been making up for lost time this summer! We’ve been enjoying getting out of the house (safely, of course!) to enjoy the beautiful summer weather. One of my favorite activities has been figuring out what to pack in my beach bag and spending the day in the sun. It’s been an unusually warm summer here in the Pacific Northwest. In fact, earlier this summer we had a heatwave and reached the highest recorded temperature in the Seattle area ever! It hit 111 degrees in some areas of the city. At my office in Bellevue, it was 109 and I had to go outside just to feel it for myself!

What to Pack in Beach Bag This Summer

While I love summer and warm weather, there is a point in which it’s a bit too hot for me. Without air conditioning (retro house problems!), we sometimes are forced out of the house to cool down. Fortunately, there’s no shortage of water around here. While our beaches in the PNW might be less sandy than rocky, they sure are beautiful, breezy, and perfect for cooling down!

Are you heading to the beach soon? Today I’m partnering with Babbleboxx to share what to pack in your beach bag this summer to beat the heat. From hydration to the perfect read, you’ll want to check out these great new products that you might not know about yet!

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Get Road Trip Ready for Summer

I’m going to let you in on a little secret — we have the best summers in Seattle. There’s a reason we put up with all the rain, fog, storms, and endless gray days that come with our fall and winter seasons. And because our summers are so good in Seattle, it’s the perfect time to road trip around our state and explore the great places in our backyard. So how do we go about preparing for a road trip this summer?

How to Prepare for a Road Trip

How to Prepare for a Road Trip This Summer

This post is sponsored by Kelley Blue Book; however, all thoughts and opinions are my own.

After a year of staying home and traveling only when absolutely necessary, I’m looking forward to hitting the road this summer to visit some of our favorite local places and seeing destinations that have been on my to-visit list for years. However, the first step when putting together a road trip itinerary is making sure to make time for TLC for the car that’s getting us there!

Today I’ll be sharing how to prepare for a road trip and give your car the TLC it needs before your upcoming road trips in partnership with Kelley Blue Book, the go-to resource for all things cars!

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10+ Best Wardrobe Basics from the 2021 Nordstrom Sale

When it comes to shopping for fall, I don’t think it’s a secret that I (and almost everyone else, it seems) love hitting up the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale. Each year, I refresh worn-out staples like ankle boots, find a statement piece for the season, and shop the latest trends. It’s a good time to dive into your closet and see what could use an update. This year the NSale has already started for the highest tier of Nordstrom members, ICON! But for many of us, the sale opens up in the coming days or weeks. In the meantime, I’ve rounded up the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale picks that make for great wardrobe basics and have been tried and true favorites for me over the years.

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Picks // 10 of the best wardrobe basics from Nordstrom's Anniversary Sale
Disclosure: While this post is not sponsored, it does contain affiliate links. If you click a link and make a purchase, I may make a small commission similar to a sales associate at a department store. All opinions are my own!

I like to be smart about the sale, set a spending limit, and plan what I’m shopping for ahead of time so I don’t get sucked in by the shiny sale prices. With that said, over the years I’ve noticed some of my absolute favorite pieces seem to get updated for the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale each year. New colors, fabrics, and textures get released, but still, the garment is mostly the same as the year before.

I’ve rounded up my all-time favorite Nordstrom Anniversary Sale picks that return (almost) every year to the NSale. Hopefully, you’ll find a new favorite or great wardrobe basic, too!

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How to Style a Button Up Shirt for Work

Are you heading back to the office soon? Or have you already? After a year (or more) of working at home, many of us are adjusting back to work-life in an office environment. While I enjoyed working at home for much of the pandemic, there is something empowering about dressing up for the day ahead. That’s why I wanted to share how to style a button-up shirt for work! I encourage you to lean into your personal style, whether you lean classic, colorful, vintage, or some mix of all of the above, so you feel most yourself whether you’re working in the office or at home.

How to Style a Button Up Shirt for Work

Before I jump into the outfits, I wanted to address the elephant in the room: my absence over the last few months here on the blog. If you don’t follow me on Instagram, then you might not know that I recently started a new job. You might recall that I left my previous job to work full-time as a freelance blogger and content creator. And while I enjoyed the freedom that provided, what I didn’t love was the inconsistency, especially in the midst of a pandemic when many businesses were scaling back their marketing or anything else that could be seen as “extra.”

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