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How to Take Your Own Outfit Photos For Your Blog

If I had to guess the most frequently asked question about blogging that I get, I’d take a not-so-wild guess and say that it’s about how to take your own outfit photos. To be fair, I’m very lucky to have been able to wrangle Dave, my mom, or work with a photographer from time to time, but sometimes it’s just not possible. I don’t expect their lives to revolve around my blog, so a girl’s gotta get a little creative.

How to Take Your Own Outfit Photos // Hello Rigby Seattle Style Blog Disclosure: Affiliate Links are used in this post and some items were sent to me by the brand and are marked by “c/o”. All opinions are my own, of course! ;)

What I’m Wearing

Outfit #1
Dress: Have My Money Cold Shoulder Dress c/o Tobi
(Shop more high low dresses, trench jackets,mint green dresses, pencil skirts,black dresses from Tobi! You can save 50% off your first purchase.)
Sandals: Mossimo Supply Co. Lakitia Quarter Strap Sandals via Target
Hat: Topshop Classic Fedora (similar for under $40)
Sunglasses: Betsey Johnson (similar)

How to Take Your Own Outfit Photos for Your Blog

So how exactly am I able to shoot a variety of shots all by myself? It takes a decent amount of equipment, trial and error, and even some embarrassment, but I promise you too can your own outfit photos. Luckily I’ve done some of the hard work by already using my recommendations, so if you like the pictures I’m able to take of myself in posts like my latest Stitch Fix, this post about Fall Fashion Trends, or any of my makeup tutorials, then read on for all the details!

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5 Ways to Grow Your Blogging Community

There were many reasons I started blogging: I wanted to share my opinions about products I was trying, outfits I was loving, and adventures in being a first-time dog owner. I also wanted to meet other like-minded women and men who shared my passion and interests. However, since blogging takes place online, I thought it would always be from a distance. What I didn’t realize, and what I’m so happy to have found, is both an online community through blogging as well as an in-person one.

Jenn Haskins of Hello Rigby at Westfield Southcenter Style Boss Event // Hello Rigby Seattle Fashion Blog Photo by Vivian Hsu Photography

I feel very fortunate to have had the opportunity to meet so many talented and wonderful women and men through blogging. It’s also been incredible to be connected with local businesses who understand what blogging is and trust us, as bloggers, to share our opinions to a whole new audience. Recently I was invited to speak on a panel of style bloggers at the #StyleBoss Event at Westfield Southcenter Mall. We pulled street style looks for a mini runway fashion show and talked all about summer trends and how to look put together and on-trend without breaking the bank. I recently guest posted on the Westfield Style Blog about five summer trends that I think every girl can rock, too.

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Office Must Haves

Sponsored Post: This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Essilor. As always, my thoughts and adoration of my new glasses is all my own. ;)

If you’ve been following along for a little while, you may remember me mentioning some changes we were making to our home. One of those changes was repurposing a bedroom and instead creating a two-person office. It took awhile for us to find furniture. We wanted everything to match – so we finally found Ikea desks we both liked and chairs we both could agree on. I honestly never believed a 5’3″ person and a 5’11” person to both agree on the same chair… but it finally happened. I thought it would be fun to give you a little tour of my personal office space and share my favorite things on my desk now that I’m all settled in.

Office Must Haves with Essilor Eyezen Glasses // hellorigby seattle lifestyle blog

Office Must-Haves

Storage & Organization: If you’re anything like me, you end up with a ton of little junk that doesn’t really have a great place to “live.” For me, that’s things like lip balm, hand lotion, paper clips, memory cards, and USB drives. I ended up with acrylic stacking organizers from Ikea and an acrylic letter tray from Target that work great for this purpose!

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How to Start a Successful Blog Sponsorship Program

I’m thrilled to have Christine kicking off the guest posts this coming week while I’m gallivanting around Europe. I have a few posts planned too, but I hope you enjoy the new voices around here! Christine blogs over at The So-Called Homemakerr about life, family, recipes, and much more. She’s also running an amazing blog sponsorship program, so she’s sharing her secrets on how she does it!

Hey everyone! This is Christine, The So-Called Homemaker. I am so excited that Jenn is letting me guest post today, because this is a topic I have been asked about many, many, many times in my blogger life. It’s also a subject I really enjoy talking about. Running a sponsorship program is one of my favorite things about blogging, and I like to believe that I am good at it. Today, I’m going to talk about my best tips on starting your own sponsorship program.

How to Start a Successful Blog Sponsorship Program / The So-Called Homemaker for

How to Start a Successful Blog Sponsorship Program

Step 1. Decide what you want to offer. The easiest way to do this is to think about what you’ve gotten from the blogs that you sponsor. What did you like, and what did you not like? Should you offer only sidebar spots, or will you offer in-post ads as well? And what about the “bonus” items in an ad spot. Did you really enjoy a lot of social media love? Did you like having access to a group Pinterest board? Think about what other bloggers have done that you like, and decide what to offer your sponsors based on that. But be realistic. Don’t offer more than you have time to do. If you offer something but don’t deliver, you will not get a good reputation as a blogger to sponsor and people won’t pay for your spots!

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When You Should Say No to Blogging Opportunities

I know that I just wrote a post about saying yes more often… but along with that comes the important skill of knowing when to say no too. When it comes to blogging, I say no a lot more often than I say yes. I’ve found, over time, that it’s easy to get overbooked, overcommit, and overdo it. About the worse thing you can do is overcommit and find yourself so emotionally spent that you don’t have the energy to write the post you committed to. I’ve found myself there a few times – mostly when the deadline is self-imposed, but regardless it sucks.

And don’t get me wrong. I overcommit all the time still. I have a full-time job. I blog at night. And even those nights are limited because I’m usually attending an event after work and/or on the weekends. Luckily, I love all of it, otherwise I wouldn’t even be writing this post.

SO! If you’re a new blogger, I’m going to be real with you: sometimes blogging is hard. You may want to say yes to everything because it sounds new and fun and exciting… but sometimes saying no is the right choice. And if you’re not new, well then I’m probably preaching to the choir. Here are the times I’ve learned to say no when it comes to blogging opportunities.

Blog Tips: When to Say No To Blogging Opportunities / hellorigby seattle lifestyle and fashion blog

When to Say No To Blogging Opportunities

1. When it doesn’t align with your core values
There are many things that I believe passionately in that I’d love to help promote. There are other things that I don’t believe in at all. For instance, you’d never seeing me tout the benefits of just any old dog food because I honestly don’t feel comfortable feeding it to Rigby. Just because it’s for dogs doesn’t mean it should be fed.

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